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  1. I have setup a multi store with four shop within, and created the root categories for each of them - linking them via the multi store setup. Example: Root 1: | - Category a - Category b - Category c Root 2: | - Category d - Category e - Category f etc... However if I list a product in "Root 1: Category a", it seems to appear across the whole network of shop? Any ideas?
  2. Quite easy to setup - I created exactly the same this morning with v1.5. I followed PS's guide here : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Managing+multiple+shops If you are using cPanel make sure you park your additional domains to your 'Master' hosting package for it to work effectively.
  3. Afternoon all, I have an install of PS running with 1 home store and 3 add on stores - all appears to be okay, however... I am having trouble displaying the categories assigned to 2 out of the three add on stores. I can access their sites without any issues, all the pages work etc and within the site map I can see the categories I have given to the site, but they do not show in the side module or across the header bar (as you would expect). My other remaining add on store works fine and is setup in exactly the same way. FYI - I have created their own individual root categories and have assigned these correctly within the multi store manager. Any help / advice would be happily received...
  4. It's not the first and I'm sure it won't be the last OP - Just out of interest what sort of stuff are you selling to be concerned to such a high level about internal staff?
  5. You could setup a series of profiles for your staff, allowing selected staff to access selected areas - i.e staff dealing with products will only see the products and nothing to do with orders, etc. Postage & packing staff will see orders and nothing to do with products, etc. Also if your data is highly prone to being attacked I would suggest your back up is frequently carried out, this way you could restore it without loss of too much data.
  6. This can be done using Attributes and Values. Documentation here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/A+Look+Inside+the+Catalog#ALookInsidetheCatalog-AttributesandValues
  7. This will remove the risk of a random, external hacker guessing the URL of your admin suite easily. If there is a member of staff you don't trust, do give them access to start with?
  8. Hold on.... If you are giving admin access to a few employees are you are worried that these employees might hack you - well you have given them access so they will just login and obtain the data they want, no hacking involved.
  9. Morning all, I'm going to try and explain my situation without confusing everyone... I run a Scooter based online shop selling spare parts. Some of these parts are universal in the sense that they might fit a number of different makes and models. As categories I have it laid out as 'Manufacture' > 'Model'. At present I have the universal fitting parts located in each of the model categories for which the item fits, however I am stuck when it comes to creating a title and therefore doesn't help the customer much when using the search facility. What I would like to do is create a product listing for each model that the item fits with it's own unique title, description etc, however maintain the same QTY level overall. Example: Honda SH125 Front Brake Pads [sKU: 1234] (Stock Level: 3) Yamaha Vity 125 Rear Brake Pads [sKU: 1234] (Stock Level: 3) When either of the above items are sold the stock is removed from the SKU rather than the item. We did look at WooCommerce prior to using Presta and found we would be able to do it with an internal affiliate style link. Any help or points in the right direction would be really helpful. Thanks, Gary
  10. Did anyone ever try this? I know it is a little out of date but would be handy to know... or has someone else found a cost effective way to get the shop into an app?
  11. I too have exactly the same issue with my shop, which is due to go live this weekend. Anyone have an idea of a fix or what could be causing it? My error reads: Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in /home/scooters/public_html/modules/paypal/express_checkout/process.php on line 124
  12. Hi all! I recenetly installed PS on my server and installed it using IP address access (ie. without a domain name) and started to build my site. I have now purchased the domain name and set it up on my server. I changed the site URL in the admin section, deleted the .htaccess and turned off and on again the friendly URL option so a new .htaccess was generated. Now... my very first category keeps giving me a "page not found error" yet all of the other categories and products load fine? Any ideas what could have happened?
  13. I have installed PrestaShop and am in the middle of adding new categories via CSV import. However I have noticed that a customer group that I have setup earlier does not have access to the new categories by default, resulting in me having to edit each category manually to add this group via the check box at the bottom of the page. Is there a way that my installation will allow all groups (default or ones I have created) to be able to see all categories? My installation will have over 1000 categories / sub categories and it seems like a very time consuming job if I have to do this manually. Thanks, Gary
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