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  1. i try to change PS directory to "/eshopping/" as default is "/" but fail to change it turn back to default every time i saved, dunno wat happen?can any help?
  2. actually i put on public_html there but now i want move to eshopping folder there. After moved, i try to change the setting but unsuccessful
  3. i want to change the directory to "/eshopping/" but the message display Settings update successful but the setting change back to empty.
  4. Coze i got a page call "index.html"(make by my own) and "index.php"(prestashop). First i press "http://www.mydomain.com" go to "index.html" then form "index.html" access to "index.php" so how the "Home" link once clicking it back to index.php not index.html?other than that all transaction(after purchase or etc) return to index.php?
  5. below advertisement picture got 3 payment icon : Visa, Master and Paypal. How do i can change to other icon because i only use bank wire for only payment.
  6. When customer register a member there are a checkbox is tick for subscribe a newsletter, then how to send a newsletter to customer who already subscribe the newsletter or when got promotion want send e-mail to all customer in Back Office(BO)??
  7. I want to create a new states for different country but the country drop down there only display USA. How to do, please help
  8. i want ask about the pack checkbox is use for wat because after i tick it also didnt see any effect on FO(mayb my FO got problem?). For next, the gift-wrapping price is only count on the whole products of shopping cart list or got a function can configure with each product add USD 0.20 ?(For example, when customer tick on the gift-wrapping then display the price(E.g. USD 2.00) set on BackOffice so how if the customer purchase more products?if the price still USD 2.00 then will make the owner lose money in business.) Please help, thank you
  9. how the change the words "Powered By Presta Shop"?
  10. how to change the text and picture in the index page with BackOffice?
  11. actually which permission value to have to put? 777,766 or 666?
  12. On the beginning to install the application, the permission are set to 755 or 777?Example like Write permissions on files and folders: "/config" is mean the config folder set to 777 and file (config.inc.php,smarty.config.inc.php,index.php) set to 777 also?After setup the prestashop need set back to 644? * Write permissions on files and folders: * /config * /tools/smarty/compile * /sitemap.xml * Write permissions on folders and subfolders/recursively: * /img * /mails * /modules * /themes/prestashop/lang * /translations * /upload * /download
  13. I using the webhosting from this http://www.myexhost.com/. When i try to install the portal it display "This application need you to activate Javascript to correctly work." I try to add in the "/" after “<?php echo PS_BASE_URI ?>” in /install/index.php, line 47-51 but result still the same. HOw to solve this? i use version 1.2.5
  14. i want to embed a videoclips for each products.do prestashop got this features. i want have 2 way 1) embed from youtube. 2) embed from localhost which mean video file store in the webhosting. how to do that?thank you
  15. so if my products quantity is unlimited, then how to disable the quantity value?
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