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  1. Hello, i would like to delete some information on the Grid / List View. I want to delete the sales label that is appeared 3 times like in the image.. http://prntscr.com/epuhwj This is grid view.. this also happend in Table View. I cannot edit it via product-list.tpl as it is changed also in the List view which i want to keep it as is. Thank you in advance. P.S : The weird thing is that <div class="product-flags"> is being generated 3 times in all three div's left - center - right column and inside the product-list.top i can only find 2 of them. This is confusing.
  2. Yes but this category is handled differently than all others. I am sorting all other as i want via the controller but not this one..
  3. Hello, unlikely the manufacturers.php file in classes only controls the appearence of how manufacturers are retrieved and not the products inside those manufacturers. I am trying to find it but i can't.
  4. Hello there, i need to set a custom order for products in Manufacturers Page. Is there a way to do it by modifying anything? I see it sorts by name by default. Is there a paid plugin that does the work as well? Thank you,
  5. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ φίλε! Δουλεύει κανονικά στην
  6. Επαναφέρω λίγο το θέμα παιδιά.. έχει βρει κανείς λύση με τον οποιονδήποτε τρόπο στα τιμολόγια που είναι σε συγκεκριμένες ζώνες να έχουν μειωμένο Φ.Π.Α ;
  7. Hello, i am using a custom theme, and i have a specific problem. I am trying to disable the mobile site from Preferences --> Themes and in the mobile i am still getting the mobile version. I want to get only the responsive version as it happens in desktop. Is there a line i should comment in any files that would fix the problem ? Thank you,
  8. I would like to a custom field only when a user (either a guest) completes the Company Field and the VAT field comes up. I want another field to come up with the VAT. Is there a way i could do that and in the case of a user registration i need this information to be in his profile as an extra field... Thank you in advance..
  9. I have the same problem here. I disabled magic_quotes with the php.ini file in the install folder but nothing changed. Suggestions please?
  10. Is it possible to hide / disable the add to cart option to specific client groups i.e for visitors and customers... i want only a specific group to be able to see it..
  11. It is hosted on a greek hosting company called hostmein.gr . They found the solution for me, so i suppose that they will inform the rest of the merchants as well
  12. The solution was turning off a security system on Apache, cause of incompatibility with Prestashop. Don't exactly remember the name of the apache - security thing.. The point is that.
  13. I use PrestaShop™ . I have turned it on already .. and still i receive nothing.. :S Pretty weird! define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', true); define('_PS_MODE_DEMO_', false); ..
  14. Hello Everyone, I have a major problem, when i open front office translations and trying to save, i receive blank page instead of the "saved changes". The changes aren't saved. This only occurs on front office translations no matter what theme i have on. Also i have turned debug erros on true, but i don't get any error either from there, or the error log from my server. Any ideas will be helpful to solve this, or any ideas on how i could make the translations work... Kind Regards,
  15. Problem Solved After replacing the fileuploader.js from the Version with earlier version same file. File can be found on root/js/ .. Worked for me .
  16. Hello there, i am new to prestashop, although i am trying to setup my eshop, and i have discovered that when i type something to my search box it doesn't find it. . Seems like the search module does not index anything. how can i fix that ? thank you in advance..
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