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  1. Hi, I got a odd thing, surely depending on my server, when I click that button presta insert the server IP address instead of mine, what can cause this?
  2. Hello I stumbled upon an odd error When clicking on the button to get my own IP for the maintenance mode, prestashop retrieve the server IP and not my own IP assigned by my ISP.... I think that this might be caused by something wrong in my host, but what ? What do you think can cause prestashop to get the server IP instead of my own client IP? On my server I do have Apache+Nginx+Varnish Is it maybe because of the Varnish cache accelerator? (did not tamper to have presta to use it btw..) Thank you
  3. Hello This is a a big flaw of prestashop 1.7. Any suggestion or workaround to import complete translations from a prestashop 1.7 installation to another new prestashop 1.7 installation? Thank you.
  4. Hello Thank you for the reply, appreciated. I saw that works fine in the sense that does not causes errors, but also does not much of what was doing in presta 1.6 or 1.5 So far I see that the module in 1.7 does not validate the VAT ID with he VIES service, do not remove the taxes from the cart if the purchase is done with an EU country VAT ID different from the shop owner's country. Does this module accomplish to this tasks in your installation? I am using prestashop, clean and fresh just out of the box, those are the results I got. Bye
  5. Hello Yes I tried right that module, and does NOT work, also the file modification suggested in that post do not work on my presta installation, I am going to try it now on a completely fresh one just out the box, but I guess the result will not change, will post the results in short.
  6. Hello The European VAT module for prestashop 1.7 is very important, almost essential, it is just incredible that prestashop team removed it from the default basic modules in prestashop 1.7, too bad, Anyone found a free solution to this problem? I found this post and tried it, but so far at least for me does not work: [SOLVED] Free VATNumber module FIXED for PS Would anyone try it out too and post comments, maybe help to give an end to this issue? Thank you
  7. Hello Wifilogo I am negatively Amazed, just as many others, about PS 1.7 missing this very important feature, it was very nice of you to propose this free solution, finally someone did it, thank you for the effort. In your installation, does your mod work exactly as the it was working in prestashop 1.6? In mine, PS, it does not. I am not a coder and have no great skills into this matter, by the way I reviewed the changes proposed and seemed not wrong or dangerous to start with, so I tried i out. Unfortunately does not work as expected, at least on the presta I am deploying the mechanism for which the VAT ID field should appear only if the field Company is used does not work, the VAT field is always visible and does not become mandatory only if company field is used. So if one does set it as mandatory in the addresses tab of the BO everyone have to write the VAT ID and that does not help as the form is used by privates as well as companies. Logically if the VAT ID always appears and is set to be mandatory and does verify the VAT ID on the VIES website then is also not possible to have the field as hybrid, e.g. to ask to input the VAT ID or the Fiscal code or Identification number or other code used by privates in different countries, further more in some countries that is not expected and won't be understood by private potential clients. So the old module for presta 1.6 was doing the work just as needed covering the cases of local private, local company, Eu private, EU company, extra EU private and company, the modification of this same module for prestashop 1.7 should do exactly the same thing at least. Hope a fix is possible, it is really a big pity to see this platform mutilated of such basic fundamental features. Thank you Best regards
  8. This is a real incentive for clients to buy modules in the addon shop, I am glad of this renewed very smart policy from prestashop team, it sounds something alike: "leave it crippled and messy, surely we will sell more modules and stuff.... yep.... because it is scientifically proved that people like silly troubles... "
  9. Hi Your answer is of great help, it is so useful for the community that I can not find the words to express my appreciation to your comment
  10. With the PrestaShop 1-Click Upgrade module, upgrading your store to the latest version available has never been easier! It does not work. Very scarce information is available, does anyone know some further action to be taken to have it working please?
