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  1. Any update on this? I think what the OP asks is really helpful. To extend that it would be great if we could do just mydomain.com/customtext instead of mydomain.com/search?controller=search etc etc etc That could be also used along with product tags. E.g. Tag your products with label_A, label_B, then create URLs such as mydomain.com/label_A and then create a menu link to help your clients find stuff easily.
  2. Hi, I am using PS 1.6 and trying to create a cart rule through a POST request (web services). The issue I am facing is that I cannot identify the correct date format. So, for cart rules the date_from data_to are mandatory. I have tried to put e.g. 2014-09-27T18:30:49.511Z 2011-07-14T19:43:37+0100 but it doesn't work. Can somebody point me to the correct format? Thanks
  3. guys, sorry I don't want to sound unappreciative of your answers but please try to write in english as this is very difficult for all of us who doesn't know french going back and forth to the google translate. After all this is an English forum.
  4. From my understanding based on what I have read so far the problem seems to be two-fold: a) You may get this error because of the product schema in product page and b) because of the product schema that is used all other pages or blocks e.g. category page, related products. So, a) in product page you need to be make sure that you include one of those tags (if not already included and I think this is not the issue for most shops) b) Check all other pages in which you list products e.g. the category page, the related products block and for those remove the product schema. The following seems to be to the point: https://www.checkerboard.com/web-development/fix-offers-review-aggregaterating-specified/ and refers to Woocommerce but I guess Prestashop and all other e-Commerce plarforms do the same: and For Woo there seems to be a fix by removing the Product Schema Markup from category pages. Unfortunately in prestashop I haven't seen something consistent.
  5. Hi, I am on and have implemented the above code. It seems that it works partially. That is if I select the size attribute then quantity is taken into account regardless of how many other attributes or features are selected. But if I do the opposite e.g. start by selecting features then there are products that are visible (not filtered out) with 0 quantity. Imagine that 1 of these products (with no quantity) has a Small size, then if I select the Small size this product is dissapeared. Is there any chance that this code does not take into account the product features? Thanks,
  6. Moving the database of a web app to a different server is a common practice when it comes to optimizing the performance. Doing so, requires that the connection between the web server and the database server should be encypted. I have a PS1.6 with mysql 5.6 on the same server and while on the front end use an SSL (I can see the padlock on the site) I am just wondering what's going on under the "hood": If I move the database (mysql 5.6) to a different server and want to secure the connection between Prestashop front end and the DB server, is that possible? In order to do this, this seems to be a two step process as described here: 1) generate the SSL certificates on the DB server 2) Somehow activate the encryption on the Prestashop (web server) part To give some info from my experience, just in case it helps: Recently did the same on a Wordpress installation. - I had to run the mysql_ssl_rsa_setup command on the DB server. (mysql 5.7 provides that utility) - On the web server part which hosts the wordpress I had to activate the SSL connection by adding the following on the wordpress config file: define('DB_SSL', true); define('MYSQL_CLIENT_FLAGS', MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL); Do I need to do something similar for Prestashop or am I doomed to "eavesdropping"!?
  7. I am also interested for same process. Did you ever find a solution for this? @mitsos1os what you propose would work but it's a bit tedious. So, if you have a temporary 10% then you need to add that 3 times. Once for visitors, once for customers and once for guests (if you have the guest checkout enabled). And if you want to assign different percentage per category then this will be even more tricky.. It would be great if we could select multiple customers groups. Unless there is another way to tackle the "Wholesalers" problem. Ideas?
  8. I think I have narrowed down the issue. Writing it down here as it might help others. I enabled profiling and it seems that a module that I have for mailchimp integration might be the issue. Disabling the module makes loading a 1-line csv for existing products finish in a second. Going to contact the developer now..
  9. Hi, I am trying to troubleshoot csv import speed and I need some help. Here are some facts: Prestashop version The shop has 5000 products. About 1000 are active. When i try to import new products the import is fast. Trying for example with only one product and the following fields: Name, Category the loading finishes in a fraction of a second. The product URL is created based on the product name (there is a warning saying that the url has been created but everything is fine). If I want to modify an existing product and use a CSV with only one product and the following fields: ID, Name, Category the loading is more than 3 minutes. Trying to load more that 1 product increases the loading time.. exponentially.. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  10. I have the same problem in with simple quantity management. A lucky guess will be that it occurs when two people buy the same product at the same time. So maybe it is related with this: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-9970
  11. I thing I found a small issue. When you select a category, then the corresponding field is filled with category ID. And it is supposed to work only on the selected category, right? So far so good. In my case it works only on categories written in english. If there is a category written "Bags" then it works. In another category that is written in greek language "Ρούχα" (means Clothes) it doesn't show. Maybe something has to do with unicode characters. I ll check it more and inform you if I find anything. I have the latest prestashop+module versions. Default bootstrap theme.
