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  1. Hi, I want ask if exist some "theme + plugins" for web on car rent / booking? I search and cannot find one :/ Ofc if exist some this, because I know that this is normal ecommerce system (prestashop, same as other as opencart magento etc) and that I need booking website. Into this time I search what is best for rent/booking website and we reach that have only two choice: 1. normal wordpress or joomla + xyz modules/plugins 2. or second choice, pick up normal ecommerce system as prestashop opencart etc. and buy theme and some musthave modules for this and because we prefer prestashop than opencart so we want pick this ecommerce system. but now we need help find best "theme and plugins" for this. Is here some users what have experiences with creating rent/booking websites on this cms? We have normal rent/booking website about cars, nothink other. All what give some tips,informations,etc very thanks
  2. Hi, plesase I need help with find variable for price, product id, etc. For information we use Prestashop, and affiliate code all parts are good wrote (we test it with affiliate company and all four parts are good send so now I need only put prestashop codes for variables). Affiliate code has 4 parts and every parts must be put in another tpl file in my theme: orange - this we know so this is okay, this provided us with an affiliate company itself green - I was able to find out {Product-ID} ---> {$id_order} {Price of Product} ---> {$order->total_products} red - unfortunately I can not find anywhere, I tried to read the documentation prestashop etc. but no result :'( in footer.tpl: <iframe height="1" width="1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="url affiliate company" name="name my website"></iframe> in order-confirmation.tpl: <iframe height="1" width="1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="url affiliate company/OID={Product-ID}&AMOUNT={Price of Product}&CURRENCY=EUR&SKU={Product-IDs}&PRQTY={Product Quantities}" name="name my website"></iframe> in product.tpl: <iframe height="1" width="1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="url affiliate company/SKU={Product-ID}&PRICE={Price of Product}&CATEGORY={Category Name}&CATID={Category ID}&BRAND={Brand}&RELATED={Related Product-IDs}" name="name my website"></iframe> in shopping-cart.tpl: <iframe height="1" width="1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="url affiliate company/SKU={Product-IDs}&PRQTY={Product Quantities}" name="name my website"></iframe>
  3. Prosim potreboval bych zjistit kody pro: (ktere muzu vlozit do tpl souboru) {Product-ID} {Product-IDs} {Price of Product} {Category Name} {Category ID} {Brand} {Related Product-IDs} {Product Quantities} {Order-ID} {Sale Amount} Potrebuju je znat, protoze jsem nyni nasadill do naseho obchodu postavenem na Prestashop (verze novy affiliate. Affiliate kod je nasazen na webu v poradku to je otestovano Nyni uz jen musim do toho affiliate kodu ktery je v tpl souborech našeho vzhledu vlozit kod aby se tam zapsala hodnota napriklad Order-ID atd. (affiliate kod jsem napsal/nasadit do: order information.tpl. footer.tpl, product.tpl, shoping cart.tpl podle affiliate dokumentace a v kazdem tomto .tpl souboru potrebuje affiliacni kod uz jen dopsat prestashop kod pro nejaky parametry jako je napriklad order-id aby se do affiliate spolecnosti odeslal affiliacni kod s potrebnyma daty) V tuto chvilku znam kod pro posledni dve polozky (to jsou ty zelene) {Order-ID} ---> {$id_order} {Sale Amount} ---> {$order->total_products} Ale u prvnich osm polozek to nemohu nikde zjistit (to jsou ty cervene) Zkousel jsem cist prestashop dokumentaci ale bohuzel jsem to tam nikde nemohl najit Pokud je prosim nekdo kdo to zna a mohl by mi s tim pomoci, predem moc dekuji
  4. Hi Reco-X, thanks for your answer but you maybe misunderstood me. for example: I have affiliate script wrote in root/themes/mytheme/order-confirmation.tpl and this affiliate script look: <iframe height="1" width="1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="affiliatecompanyurl/OID={Order-ID}&AMOUNT={Sale Amount}&CURRENCY=EUR&SKU={Product-IDs}&PRQTY={Product Quantities}"></iframe> so I need know prestashop code for {Order-ID},{Sale Amount},{Product Quantities} order id and sale amount I know {$id_order} and {$order->total_products} but product quantities not and i have four affiliates scripts (for product page, confirmation page, etc.) and on all scripts i need know 10 parametres as I wrote in my first post, and from these ten parametres I know only last two but on first eight not I try read documentation but without luck :,(
  5. Hi, I successfully added tracking code on our website (prestashop Now I would need only advise - in code we must write text for adding the following parameters: Product-ID Product-IDs Price of Product Category Name Category ID Brand Related Product-IDs Product Quantities Order-ID Sale Amount For last two (what are green) I know what I need write into code. Order-ID ---> {$id_order} Sale Amount ---> {$order->total_products} But on first eight not (red), is here someone who know code for this please? Thank you in advance for help. (I try search in documentation but without result :/)
