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  1. In Belgium (and I guess in other counties in EU too) there is a new system allowing small companies with limited turnover (in Belgium under € 25000 yearly) to work without any VAT at all. As long as you don't sell for more than 25000 euro's per year (which is allready a nice amount) then you don't have to ask any vat to any possible customer. You do have to put the following sentence onto your invoice: Kleine onderneming onderworpen aan de vrijstellingsregeling van belasting. Btw niet toepasselijk. Is this possible in prestashop ? Can you easily add 1 or more lines of text to your invoice ? (The good part is that this is for ALL customers and not only for certain groups). Also, is there a way yo remove all references to VAT on the frontoffice ? I know you can put them at 0% VAT, but then it shows 0% VAT and I'd like to have no reference at all. Kind regards, Bart
  2. ok thank you. So if my rectangle would cost €5 with without engraving and €10 with engraving, I have to create 2 products (1 with €5 and not customisation) and 1 with price €10 and required field for customisation. These need to be 2 different products in prestashop? or can I just do that like 1 product with the option (at higher price) to customise ? Currently I think I'll need 2 products to achieve that.
  3. By the way if you mean http://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/customer-product-photos.html then this is not what I am looking for. I want a customer to be able to order a 30x20cm picture on canvas, then they can upload a picture themselves, we PRINT the picture and they get that picture on canvas. customer product photo's is what customers have made themselves with the product, but it is not product customisation. Hopefully you can still help ?
  4. Can you give more info about module? Price, availability ? Is it also possible for customer to enter 1 line of text to go with his order? Can I mail you outside of forum not to polute forum? Is there a live demo of it somewhere? Kind regards, Bart
  5. If you want to sell for example personalized printing services, is it then possible to for example let a user order an item like Picture on canvas 30x20cm matte And have the ability that the user can upload a jpeg file to tell the shop which picture he/she wants to have printed on canvas? Kind regards, Bart
  6. Hi, I am learning how to use prestashop (which looks not too difficult fortunately) However, the shop I want to make has some kind of personalisation to the items. For example, I will sell wooden plaques with a name engraved in it, or ... sell your name cut out of wood. I don't see how I can let my customers add this information to their order. For example suppose I have in my product list 1 product called "wood rectangle 5x5cm" A customer would have to be able to select this product (simple), add a quantity of for example 3 pieces (simple) and fill out another text field where he enters the name to be engraved (and that is what I don't know how to do) Could somebody tell me please if thats possible somehow ? Kind regards, Bart
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