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  1. Hi My site is too slow. When i active profiling, i see the info i provided (attached image). How can i fix it?? If im not wrong, config time is the loading time before the _construct function is called... so... why is taking too much time?? Is a server problem?? Thank you so much
  2. Hi how are you?? Im receiving this warning: E_WARNING: Illegal string offset 'link_rewrite' in content_5fa4942f7e6270_37138964 called at /home/www/......./www/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php (188) in Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase::fetch called at /home/www/......../www/classes/SmartyCustom.php (110) in SmartyCustomCore::fetch called at /home/www/........./www/override/classes/controller/FrontController.php (276) in FrontController::display called at /home/www/......../www/classes/controller/Controller.php (209) in ControllerCore::run called at /home/www/........../www/override/classes/Dispatcher.php (133) in Dispatcher::dispatch called at /home/www/......./www/index.php (28) Someone know how can i fix this warning?? or why is happening? Its Prestashop 1.6 thank you so much!
  3. I want to create a module link using smarty, if the module link dont need params, its ok, it would be something like: {$link->getModuleLink('module_name', 'controller_name')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} but i need to send some parameters to the function... is that possible using smarty???? (i dont have problems using php). Something like: {$link->getModuleLink('module_name', 'controller_name', array('param1' => 'value1', 'param2' => 'value2'))|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} But im obtaining a smarty error... Any idea?? Thanks!
  4. hi @Rhobur. Sorry, my post was not complete :S What i exactly want is to associate the category automatically to the template when a category is created but I dont want to access the module each time a category is created. i hope this have more sense for you.... thanks
  5. I want to associate a new category created to the block layered categories list. How can i do that?? thanks
  6. I was trying to create a pdf file from a custom module, but it didnt work fine... Do someone have any tutorial about that? thanks
  7. no, it didnt work hahaha Well, i will continue searching a solution! thank you!
  8. hi @NemoPs Yes, i know how to order by two fields on mysql... but... how can i do that with a helperlist in Prestashop?? when u create an admin controller, u can specify this parameters for example: $this->_orderBy = 'priority'; $this->_orderWay = 'DESC'; But... there is a way to do something like this: $this->_orderBy = 'priority, status'; $this->_orderWay = 'DESC, ASC'; I hope u understand my idea Thank u so much
  9. HI... its possible to order a query by 2 different fields in a renderlist?? for example, i have module with 2 important fields called Priority and Status. I would like to order by priority DESC and status ASC... but i dont find a way to do that.... is that possible????? thanks
  10. Hi, there is some module for Prestashop 1.6 that simulates the Prestashop 1.7 default checkout??? thanksss
  11. Hi, im having problems creating the invoice. When i click the "Receive my money" button Im redirected to the select payment type page, but when i insert the PayPal account email, im redirected to the same page, and also the info is not saved!!! i can't access the invoice page (the page where i can upload my invoice and set the quantity i want to withdraw) Someone have the same problem?? I accessed the invoice page before, so i don't know if its an Addons site error... Please help! its urgent!
  12. Is possible to order a helperlist by 2 different fields instead only 1 field?? For example, in the orders page listing, by default order by date desc and id desc (so order by date and id)... is that possible????? how can i do it? thanks!
  13. someone knows why is not available the best answer in this post?????? i need to solve the same problem :S:S:S help!!!!
  14. Hola! Si, lo he checado... el problema esta en que el id_shop no esta dentro del array de fields_list :S:S sino que esta codificado directamente en tpl que genera la lista :S es un poco raro, no se si existe alguna posibiilidad de añadirlo al fields_list y que no se recupere en la plantilla.... gracias
  15. Hola, tengo una multitienda PS1.6.12 En el listado de pedidos, me gustaria mover la posicion de la columna "Tienda". Hay alguna forma de hacer esto??? Gracias!
  16. Hi how are u? I have a problem with helperlist when i remove the id column from fields_list array. The problem is that the url generated in the edit and view bottons is not correct, it dont include the object id :S can someone give me a solution?? thanks
  17. Hola! Alguien sabe como se puede hacer para ocultar la columna id de un helperlist?? el problema esta en que si la columna se quita del array $this->fields_list ya no se ve (eso esta bien!) pero al generar las url de editar o Ver dicha fila, no añade el id y por lo tanto no funciona :S Gracias!
  18. Hola acuarelweb!! te acuerdas de como arreglaste esto??? Gracias!
  19. Hola... si, creo que tendrias problemas :S Vas a tener que tocar el archivo controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php
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