  6. Hi all, we successfully added tracking code on our website (prestashop Now we would need only advise - in code we must write text for adding the following parameters: {Product-ID} {Product-IDs} {Price of Product} {Category Name} {Category ID} {Brand} {Related Product-IDs} {Product Quantities} {Order-ID} {Sale Amount} For last two (what are green) we know what we need write into code. {Order-ID} ---> {$id_order} {Sale Amount} ---> {$order->total_products} But on first eight not (red), is here someone who know code for this please? Thank you in advance for help.
  7. Hi, please in prestashop we need know code for: {Product-ID} {Product-IDs} {Price of Product} {Category Name} {Category ID} {Brand} {Related Product-IDs} {Product Quantities} {Order-ID} {Sale Amount} This we need know because in this time we implement into our store new affiliate system and we need in affiliate script write these parametres. For example we have affiliate script what is must write in product.tpl but in this script is place for write code for product id, category id, brand etc). And therefore we need to know what code is for these items (Product-ID, Product Quantities, Order-ID...). For last two (what are green) we know what we need write into code. {Order-ID} ---> {$id_order} {Sale Amount} ---> {$order->total_products} But on first eight not (red), is here someone who know code for this please? Thanks for help
  8. Yes, maybe my affiliate company mean this. Ok today night I test it and write here feedback. Hi vekia, yes wrong was on affil company. Now is all okay when I use code for id. Very thanks for help.
  9. Hi vekia, sory you has all time true. I big apologize. Your help and code for ean was good. Yesterday affiliate company wrote me that they have small problem with EAN numbers and that I must use "Item ID" but why code is for item id please? for ean is this: {$product->ean13} but what is for item id?
  10. now i write this javascript betwen {literal}here is{/literal} and now this button not shows in produst without ean and not shows in products with ean so my question is: mus i write this code/javascript betwen {literal}{/literal} in tpl or not? and why when i write javascript without literal so shows only in products whats havent ean number? because i need other situation (shows in products with ean) or in all products
  11. so before +-5 minutes i add this code on website and yes button show on web. i have only question is code what you write me on 100% good? because i have small problem button show only in products what havent ean number and in products with ean number isnt shows this button why? :,(
  12. realy? vekia you are genius. so i must add/write into product.tpl this: write i good? <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliate...wishButton.php?ean={$product->ean13}&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script>
  13. hi vekia, ok but when i add code manual into tpl how made for every/each product in code different ean code? iam not coder so i dont know how you mean this? fo example i have in my prestashop 10 products, 1. product have ean 001, 2. product have ean 002, etc so in my javascript i need example in product description in product 1 this: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliate...wishButton.php?ean=001&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script> in product description in product 2 this: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliate...wishButton.php?ean=002&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script> so exist some code what i write into my javascript what add ean code product? because when i write code manualy on hard into tpl how made that in product 1 will be in ean number ean for product one and example on product description in product two will be ean number for product 2. know you what i mean now? (sory for my english my english isnt good)
  14. thanks for both replies. but i will have in each product others code. because in script is "product ean number" and it is different for each product. so i mean that i manual add into all products into product description and write manual ean code. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliatecompanywebsite.com/wishButton.php?ean=123456789&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script> because iam not coder etc. so i mean that i write code into product description and every i change ean code, but when i put this code/javascript into "tpl" or "html box" i dont know how set for each product different ean. so for me i mean is lightest add code manual into description and manual change ean. so exist for me any solution with this problem please?
