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  1. hello oschellas since i posted a concern about you module i must also answer. my main concern about the module its about the functionality ( we talking about a tool, it logical enough to concern if works or not) & security of the producer. because in your site you dont provide enough infos about your company, you work, projects & customers. actually i dint found even a telephone number & address. one strange enough was that you domain its was ending in gr, but there was not, a greek translation, and i wont say any, about the google ads. perhaps you are a great profecional but still you are "anonymous" compare to the majority, who like me has legal creative office or soft dev, and we working for customers, & also (or not) we running eshop, and expose our self, with every small wrong. people like us take very serious the results of a wrong choice. with the above i dont say that you are not legal or Pro. just that your site does not give that impression or any helpfull info about how you are. by the way not even one, in the greek community forum ever talk about illegal distributin, we all very concern about the trustable of the producer, not because thats the way of the programmers, ( in this case what kind of people hacking, the graphic designers?), but because of the material we are build. we call it filotimo, and there there is no translation for that. it was not so hard to contact you, & we didnt. that say a lot about the communication capabilty of your site . perhaps you should redesign your site. better let the GUI in a grachic designer this time. from your answers above you seem like a honest & trusty person. my fried take my advise and redising your site according to the problems it raise in this -the greek one- section. i repeat that just one real phone and a real address will solve from the beginig the misunderstanding about your product. the [spam-filter] of caesar should be honest, but also should looks like honest
  2. και εγω θα συμφωνήσω. παντοται ειναι απαραιτητα τα στοιχεια της εταιρειας και ενδεικτικο πελατολογιο.
  3. ok εχω ξεκινησει καποιυς πειραματισμους κατα βαση με τα template ( μα πως δουλευει το .....) στον παιχνιδοτοπο μου http://monk.gr/prestashop/ ειλικρινα δεν ξερω πως μπορω να βοηθησω, οτι ομως μπορω εδω μη διστασει να με ρωτησεις/ζητησεις οφ λαϊνε πιστωτικη? τιν τουτ' το κακο;
  4. θα ηθελα να ανοιξω ενα καταστημα με συνδεση σε τραπεζα για προσωπική χρήση αλλα δεν ειναι προγραματιστης, ειμαι graphic designer. Η εμπειρια μου προερχεται απο cs cart οπου ηταν ετοιμο plun' play
  5. ελα... ειμαστε τοσοι ωστε να εχουμε και ελληνικο κοματι? Σε τι θα γραφουμε; ελληνικα ή αγγλικα; τους αγωνιστικους χαιρετισμους μου : παναγιωτης γουρνής
  6. thanks. i try this morning to send change password email, and it just works. am back in again.
  7. i forget to mention that the only code i know is already be written
  8. hello i was learning the prestashop and everything was O.K. unless the fact that i have to leave my pc for a wile. i try to connect from an other pc. but seems that i put the wrong password. i ask for a new password. and i have not, yet, receive any key -4 hours ago-. when i went to my precious pc with the magic password manager the same problem again. am not allowed to connect. am very sure also that i put the wright email. so am out of the store for good what am made wrong. any solution? thanks
  9. hello world !!! i always want to say and to have meaning am a designer, a graphic designer, a product designer, ..... well i have design web sites, t-shirt, linen, wallpaper magazines, cover, chairs, tables, exhibition kiosk, scuba diving knifes ...... and generally i design. i run a small design studio and ... well thats all. design and design for the last 15 years. ( i just realize am old). eeeemmmm wrong category. please someone put that post in the wright place. thanks
  10. for a strange reason i believe that there is not, any interest for module that will connect prestashop with a Greek bank
  11. χαιρετώ επισης. has anybody figure out ?
  12. hello to everybody, since this is my first post. Hello World !!! i want to know if there is any working module that will connect the prestashop with a greek bank. a demo eshop from greece with a bank connection will be great also. -if the forum rules allow it. thanks
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