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  1. Hello, I had a recent glitch on my 1.4.10 install. It used to take me directly to the Stats page but now it just loads up the Dashboard, how can I change it? Thanks
  2. Ah, cool i never noticed it before. I have also edited the htaccess file which has turned on https/ padlock for the entire site
  3. Hello, I hope some of you lovely people might be able to help? I have just bought SSL for my website after some customers expressed concern over lack of security when paying. I bought the SSL and this has been applied by my Server provider. The problem is when I goto www.miniphernalia.co.uk there is no padlock. There is a padlock when I go to https://www.miniphernalia.co.uk which is cool. But when I navigate from the https page it returns to http and the padlock disappears. In URL/SEO I have changed the domain name & domain name SSL both to www.miniphernalia.co.uk (this didnt help) I have ran Whynopadlock and the results show problems with a Twitter Widget and an Index.html which doesnt exist. But I dont think these results are related to my Url problem and https drop off. I hope someone might be able to help? Thanks
  4. I am running PrestaShop™ I am running Paypal Module v3.4.6 in Laymans speak what do I do to avoid an outage?
  5. Hi, this is my Paypal config page on my site, its all jumbled up, always has been. Do I have a Sandbox option? Live mode accepts payment now, test mode doesnt at all - will this work when things change?
  6. I had this problem, I found after looking for an hour, the file I played with is - modules/paypal/views/templates/hook/confirmation.tpl I found that for some reason the customer support link sent you off to a page error, seemingly because the url read contactcontact-us.php I went to the confirmation.tpl above and found this <p>{l s='Your order on' mod='paypal'} <span class="bold">{$shop_name}</span> {l s='is complete.' mod='paypal'} <br /><br /> {l s='You have chosen the PayPal method.' mod='paypal'} <br /><br /><span class="bold">{l s='Your order will be sent very soon.' mod='paypal'}</span> <br /><br />{l s='For any questions or for further information, please contact our' mod='paypal'} <a href="{$link->getPageLink(''contact, true)}contact-form.php" data-ajax="false">{l s='customer support' mod='paypal'}</a>. </p> I am not expert but this bit looked wrong - "{$link->getPageLink('contact', true)}contact-form.php" I removed the first 'contact' leaving no space between '' and tried it again Now on testing the url reads /contact-us.php and the link takes you to the correct page Hope that helps?
  7. I have contacted 3ix but am still waiting regarding switching on fopen(). I have tried to follow guides and steps here like looking up and editing the ini.php, but I dont have it in an install folder. Regarding upgrading, I thought that this was or would be a straight forward process, afterall I installed originally? I have backed up the database and downloaded a zip file of the entire content to my hard drive Thanks
  8. I have been having quite a few bugs recently, mainly do with with this:- 3 4 Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart Cart 548 1 03/14/2013 01:38:17 Quite a few of these recently and they have lost me money. I decided it was perhaps a good time to upgrade, but thats fallen flat on its face as well (see picture attached) I am no expert, im not even proficient at php, my knowledge is zero when it comes to things like fopen and stuff, no idea. I dont know anything about fopen, cant find it in any folders etc Can you please help?
  9. Hi, I emailed support over my stats not recording some time ago and they took about a month+ to reply. They said it was something to do with the settings, but what settings? I have attached a jpg of what I get, hope someone can help. Thanks
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