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  1. Hi all! After months of trying different e-commerce solutions the three better than were i found are Prestashop, Comersus and Magento. Prestashop is excellent, but is under development and still lack way to go, but I think we are on the right way and will become the best solution e-commerce of the market. Comersus and Magento is really difficult and not very friendly to install and configure, I prefer the versatility of Prestashop. I have the same opinion of other members of the forum about the delay in release oh Prestashop v1 reading this post and I found the solution through Haluzman. I tried CS-Cart as a last resort and i have a heart atack, that the software is AMAZING, the best of the best I've seen, no matter the commercial price. CS-Cart have another level! Ox40 do you tried CS-Cart? Haluzman youre the man! Thanks a lot! Really i love Prestashop but now a whait for next version calm! Sorry for my English!
  2. Hi All What alternatives you suggest Intrami?
  3. Bahh me ausento por un par de semanas y regreso con la noticia de que la versión RC2 ya está disponible y que no salió con el idioma español por defecto. Tampoco veo mucho movimiento de la comunidad en español, imagino que todos deben estar probando la RC2 y poniendo a punto sus portales. Saludos a todos!
  4. Hi I know you are doing a great job to get the next version of Prestashop. But I feel desperate waiting for the new version. I am counting the days waiting for the big announcement of the new version. How much more will we wait??? :'(
  5. Hi I can`t download the theme, the link don`t work.
  6. Hi I Don`t want to see categories images wen i click in a category, if i have a lot of categories (for example "Films") i have a image for every subcategory like (Action, drama, suspense, terror) I only want to see the products wen i click a category or subcategory. How i delete these images? PD: Sorry for my english
  7. Hi How i change the limit of 2MB to upload virtual files?
  8. Hi I am also interested in knowing how we can calculate the cost of shipping based on the weight, if a customer purchases a certain number of items and increases the weight, can Prestashop increase the costs of shipping?
  9. hi In the new products module i don`t know how i made to look the products in the home page , The home said that there are no new products. How can I do to see the products in the home page? The module manufacturers i do not see the option to display logo images. How can I see the logo of the manufacturer? PD: Sorry for my english.
  10. Saludos a todos! En esta parte que coloco? ??? Un abrazo!
  11. Thank you for your reply Bruno. He had not understood that they have to create new modules to be able to insert videos or animations.
  12. Excellent Bruno thanks for the information! ;D
  13. Hi all I downloaded and tried the Appserv and Xampp, first worked whit Appserv and I was very good. I have installed Xampp, but I have not tried yet. The Vertigo I don`t know. In Appserv i installed Prestashop and works very fast to create new products. We also tried the osCommerce 3, Dolphin, Magento (not work), CRE Loaded (not work). The Appserv seems to me pretty easy to use, if someone wants to use and I need help can send me a private message. PD: Sorry for my english
  14. Bruno: Sería muy interesante poderte ayudar de alguna manera moderando los foros en español, pero todos estamos aprendiendo a utilizar Prestashop. Con pocos conocimientos sobre Presta cómo pudiéramos ayudarte moderando un foro en español? ??? Lo que si me parece muy importante es si se puede incluir el idioma español por defecto en la siguiente versión de Presta. Cómo podemos hacer para que sea una realidad la versión en Español definitiva incluida en la siguiente versión de Prestashop? Poderoso: excelentes las imágenes gracias. ;D ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Estoy probando el software Appserv ya que se hace muy lento cargar artículos directamente al servidor web y prefiero cargarlos en mi disco duro y luego ver como exporto las categorías y los artículos. Tengo una duda respecto a el idioma español, he colocado en orden los archivos que todos han enviado pero aún no tengo el panel de control en español como la imagen que posteó Hans. He copiado los archivos en este orden: /modules (Hans) /themes/default/images/es (Poderoso) /themes/default/lang/es (Hans) /translations/es (Hans) es.php (Demontoto) Ok todas las archivos los copio en sus respectivas carpetas y el archivo es.php lo importo como pack de idioma, de igual manera el panel de control no lo tengo en español sino en inglés por defecto. Qué estoy haciendo mal? Un abrazo!
  15. Hi I have been testing the program Appserv and Xampp and I realize that they are more useful to try Prestashop mounted by how quickly from the hard disk. The page I want to create whit prestashop has many articles (dvd films, books, video games) and I think that is faster loading new items in Appserv. My questions is: how do I import the items created with Prestashop in Appserv to Prestashop in the server? Or How do I upload the directories to the server and modify access to the database? PD: Sorry for my english
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