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  1. Your are explaining it correctly, but what you (and many others) want isn't possible with PS. It is a ridiculous oversight that has never been addressed and means that we cannot use PS to sell custom products like yours.
  2. Well I'm back, once again looking at Prestashop as our ecommerce platform. Disappointingly it appears nothing has changed on the attributes front. I still cant fathom why this hasn't been addressed - a simple switch marking an attribute as having no impact on stock really cant be that hard to implement. Before we chose a different solution last year I contacted Thomo from Presto as to whether one of their products would be suitable and if it would work with multi-store and single warehouse. I really didn't know what to reply after he advised to look for a custom solution. So the question is, can anyone now offer a solution to this seemingly basic problem?
  3. Unless I'm blind the combinations/attribute system is flawed, and for us is a complete showstopper in moving our stores to PrestaShop. Let me explain.. I'll use a simple example posted on these forums some time ago (with no resolution): An artist does a painting and wishes to sell it offering the customer a choice of frames. Using the attributes system he would have to as many paintings as he has frames - clearly not possible as there is only one painting. In our case we have 3 attributes for our custom product, for a total of 30 variants. 2 attributes have an impact on price and none have an impact on stock. At any one time we have about 30 of the base product available. If we were to use the PS attributes system we would theoretically need to keep 900 of our base product in stock to cover what we currently offer. Sorry but that is ridiculous. Please tell me I'm wrong and that PrestaShop has the option to turn off/on stock tracking for individual attributes - every other cart I've looked at recently appears to have it.
  4. Remove the extra code you put in and just add background to #page: 41 #page {background:#fff} Then add your image url to body background a few lines further down.
  5. 1. Undo any code modifications you did 2. Goto Modules > Front Office Features > Cart Block, and make sure Ajax cart is enabled 3. Goto Preferences > Themes, select the Default theme and confirm Ajax cart is working as intended. 4. Now select your custom theme. If Ajax cart is now not working then the theme is incompatible - contact the theme maker..
  6. Seems my second issue is actually a bug: http://forge.prestas...owse/PSCFV-4627 I'd prefer to not release the module with a bug so an alternative (and probably more correct) method is needed - any pointers here? As for the first problem.. Surely someone knows how to set an override file for an admin tpl when installing a module? As before, any help is appreciated. - Holspeed
  7. I wrote a basic modification which employs the override system and requires small alterations to the database. You can see it here: http://www.prestasho...m-quantity-mod/ I would much prefer to offer it as module due to the automated install/uninstall process. Following the Developers Guide, I wrote a basic module which mostly works, but have hit a couple of problems.. The module installs without error. The database is updated and the contents of both the class and controller files are written to the /override directory. However there is also a modified tpl file which should end up in /override/controllers/admin/templates/products/ - it is never written. Should I not do it this way, or should a different path be used? I can manually upload the tpl file and everything works as intended. The second issue comes about when uninstalling the module. Again, no error is shown. The database is updated and the /override/controllers file content is removed, however only the first few lines of the /override/classes file is deleted. Obviously this needs user intervention to remove the left over code. Is there some coding convention which must be followed to ensure the uninstall works correctly? I can generally nut things out by myself but these 2 issues have me stumped and I really couldn't find an answer here on the forums. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Holspeed
  8. Hi, I made this modification for 1.5.2 - see if it is what you need: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/210182-modification-maximum-quantity-mod
  9. You could try changing all the queries in plblog/plblog.php to use Execute instead of ExecuteS Have a read of the Developers Guide, in the DB class section: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Developer+Guide
  10. You could create the tables if you want, but I think you have other problems. Possibly a flakey db connection or permissions issues, I really dont know. Have a look at function installdb() in plblog/plblog.php for the db structure.
  11. Could you add some more detail to your post please.? Which issue should this solve? Will turning off canonical redirection from the BO be sufficient or does a file need to be edited?
  12. Exactly as it says - the table doesn't exist. Have a look at your database with phpMyAdmin or similar as it would seem the plblog tables havent been created during installation. Your previous post describes an error while inserting data, again this has failed due to some sort of strict error checking. Going by the 1.5 developers documentation a number of the sql queries in the plblog installer have been written incorrectly, however I'm not sure if this should actually make the install fail - I've not seen that before. Your error report is very detailed, how did you generate that?
  13. I understand the issue now, I only have one language so never came across this. Using ../ should work with all the links (you dont need the parentheses). EDIT: The amended breadcrumb link will no longer work either. You can change it to this (not sure it's the correct way, but it works): <a title="{$path['name']}" href="{$lang_dir}../../blog/all-post.html">{$path['name']}</a>
  14. What happens if you turn off Friendly URL? If you have cleared the Prestashop cache and your browser cache, and it still doesnt work then you have another problem. You may be better to ask on the WP forums but it would be an easy job for someone with MySQL skills. If you are asking for someone to write you a script for free then I dont think that will happen here.
  15. I've attached my .htaccess Line 9 and down are Prestashop generated. I added lines 1 to 7 at the top (so they dont get overwritten). Note that lines 1 to 3 should be exactly the same as lines 14 to 16. Apart from that I really dont know, I'm sure I've done nothing else and its working for me.
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