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  1. I have 5 products on Featured Products and two of them have different combinations. These two products doesn't have a price displayed in Featured Products even though the price is always the same with different combinations (color and size). How could I get the price to be displayed? Here's the code from homefeatured.tpl (don't know if it's any help..) {if $product.show_price AND !isset($restricted_country_mode) AND !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}<p class="price_container"><span class="price">{if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if}</span></p>{else}<div style="height:21px;"></div>{/if}
  2. Yes it does. The product I had there already doesn't have a link on it but when I add something it appears with as a link.
  3. Thank you vekia! Once again you saved the day
  4. Actually both of them. I didn't even notice there is one in the block. So thank you for that!
  5. Is there a way to remove also the links to product detail page from shopping cart? There's one link in the product picture and one in the product name. I tried to search from shopping-cart.tpl but couldn't find them.
  6. I obviously have not, my mistake Thanks for the great tutorials vekia!
  7. Just for others, with this problem, to know. I had previously done modifications that allow to use full tinyMCE on CMS pages (vekia's tutorial) and I've enabled iframes through back office (using presta 1.5.5.) but still couldn't save a CMS page with iframes in it. I checked the classes/Validate.php file and found this on line 392 public static function isCleanHtml($html, $allow_iframe = false) Just changed it to true and everything's working great. I just wonder why that kind of code still exists after all the modifications and changes made
  8. Damn.. once again, if I could have PRODUCT CATEGORY as a CMS CATEGORY these problems would be solved
  9. I already asked a question considering this problem here but that topic can be deleted. I'm having problems with modifying the top horizontal menu, breadcumbs and cms categories/pages. Pretty difficult to explain but I'll try my best I have: 1. a product category TAILORED SUITS 2. a CMS category SUITS Style Fabric Tailoring 3. a CMS subcategory FABRIC (below SUITS) Plain Pinstripe etc.. Here's what I'd like to have in top horizontal menu: Parent: TAILORED SUITS Style Fabric Tailoring But this is what I have right now: Parent: SUITS Fabric (and below this Plain, Pinstripe etc.. I would like to have only two level menu) Style Fabric Tailoring And in the breadcrumbs, when I'm on page Style, I'd like to have this: Home > Tailored suits > Style Instead I have this: Home > Suits > Style Or when I'm on Fabric Pinstripe page, I'd like to have this: Home > Tailored Suits > Fabric > Pinstripe But instead I have this: Home > Suits > Fabric > Pinstripe So I wouldn't like to have the CMS categories in breadcrumbs at all because there is no content in those pages. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm starting to be desperate Is this even possible to achieve?
  10. Vekia, did you mean this one? Pretty close, but it didn't help :/ It can't be this hard to have category as a parent and cms as a child, can it? I also tried (with forum's help) to modify the top navigation code so that I could modify child items straight through the module's configuration but it didn't work at all. Maybe it was for older versions. If anyone has ANY idea how to make this happen, I would be SO happy! Been searching for hours without any improvement. I think the easiest and best way would be to have a product category as a cms category. Then there wouldn't be one extra (useless) cms category shown in the breadcrumbs. Any way of doing that, is it even possible?
  11. I tried to search from his posts but couldn't find. Maybe I'm using wrong words to search..?
  12. One solutions would be to get a product category as a cms category.. Then I could just add the cms (=product) category to the menu. But I have no idea how to do that :/
  13. I tried to search for a similar subject but couldn't find any (probably searching with wrong words). In top horizontal menu, I'm trying to get a product category as a parent item and below that (drop down child items) I'd like to have multiple cms pages. Configuring the module I can have either the cms category as a parent and cms pages below that as child items or the product category as a parent but I'm not able to mix these two. Any tips?
  14. I want to have a javascript popup link in the short description. So that one has an opportunity for sort of a quick view of products when on product list page. There in the new window will be a 360 degree product shot and some details, so I don't even need to worry about getting that 3D view to product page. Hope this makes some sense
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