  12. Just awesome man! You nailed it. I loved that you replicated the "image maps" functionality. In my opinion it was a shame that the dev team decided to abandon it in 1.6+ versions. That was a killer functionality and for me it was the trigger to select prestashop. Now look at http://www.prestashop.com/en/features more or less all the features in "Product Displays" are included in all other OS-cart software. I dont like to whine but that was a cross-selling technique to increase sales from relevant/featured products. In the eshop that I am supporting I know that there were noumerous times somebody called and asked to buy the exact combination we had on the "image maps". Anyway, your work is brilliant.A thousand likes.-
  13. Hi, i want to know what is the correct way of batch adding price rules to products? Lets say we have a category with 100 products and want to enter a discount to 80 of them. One way is to select each product and then enter the desired amount of discount. But this method is really time consuming. One other way is to assign a discount to the whole category (by using catalog price rules) and then deactivate discount to the 20 products that no sales is desired. This may seem as workaround but there is a catch. Using prestashop 1.5.2 and presenting products with a "price-drop" we get all products showing in the page: the 80 ones with a sign of a discount while the 20 ones without. It seems that when presenting products with a discount only category is taken into account and not if there is any difference in original price.. I don't know if its a known issue or is there any better way of doing this... Any ideas?
  14. Hi, these days I am experiencing "Site unavaillable" and this is that my site is down for a while (10 min) and then comes online again. I checked the logs and one common error I noticed is the following: mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1040] Too many connections I spoke with hosting support and they told me that I have reached the limit of concurrent users in MySQL which is 50. And that i should check that my Database connecting type is not persistence (mysql_pconnect). What do you advise me to do? If this configuration is recommended where can I find and change it?
  15. Well, if it is a trick just to generate traffic to their site then I dont mind as I am not going to follow these URLs.. But if it is something to concern about then I need to harden the security of my site. I dont risk to have to disinfect it....
  16. Hi, i am checking the stats these days and i can see an increased number of access in "Visitor origin" that come from illegal or s e x sites.. Most of them are from russia.. Should i be converned? My version is 1.5.2. What does this mean? That people leaving e.g. illegalsite.ru are coming to mine? Is this an indication of an infected pc of mine or someone else's?
  17. Καλησπέρα, για κάποιο περίεργο λόγο και ενω δνε άλλαξα τπτ στο eshop γενικότερα ουτε έκανα κάποια αναβάθμιση (εχω ακόμα την 1.5.2) εξαφανίστηκαν οι ελληνικοί χαρακτήρες απο τα invoices. Αν γυρισω το const DEFAULT_FONT = 'freeserif'; σε helvetica μου εμφανίζει τα γνωστά "????????? ?????" Με το freeserif οπου έχει ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες βγαζει κενό. Καμια ιδέα κανείς? Τελικά ανακάλυψα οτι δεν βγάζει κενό αλλα βγαζει τους χαρακτήρες με το ίδιο χρώμα που έχει το background με συνέπεια να μην φαίνονται. Με copy paste απο το Pdf σε txt βλέπω το κείμενο κανονικα. new edit guys: Οταν ανοιγω το Pdf μέσα στο browser εχω αυτό το πρόβλημα. Οταν το ανοιγω σαν αρχείο ολα καλα.. Οποτε καταλήγω οτι εχει να κάνει ίσως με το plugin pdf reader που αφορά το browser.. Αυτα.
  18. Hi, in my eshop I have disabled the english language from the front end. The only available language is Greek and there is no option to change anywhere. I have the back office in english because the greek translation is not the best...and so far so good. No serious problems generally.. What i mentioned is that in some orders (one or two) in the Payment column the COD is in english language saying "Cash on Delivery" while in all the others i get the greek translation that is "Πληρωμή με αντικαταβολή". Can anybody explain this? Or point me to the right direction to find the cause of this.. Is it a sign that somebody is surfing in the EN version of my site even if I think I have disable it? Thanx
  19. I didnt know i was supposed to do it.. next time i know..
  20. yes you were right.. I still wonder why I didnt think of it...mark it as solved
  21. Maybe a stupid question... I wanted to add www to my URLs so changed in SEO & URLS the shop and SSL domain to be : www.myshop.com. Everything works OK except of login - logout which doesnt seem to respond.. The pages seems to load but neither I can login nor logout... If I return back to myshop.com (for both fields) everything works as expected..
  22. sorry to hijack the thread but can you please indicate how to do this..?
  23. Hi, when a user buys a product as a guest it is usefull after the confirmation dialog to show the order reference, not the order id which is only internal... You can see that if you go to buy as guest and then select one of: bank wire, COD, or cheque. The text displays the id no which is something like #00000013 and not the reference no which is like YUIWGEHJKJ/ I found that this info is in order-confirmation.tpl in line 42 but how can I show the reference number? I tried with: {$reference_order}, {$reference} but with no luck..
  24. Hi all, i tried to duplicate a module according to this guide: http://alvinjiang.blogspot.gr/2011/01/prestashop-tips-how-to-duplicate.html Everything went ok, I installed the 2nd module (named blockadverts) and everything was ok. In the meantime i found another solution so I deleted the module but forgot to do uninstall. Checking the permissions menu I got a warning So i searched in the database in the ps_module table and deleted its entry with id=78. But now i get So it seems that i deleted only the name and need to find and remove all the other related entries. Can anybody help? (I deleted the created module so unortunately I cannot install it again and then uninstall...)
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