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  1. By default Prestashop is set to have orders >$20 (From memory) to have free shipping, change the value to 0 and it should work. To find it click the 'Shipping' tab in the backend and then look for 'Free shipping starts at:' There is also 'Free shipping starts at:' which may be set. Hope that helps!
  2. The patch allows the shipping modules to work... If you do not apply the patch correctly then when you copy a shipping module into the modules directory the modules list will not be visible in the back office of Prestashop. Which is the problem a lot of people have had. If you have followed the instructions in the readme that came with the patch, or used the already patched version then you should now be able to copy the module into your modules directory and install it from the modules tab. The Australia Post shipping module that I created also contains a readme with steps on how to install and configure it.
  3. As I said in my original post looks as if you have not applied the patch correctly or at all. To restore your module list remove any shipping modules that you copied to your modules directory and Prestashop will behave as normal.
  4. Thanks rocky for the update! I had a look some time ago and the Shipping module support in v1.4 was non existent. And when you posted the information it was not functional. I have plans to investigate it further now that the bugs/implementation have been worked out in the hope to modify my code, or roll the v1.4 changes into a patch for v1.3, so that modules can be used with both versions.
  5. Looks to me as if you have not applied the patch correctly. My advice is to use the http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/prestashop_1.3.2.3_shipping_patch_v0.15_applied.zip code with the patch already applied. You should be getting PHP errors, perhaps your PHP error handling and logging settings are not set to show them.
  6. I have just uploaded the new version of Prestashop (v1.3.2.3) with patch applied for those that have been asking.
  7. The easiest way is to download the code (in first post) with the patch already applied. In this code the database changes are made during the install process. Alternatively you can patch the code on another machine, upload the files, run the install, modify your db and then you should be ok.
  8. Yes the zip file that I have added is intended to be used for a fresh install.
  9. I have edited the first post with a URL to the 'prestashop_1.3.1.zip' file containing the patched files and updated SQL files so that you do not need to modify the code or database yourself. The only thing you need to do now is copy the shipping module into the shipping module directory and you should be up and running.
  10. Can you confirm that the file classes/ShippingModule.php in your web server directory. This issue was seen (as above) due to the patch not being applied correctly and I'm assuming that your having the same issue. Also can you include the output from the 'patch' command?
  11. I can confirm that the changes work successfully under Windows Server 2008 with IIS 6.0 SP1 and PHP v5.2.6 The problem you describe is most likely due to the patch not being applied correctly and/or the classes/ShippingModule.php file missing. Can you please provide me with the following files from your prestashop directory so I can investigate further? classes/ShippingModule.php classes/Hook.php classes/Carrier.php order.php
  12. Thanks for the additional information. I have not tested this on a windows system. I'm assuming that you are running IIS? I will attempt to replicate the problem in windows and post the results. If you can give me any additional details about your hosting setup that may help in reproducing the fault that would be great. Do you know what PHP version you are running? Can you confirm that the classes/ShippingModule.php file exists?
  13. Khushi, That sounds to me as if PHP is having an issue somewhere. The problem you describe I have only observed when the ShippingModule.php is missing from the classes directory and/or the patch has not been applied successfully. This is what will be happening in your 'Step 3' however applying the patch using the 'patch' command should modify your Prestashop instance and allow the module to work. Did you follow the steps in the release notes? # Backup your data!!! While these steps shouldn't do anything bad, you can never be too careful! # Run the following SQL on your database # Patch your code, there should be no conflicts. # Write/Install Shipping modules... During the last couple of weeks I have been going through and checking the various additional features that I have for Prestashop against v1.3.1 during my testing I found a problem with the ShippingModule patch when using the 'PriceByPrice' in a Carrier, which I do not use on my stores. I have fixed the issue and a new version is available at: http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/shipping_module_support_v0.15.tar.gz You can reverse the patch using the '-R' option in the patch command or by running 'patch -p1 -R < 1.3.1_shiping_module_support_v0.1.patch' after you have done this the only thing you will need to do is apply the new .patch file. You may also wish to check normal functionality before applying the new patch, just to make sure you dont make things worse. I don't think the these changes will fix your problem as I only experienced it when displaying the cart on the front office pages with the condition above, however if you still experience problems after can you please provide me with some details on your Prestashop install so that I can investigate further? Things that would be helpful: # What version of Prestashop are you running? # What version of PHP are you currently using (run 'php -v') # What operating system are you hosting it on? # Are you able to access the error log? If so can you post the lines that appear in it when accessing the modules page. # Did you follow the instructions in the release notes? # Did you update your database? # Have you made any other changes to the code before applying the patch? Thanks!
  14. I posted in the Development section of the forum a patch for Prestashop to support shipping modules in the same was as other modules. Included in this patch I released a separate module for Australia Post shipping. I decided to post here in case there are people who do not check the development forums for modules and also to keep track of any changes that are made to the module. *** NOTE: YOU MUST PATCH PRESTASHOP TO USE THIS MODULE!!! Otherwise the module page will not load. *** The module is available to download here: http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/shippingaustpost_v0.1.tar.gz *** NOTE: YOU MUST PATCH PRESTASHOP TO USE THIS MODULE!!! Otherwise the module page will not load. *** It requires the module support patch, see the post in the development section as to how to do that: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/67142/development/shippingmodule_support__patch
  15. Late last year I was annoyed by not being able to simply download or write a shipping module and have it work without modifying code. Why should you have to butcher Prestashop to get a shipping module installed only to find it useless for future versions? My goal for this addition was to add support for shipping modules with little modification to the Prestashop code in the hope that others without much PHP knowledge could benefit. Who knows one day maybe it, or something similar, could be combined into Prestashop. This patch enables shipping modules to be dynamically loaded using the Prestashop module mechanism. I have provided an Australia Post module (My initial need for a shipping module) and a sample module to help others develop modules using this mechanism. This was initially written for v1.2.5 however I have modified and tested it to run on the latest Prestashop v1.3.1 code. Instructions on installation and full details are in the files: http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/shipping_module_support_v0.15.tar.gz - Patch for Prestashop v1.3.1 and sample module http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/shippingaustpost_v0.1.tar.gz - Australia Post Shipping Module (Requires Above) NOTE: I have patched Prestashop v1.3.1 due to the problems below of people being unable to apply the patch (in windows mainly). I have also modified the SQL files so that the database changes will be completed during the install. You should just need to use the standard prestashop install procedure. The code is available at: http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/prestashop_1.3.1_shipping_patch_applied.zip http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/prestashop_1.3.2.3_shipping_patch_v0.15_applied.zip (Updated 24 Oct 2010) http://nutrino.com.au/code/prestashop/prestashop_1.3.5.0_shipping_patch_v0.15_applied.zip (Updated 06 Jan 2011) Let me know if you like and I'll try to maintain it. -Allan.
  16. I might as well answer my own question now... Short answer is No. There does not appear to be any hooks in Prestashop for adding shipping modules so a stand alone module is not possible. I also checked SVN to see if any development was being done in this area but there doesn't appear to be. There are a few 3rd party projects that promise to add this functionality but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time modifying the core Prestashop classes looks like the only way.
  17. I have been on the search for a shipping module that does not require modifications to the core Prestashop code. Can anyone point me in the direction of a free open source one for Prestashop v1.2.4? I understand in special circumstances that changing the core code may be necessary however I would like to implement a module with no modifications to Prestashop if possible to keep everything nice and clean. As I'm time poor and haven't used Prestashop before I was hoping someone had a similar module that I could use as a guide. Also a quick payment module question, can you restrict the payment methods depending on on what shipping carrier is used? Thanks.
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