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  1. Thank you for your very usefull module which works fine in my ps version. Unfortunately the cookie message disappears when I click anyhwere else in my website (without clicking the 'Agree button')! Is there an option also to 'Decline' the acceptance of the Cookie message?
  2. Thank you ArteInfo so much for this module which works perfectly well for my PS
  3. ' rachid.antipodes' you are the best. You saved me from one of the biggest headaches i had for the last 2 years. Thank you very much.
  4. Same problem here also with PS1.6.0.9. It seems that it is related with 301/302 Canonical URL redirect. I am not sure. Also the reloading is related with product.js but there is no information at all in the presta forum.
  5. Did someone solved the addition of '#/' in the end of product url for PS1.6. With Url Canonical redirect, if the customer selects an attribute other than thte default, it then redirects and reloads the product page and customer cannot select an atttribute other than the default one!!!!
  6. Does someone know how to make facebook share a product also with price. I have inlcuded open graph price tag but sharing doesn't inlcude price. Thanks for any help
  7. I also need sorting for accessories in product page by position for PS
  8. It worked perfectly. Thanks. In my case for PS1.5 i wanted to sort products by position so i did the following: change from $categoryProducts = $category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, 1, 100); /* 100 products max. */ to $categoryProducts = $category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, 1, 100,'position','DESC'); /* 100 products max. */
  9. nikosmaragos εισαι αψογος. Η προσθεση 'entity_encoding: "raw",' ελυσε το προβλημα των χαρακτηρων ωστε να αποθηκευονται με την σωστη μορφη στην βαση δεδομενων και ειδικα στα CMS. Εψαχνα στο Αγγλικο forum χωρις επιτυχια για 4 ωρες...
  10. Hello all, I have used this solution that worked in PS earlier version. What about version 1.6? I have characters like αντικ apppearing in SMC Source code instad of my Greek text. My database is set on 'utf8_general_ci' Does anybody know how to find a solution so that CMS sourse is always stored in original text format? I cannot apply above solutions to PS1.6 since there are big differences. Thanks for any kind of reply.
  11. I did all instructions, but in Preferences/Themes the avaialble theme for install has a questionmark and when installing there is a message 'Bad configuration file' Does anybody have any idea what is should try to resolved this? I use PS1.6.0.11
  12. I use Prestashop This request is absolutely necessary. I have an average of 40% bounce rate in the manufacturer page (that by default has no filter). When i use a shortcut trick in custom menu with '/index.php?id_category=11&selected_filters=manufacturer-replay&controller=category' to display manufacturer with filter, then my bounce rate is 0%!!! I spend hours looking for a solution in the forum, without any success at all. I would be grateful if someone could indicate at least which file and link to change in order to do that shortcut trick even with 'if' statement. Thanks in advance.
  13. It doesnt work in ps Anyone had it working in that 1.5 version
  14. Hello everyone, I tried this in ps including the hook and then installed the module and also emptied cachec but there are no attributes appearing in product list. Does anyone use similar version that works. I dont suppose i am the only to whom it doesnt work. Any ideas what i could be doing wrong? Thank you
  15. I did what Vekia said in post #5 and it finally worked just fine. Nice one Vekia. But, i also had to change in the blockviewed.tpl in themes/modules the line ' viewedProduct->cover, 'medium_default') ' from the image extension 'medium_default' to an actual image file extension that existed in my server (i dont use the presta native theme)
  16. It removes also the end </p> tag BUT you are right that its a little bit dangerous and might mess up the code.
  17. Hello Vekia, I tried this in my site, but it didnt work (I emptied cache and forced compile). Is it perhaps because i use another external theme? I need to remove <p> to avoid validation errors since i force the short description as an H2 tag Thank you. [solved:I replaced '{$product->description_short}' with '{$product->description_short|substr:4:-5}' So fat it works ok and removes the 3 characters '<p>'. Info found on -http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/43107-solved-product-short-description-field-not-displaying-html/- ]
  18. J.Sahu did you find any solution to that since i also have this problem and doesnt allow to have a direct link to use in Adwords!
  19. Does anybody know how to sort the products in a category with the arrows, without loosing their new position after refreshing the page. If there are less than about 30 items in a category, there is no problem. If more, then after changing position with the arrows, then the product after refresh might go just anywhere in the category!! Therefore there is no possibility in sorting products in a category neither in PS or I can't find anywhere in the forum a solution. Sorting products its essential in a nice arrangement of products to optimise sales and in my case a complete re-arranging of 500 products in 50 catagories might take 2 days! I hope for assistance.
  20. Spidersiteme, Thank you for the info. I did that and the compression/speed grading of google increase from 45/100 to 78/100 (ps1.5.4.1). Thank you.
  21. You are brilliant. It works fine. And if someone refreshes the BO page of Module blockcms, it then re-arranges the order of CMS links enabled so that they are displayed in order also in the footer. Keep on helping.
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