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  1. Hi, here with Update 1 We think problem has been sort Out 2 Problem apparently Depends on Presta shop Mobile Setting AND PAypal ( API sides possibly ) long story Short: Got a presta Shop ( upgraded since one year ago ) where Customers have to be manually checked and approved, this because it's a B2B and we want ro deal with genuine Business people , Only. Prices also are Hidden to visitor. So after setting the ordinary to do not allow people to register and enables Themselve, we setted you Mod for extra protection on our prospects dedicated price list, Also we setted shop (default) on Smartphone only , in Mobile behaviour area. We found 2 different people coming Inside the shop ( meaning: having access to prices -hidden-) without enabling them, and 1 of them did and paied an Order Via Paypal (!!) After extensive research we found the Following : In Some situations, browsing from Some Android Smartphone Browsers and Versions , If you are already logged on Paypal account ( your Own...) you Open a new Tab in your Browser to visit a Prestashop setted as above reported, You Might Bypass the 'filters' and Buy yourselve some items, also all the price will be Visible to You. What we did: We took the Radio Button OFF in -Mobile - Smartphone only, and setted on OFF the mobile things. The, after even without cookyes cleaning was no possible to access site anymore, nor to 'enter' it in any way If you were NOT a legitimated ( registered and Approved ) Customer. Maybe reason are even differents, I' d a small and succinte report of my/our case. Kind regards
  2. Hi I'm using you module, this one, to keep certain customer at bay until theyr data are verified to fully qualify ( basically I want genuine reseller only, with VAT etc etc, no private people/customer ) lately I've got a problem, already twice in a week , people has registered AND enabled themself. how can this be possible? how has it happened ? Thanks for your help in investigating this
  3. Hi @ jeckyl Thanks for this simple but effective Mod!! I've resolved my little problem ( search field and the three standard button :contact/sitemap/bookmark/ were not working ) just twicking a bit with the css module's, I've add 100 px to Top position ( 1st line. before was set to 0) and everything seem to be Ok Thanks again for sharing this module
  4. Hi ! That's really Ok! I don't know while I was mulling over and with PRGrep and didn't though about the css module'... Thanks everything it's fine now
  5. Hi, I did change te code (on both files) and the home header did Not look the same as before of this fix. Meaning it has got (almost) back to normal, so to speak. Matter is the top search bar ho does appear to 'seat' on the top horizontal menu. Giving my english is crap I'll attach a pic to better explain it Many thanks for your help and support Regards
  6. Hi there I keep posting here for Horizontal Menu and Search bar Prestashop Upgrade Thanks to vekia for this fix http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/242732-1541-default-theme-menu-moved-to-right-how-to-fix/ unfortunately search bar (top search bar) still looking a bit grumpy not in a hurry Ciao
  7. Sorry, a couple of icking here and there plus this http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/226348-no-ranges-set-for-this-carrier/ and it's Solved !! Regards
  8. Hi Paul, thanks pic 1 ( by weight) it's correct in my store about pic 2 ( zone/courtries/nation/whatever) does Not appear like your but as nitish062 posted instead. Any though? thanks
  9. Hi All thanks for tring to resolve this , even if a bit late upgrading to 1.5.3.X did resolve my issue, my setting were ok, after all,it was just the 1.5.2.X do not working properly, so to speak
  10. Ottimo, Preciso che il Server Non è cambiato, è sempre lo stesso. quindi un bel Boh.
  11. Ciao, Mille Grazie per l'interesse ed aiuto. da quanto ho capito è un problema della 1.5.2. quindi abbiamo demolito tutto e rifatto con la 1.5.3 e funziona nel carrello ( in alto a dx) mostra Iva Esclusa e poi nel checkout aggiunge l'iva visibile. Quindi credo/suppongo/convergo sul fatto che sia un bug o "feature" che riguarda la 1.5.2 e Non migliora con l'upgrade. Mille grazie Ancora
  12. Hi, same goes for me. No tax shown on cart nor on checkout page everithing is set and checked from Presta users This was an 1.5.2 update to 1.5.3.X already loaded products and stuff... I fear I'll have to erase everything and start over. I really didn't guess Presta so 'difficult'
  13. Ciao, sono un newbie con Presta, ma mi pare che in fase di inserimento item tu possa scegliere l'url/uri che verrà generato, o meglio che verrà stampato. Detto questo forse la tua domanda riguarda la Tassonomia. se così, alas tassonomia, lavora con le Categorie e sub ES: root : http://example.com http://example.com/cartella piante/cartella piante grasse/ item. htm ossia come scrivi tu . /piante/grasse/prodotto-x quindi devi fare -la cartella piante -la cartella piante Grasse, e quindi attribuirla alla cartella superiore cioè piante a quel punto avreai appunto http://example.com/p...grasse/item.htm Edit: se l'è mangiato http:// example .com/piante/grasse/item.htm ai fini Seo e nn solo, sconsiglio ripetere: Piante, (piante-grasse)
  14. Update Purtoppo la cosa non funziona... cosa altro posso fare?
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