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  1. I solved this problem all by myself, I did open the folder of the modules and find the folder "blockpermanentlinks" then edit the file of "blockpermanentlinks-header.tpl", then the css file is on "/themes/prestashop/css/modules/blockpermanentlinks/blockpermanentlinks.css". Thanks!
  2. Hi! I would like to ask where can I edit this part of the header? What file should I edit then? I want to change the bookmark and contact to some images. Thanks! This is the link of the site http://www.buybranded.com.ph. Here's the screenshot of the header.
  3. Here's the bigger picture of the screenshot. I need help. Please. Thanks!
  4. I can't find what to edit, I did open all of the tpl file in all module folder but none of them has that text. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I want to ask how can I edit this? I want to change the "Products" to "Sporting Goods". Thanks for the help!
  6. I would like to ask for your help, I want to add a copyright to the bottom of my site "All rights reserved 2012-2013" (www.buybranded.com.ph), I am a newbie in prestashop and this site is transferred to me around november 2012 from the previous web developer, I currently handling this site. I need help. Thanks for the help!
  7. I would like to ask if there any free module that will generate a gift certificate for the products. Thanks! This is the link of the site www.buybranded.com.ph
  8. I would like to ask, how can I duplicate the COD(Cash on Delivery) module for the payment? because I will use the duplicated COD module as my (Cash upon Pick) method. Thanks for the help!
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