  11. Hello I did try all of this in several ways but clicking update nothing happens What else can be done here? Is it possible to upgrade manually? I haven't found any information about manual upgrade. Thank you
  12. Hello I am using the latest Prestashop release, successfully updated from 1.6.1, this problems were present already in the original installation 1.6.1 I searched pretty much about this problem and found some information, unfortunately partially focused and none that could help to solve my problem I created group cart rules with conditions, a specific group can obtain a percentage discount depending on the quantity of one item. So far all works fine, the discounts set as percentage and in the cart everything is working properly, discounted price is shown correctly, adding the items the price is updated according to the table of quantity discounts that was set in the BO. E.g. the group of reseller buying 1 item in N categories get a X% discount, buying two pieces of the same item gets 2X% discount, buying 3 pieces of the same Item gets 3X% discounts etcetera.... The two problems I found are: 1) In the product page the table below the price that shows the new prices according to the quantities always the same original NOT discount price is shown in all rows, and the total saving is shown properly. 2) The new price is correctly shown in the upper part on the left, the old price is correctly shown as well just below, but adding items the new discounted price per item is NOT updated as it should E.g. A item which original price is 540€ is correctly shown to be discounted X% buying 1 piece, the label "instead of" shows correctly the original price, adding more items the new price corresponding to the discount for 2 pieces, or 3 pieces or N pieces is NOT shown. Below in the table showing the savings in each row is shown the quantity of items to get the discount, the fuull original price instead of the discounted original price and finally the correct saved amount if buying N articles according to the discounts awarded. To have visual idea of what happens please see the images: I tried to look into product.tpl in the section quantity discount, but I could not understand what to do, I am just too ignorant to modify this code by myself without looking at working samples etcetera. So far I tried to use the code from the default bootstrap, no changes what soever, exactly the same behaviour was observed, I tried to look into modifications done by other users but seems that actually there is none recent and no one worked for my case. I just would like to have the new price updated if the client add an item and the correct discounted price per item in table below, this would be perfectly enough. Here is the code from the quantity discount section in the product.tpl of my template ( I tried to substitute it with the default bootstrap template and apparently nothing changed, I reversed it before deeper test as anyway the problem was not solved and eventually other bugs could have been introduced in the template tpl file): {if !$content_only} {if (isset($quantity_discounts) && count($quantity_discounts) > 0)} <!-- quantity discount --> <section class="page-product-box"> <h3 class="page-product-heading">{l s='Volume discounts'}</h3> <div id="quantityDiscount"> <table class="std table-product-discounts"> <thead> <tr> <th>{l s='Quantity'}</th> <th>{if $display_discount_price}{l s='Price'}{else}{l s='Discount'}{/if}</th> <th>{l s='You Save'}</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> {foreach from=$quantity_discounts item='quantity_discount' name='quantity_discounts'} {if $quantity_discount.price >= 0 || $quantity_discount.reduction_type == 'amount'} {$realDiscountPrice=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval} {else} {$realDiscountPrice=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-($productPriceWithoutReduction*$quantity_discount.reduction)|floatval} {/if} <tr id="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}" class="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}" data-real-discount-value="{convertPrice price = $realDiscountPrice}" data-discount-type="{$quantity_discount.reduction_type}" data-discount="{$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval}" data-discount-quantity="{$quantity_discount.quantity|intval}"> <td> {$quantity_discount.quantity|intval} </td> <td> {if $quantity_discount.price >= 0 || $quantity_discount.reduction_type == 'amount'} {if $display_discount_price} {if $quantity_discount.reduction_tax == 0 && !$quantity_discount.price} {convertPrice price = $productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-($productPriceWithoutReduction*$quantity_discount.reduction_with_tax)|floatval} {else} {convertPrice price=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval} {/if} {else} {convertPrice price=$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval} {/if} {else} {if $display_discount_price} {if $quantity_discount.reduction_tax == 0} {convertPrice price = $productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-($productPriceWithoutReduction*$quantity_discount.reduction_with_tax)|floatval} {else} {convertPrice price = $productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-($productPriceWithoutReduction*$quantity_discount.reduction)|floatval} {/if} {else} {$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval}% {/if} {/if} </td> <td> <span>{l s='Up to'}</span> {if $quantity_discount.price >= 0 || $quantity_discount.reduction_type == 'amount'} {$discountPrice=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval} {else} {$discountPrice=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-($productPriceWithoutReduction*$quantity_discount.reduction)|floatval} {/if} {$discountPrice=$discountPrice * $quantity_discount.quantity} {$qtyProductPrice=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval * $quantity_discount.quantity} {convertPrice price=$qtyProductPrice - $discountPrice} </td> </tr> {/foreach} </tbody> </table> </div> </section> {/if} Anyone have an idea on how to fix this simple problem? (not so simple for me obviously)? Thank you in advance Regards D.
  13. Hello Thank you, Yes, this is the case, I do not know how to contact prestashop staff by the way... Thank you Best regards Bye
  14. Hello The Italian language is not available, nor installing prestashop nor trying to download it from prestashop website. When installing prestashop an error occurs indicating that "was impossible to install Italian language" Installing it in English it works Going to localization and trying to import the language pack does not work and finally on the prestashop website where it is possible to download the language pack the archives for Italian language are not available. Is it enough to write this warning here? Do I have to write to some prestashop email or other support system of prestashop? Thank you Bye
  15. Hello I am trying to understand what causes this error, I am not an expert so I am really trying to guess, by the way I gave a look at advancedeucompliance.php and found this: /* Handle taxes Inc./Exc. and Shipping Inc./Exc.*/ if ($param['type'] == 'price') { $smartyVars['price'] = array(); $need_shipping_label = true; if ((bool)Configuration::get('AEUC_LABEL_TAX_INC_EXC') === true) { if ((bool)Configuration::get('PS_TAX') === true) { $smartyVars['price']['tax_str_i18n'] = $this->l('Tax included', 'advancedeucompliance'); } else { $smartyVars['price']['tax_str_i18n'] = $this->l('Tax excluded', 'advancedeucompliance'); } if (isset($param['from']) && $param['from'] == 'blockcart') { $smartyVars['price']['css_class'] = 'aeuc_tax_label_blockcart'; $need_shipping_label = false; } } it seems to be correct, it states that if PS_TAX output "true" then the label "tax included" is used, otherwise the label Tax excluded is used. So now I am trying to understand why the wrong label is used, how can I check if the module receives the wrong info from PS_TAX? In the case PS TAX gives the wrong info happens because it does not give info about the group rule, in fact I found this problem only setting a group to see the prices WITHOUT taxes, and it happens correctly, prices are without taxes and correctly computed, but the label is showing the written tax included. I am thinking that is possible also that it should get the info form another table, eg. the group table, does this make sense? Anyone can help me to go further? Thank you in advance Regards
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