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  1. has anyone found any solution to this problem yet? I am guessing that Layered Navigation Module is very popular from customer point of view and plenty of shops are using it. Anyone?
  2. I though that your previous post was a solution to this problem, but if for some reason this can't be done, I hope presta team will update this module shortly. Right now this bug is limiting this module's usability to minimum.
  3. I just tried that - Rebuild entire price index Build attribute index Build URL index I tried all 3 options with no positive results, items that are sold our are for some reason still shown in search results.
  4. Hi everyone, I noticed a small bug in layered navigation module in my presta 1.5. For instance I got one t-shirt available in store in 2 sizes : 1pcs in size L and 1pcs in size XL. One customer buys t-shirt size L and this size is no longer available. Another customer is using layered navigation module in front office to see all t-shirts size L and the sold one is still shown in search results. I can't find a way to get rid of it and this is very frustrating for customers to see products that are not available for sale in their search results. ps. I tried to change product preferences - Display unavailable product attributes on product page - to "NO" and it only works if you browse products manually. It does not affect results of layered navigation module at all. Can someone advice on this one please?
  5. Hi Everyony, Can someone who got "filter navigation block" module active in his shop advice on the issue I noticed in presta 1.5 : For instance : Got 1 t-shirt in two sizes placed in store - size L and XL. Size L is completely sold out and there is no more left. For some reason if customer chooses to show all t-shirts size L available in store - the sold one is still included is search results. When you click it from there it is giving the info that this size is sold out (correct), but I can't figure it out how to get rid off all products that are not available for search results? ps. I tried changing product preferences option - Display unavailable product attributes on product page - it is working if you browse products manually does not affect filter navigation block at all - it will still show unavailable products in search results. Has anyone noticed the same issue ?
  6. got it! I just checked few options and found out that when you add new product, this option is not working correctly. "add to cart" "on" and "off" option works only for products that were already bought in store. For instance: 1 add new product and check if this option is working 2. if not , login as customer in your store and buy 1pc of this product 3. check the store again and you'll see is working fine now I now it's not a long term solution but can do for now. Hope that someone with more experience can put some more light on that issue.
  7. it's strange. I had this issue with presta 1.5.2. Because of other errors, instead of updating I decided to install fresh copy of 1.5.3 and adopt it again to my needs. Exactly the same error is occurring in my fresh install. Now I'm sure it's not related to only to "new" products as currently some products marked as "new" got "add to cart" option visible and some others don't. As Bill Dalton mentioned the problem occurs only in category view. I got no clue why fresh copy got same big error.
  8. Hi , Can someone advise on this one. After switching off option "Apply shipping cost" for some carriers in carriers tab, these carriers completely disappeared from the carrier's list in Back Office, but they are still available in Front Office. They are also visible in products tab where you specify carrier for each product. Any ideas how can I make these carriers visible again in Back Office, as right now I got no access to them at all Hitting "Reset" button solved it.
  9. Supremacy2k , you're right! It actually does copy the product description to other languages automatically. My mistake, I was duplicating products and it that case you have to type the content separately for all languages. It seems like I will have to add each product from scratch instead of copying existing ones. Thanks for your help, that was quick!
  10. Hi, can someone advise is there any way to have product description in 2 or more languages available in store without adding each language manually? What I mean is when adding new product - I need all data, description etc. to be automatically copied to other available languages. Now I have to type all data separately for each language - that includes product code, name etc which are the same for all languages anyway and it's just wasting of time. is there any way to have all content copied to other languages and do small amendments later?
  11. I tried manual l update of database as per : Yes, use MyPHPAdmin, go to your database, choose SQL tab and paste this: alter table ps_product add column redirect_type int (10) ; alter table ps_product_shop add column redirect_type int (10) ; then click GO button on the bottom right. but i was still getting error - line duplicate. I reverted back to 1.5.2 and updated again to 1.5.3 today- for now it works perfect. I can add and edit products. I did not have to manually change the database after this update. Maybe Presta guys corrected their update after so many people reported the same problem?
  12. hi, I am facing strange issue with my presta 1.5.3. (but the same problem appeared on my 1.5.2.) I am trying to disable "add to cart" option for all products with attributes - so the customer has first to choose product attribute and add to cart after that. I switched that option off in Preferences -> Products but it does not work for any product that is marked as "New". For rest of products "add to cart" option is disabled as it should, only "new products" are not affected. Attached is a screenshot showing the issue. Can anyone help on that one? Also , when adding new product I am getting this on top of the screen : Warning: Wrong parameter count for clearstatcache() in /home/...../public_html/classes/ImageManager.php on line 122 I didn't find any option that this would affect, but it could be somehow connected with main issue.
  13. sebkos, once I have my site done and ready, I will definitely post it for all you here to have a look at it and maybe give some feedback. My goal is to have it done by mid January. Fingers crossed for that!
  14. lisam, .htaccess file is created automatically ones you you switch "friendy URL" on and off in preferences. What I did was: 1. delete .htaccess file on the server ( if there is any) 2. log into BO on your localhost - go to "Friendly URL" menu, change the location of your web from localhost to your actual web server. 3. switch Friendly URL on (.htaccess file is created now) 4. copy this file to your server before you copy file to server you can open it and check if you have correct details there. hope that helps.
  15. Hi, I am facing a strange issue related to attributes generator in my Presta 1.5.2. I'm working on my store offering sport apparel and each product offered has to have different sizes. I made XS-XXL sizes for each product in attributes generator and left price impact at "0" , as obviously the price for different sizes of the same product would be the same. The price for each product is set up in Product->Price tab. Now the strange thing - In home view on front page of the store all product prices are displayed correctly, when I hit the product from there to get more details, the price is also correct - I can add it to basket i buy it without any issues. The problem starts when I choose one of the categories on the left side - all products assigned to chosen category are displayed with price 0.00. When I hit the product for more details from there - the price is coming back to normal. I found out the way around it but it's not the way to do it for a long time - once the product is set up, all sizes are added from attributes generator - I copy the product including pictures and fill the quantities manually in the fresh copy, delete donor file an it's done - everything is displayed correctly, but as soon as you use attributes generator again on this product- the issue is coming back and price in category view is displayed at 0.00 again. anyone facing the same problem?
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