  15. I have this code: (this code/script what i must put into product description have shows button for affiliate) <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliatecompanywebsite.com/wishButton.php?ean=123456789&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script> and i must this code put on product description on product page. But when i open product and write this into description via HTML button (in administration backend) so after save and when i look on frontend on product so in descritption isnt it. Please help how put this javascript code on product escription on product page? Prestashop version, Tinymce shows version 3.3.9 (2010-09-08) Very thanks for all answers.
  16. yes, when i edit product description in backend, click on html add javascript, and save. so when i look on frontend so in frontend isnt nothink, and when i back into backend and look again on same product on product description and again click on html so here is javasript but on frontend not appears
  17. Hi vekia, i write what i need: this affiliate is in cookie and after buy now i have on my prestashop 1.3,4,0 ok -> cookie, and confirmation (cookie is in header, and confirmation after buy is in orderconfirmation.php). this is okay and now three step - this affiliate have option add button on product page, and then user click on product so this product show on affiliate website after user login. this button give me affiliate company in javascript BUT now is problem -> when i edit product in my prestashop and click mouse into long description and click on "html" and here i add javascript on top and afteri save, so when i look on frontend on this product so in product description isnt this button :/ so my question is -> in prestashop into product description not work javascript? its strange because example when i add into description code from youtube so this work but when i add this javascript what my give affiliate company so button isnt this is javascript what give me affiliate company and they say me add this button on product page. so i was try add in one product into product description but after save changes when i look on frontend so this isnt in product description :,( <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.affiliatecompanywebsite.com/wishButton.php?ean=123456789&firm_id=hereismyidnumberwhatprovidemyaffiliatecompany"> </script>
  18. Vekia yes your version works very thanks please my last question now is affiliate okay and now i only add into produt page into product description one small javascript but when i open this product in backend and click on html view and i copy this javascript and save so on front end ison product page in description tab still only text and javascript not. what ii must do for add one javascript into product description please? (prestashop i find in prestashop forum and i found one thread where is wrote that for this is must mce. please give me tip how add javascript into product description in frontend on tab product detail tahnks
  19. ok thanks vekia. yes i have old presta 1.3 so today night i test. only please I could ask - it does not matter if I will put the code into header or footer? right? there is no difference when i will put php code into header or footer right? or yes exist difference?
  20. hi vekia, ok today night i test it. so maybe i made mistake when i write: {php}?php if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && !empty($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && preg_match('/affiliatecompanywebsiteishere\.com/',$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) setcookie('referrer','affiliatecompanywebsiteishere',time()+3600*24*60); ?>{/php} right? ok i test night your version. very thanks vekia
  21. yes and info my prestashop is version i dont know is it need as information is i write here.
  22. hi all, i have problem. iam normal user not programer. i must add one php code into header (or footer) - this me write from company. so i opent header.tpl what is in my template folder and copy this php but this isnt for :,( so i look on google and i found that when i write {PHP}{/PHP} and write php code betwen this so work. so i test but when i write php code into this {PHP}here is my php code{/PHP} so still not work. please anyone help me / give me tip how add normal php code into template header please. this is my php code what i must add into header: ?php if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && !empty($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && preg_match('/affiliatecompanywebsiteishere\.com/',$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) setcookie('referrer','affiliatecompanywebsiteishere',time()+3600*24*60); ?>
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