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  1. Blir galen! Hur gör man för att kunna visa NOK utan moms i butiken? Nu måste man registrera sej som Norsk kund för att se priserna utan moms, INTE så bra för försäljningen...! Det enda som händer nu är att shopen räknar om valutakursen, men tar inte bort momsen. Någon som har en idé..? ventilationsfilter
  2. Kanon, tack för den!!! Slet nästan av mej håret:-) Lite svårt att hitta dit du menade, hade bara tur som kom rätt. För er andra som behöver hjälp med samma problem I din "back office" klicka på: 1. Fliken "betalning" 2. Se "Payment module restrictions" 3. Välj "Shop default currency" för paypal så ska allt funka
  3. I have the same problem. No order shows in the BO but the money are recived at Paypal... Please help us
  4. YES, i got it. I replaced the whole map: fpdf in tools/fpdf with a fresh DL fron Prestashop and it works! Thanks to jakcrabbit who pointed me in the right direction:-)
  5. It doesent make any different... Any othe ideas? It´s like the last thing for me before the release... Thanks!
  6. Thanks. but there are more than one pdf.php files in my shop. Do you know exactly wich one to look for...? //Miguel
  7. Hi I get this error message when i try to show the PDF invoice after buying a product: FPDF error: Could not include font metric file Any ides what it could be? Thanks!
  8. After hours of debugging i finnaly figured it out. It´s in the AdminProducts.php If you updated your tiny_mce with "TinyMCE_update_v.3" you probably experienced the "duplicate product" error message when trying to duplicate a product in catalog. For existing installations: Simply download my file and replace in: "your_admin_folder"/tabs and it will work fine. For fresh installations: For all you people who want to have a better tiny_mce and need to do a full install, download the whole package(my update included) Note: The reason for the upgrade is to make it possible to upload an image directly from the tiny_mce, plus much more...:-) Good luck AdminProducts.php TinyMCE_update_v.3.zip
  9. Hi After i installed the update "TinyMCE_update_v.3" the "duplicate product" function was messed up. (the green cross next to the product). I get an error message and the images, attributes etc doesent duplicate. It must be a bug! Has anyone managed to install a clean update? Or is it possible to "activate" the "add link/image button inside Tinymce? Or, is there a better editor available for Prestashop. I´v searched this forum and internet, but can´t find anything... It´s really hard to add an image now with the built in editor that comes with Prestashop... I use the latest version of Prestashop(installed 2 weeks ago)
  10. WARNING! The latest verison messes up the "duplicate product" function. I get an error message after duplicating, and the images, attributes, features etc. doesent duplicate. Please, developers, can you fix this...? _________________________ 6hr later i solved the problem. Read my thread here and some files for download to fix the problem: Files for tiny_mce update fix
  11. Hi And thanks to Tomer for a fantastic support with this module. This is really a must have module for ALL internations prestashops. It translates ALL your contents in just a few clicks. Choose whatever language supported and just translate. Fantastic! I´ll give it 5 stars out of 5! Thanks again! se my shop for a demo: http://www.koksflaktar.com/
  12. Hi everyone! I understand that there are some people like me that have the problem with duplicate a product. After i duplicate a product the images, attributes or features don't show i the new product. Why is that?? Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue?? For me its urgent, cause i cant continue my work unless i can solve this fast. Every hint or answer is appreciated Thanks in advance //Miguel
  13. 0c3aN I tried, but without any result... Did you open my attached global_css.txt file. Thats the css for my custom shop. Im going nuts over this...:-S Thanks!
  14. Black Sand! I got the first codes right, but i cant find the other one in my global_css. I attached a new screenshot of the webb and a copy of my global_css. Hope you can help me out... Thanks! global_css.txt
  15. Hi I just spend 4h trying to change the red header colour to white, but without result. Anyone have a solution for my little problem?? (i don't use PS standard theme, if that makes any difference...?) Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi I have the samt issue. Id like to deside the order in wich the attributes apear i the box. Anyone have an idea?? Its not so good looking that im doing now: 01Nej tack! 02Ja tack! 03Inte just nu!
  17. Need to get my eyes fixed... Found the button "Product combinations generator" in the "combinations" category inside the product. It´s located under the categories. I just picked the attributes in the list i created earlier and WHOOPS it worked. Im so f*ckin glad, now i can proceed with my new shop:-) Thanks prestashop team for the best e-commerce solution ever made. First there where oscommerce, now its Prestashop!
  18. Hi, all Im about to migrate from oscommerce to Prestashop. But i seem to get stuck with one big problem. I cant get the attributes(combinations, features) to work like in my old shop. Im using a combination of attributes for varios choises for the costumer. When i try in prestashop i get the message: this combination is not available for this product. Am i doing something wrong or is it just not possible in prestashop?? Heres a link to a combinatetd product on my present oscommerce webbshop http://www.luftbutiken.se/arcade-alulook-120x60-p-955.html Hope to hear from someone soon... Thanks in advance
  19. Hej, gurus! Jag hostar på Oderland.se och öppnade ett till webbhotell(har 2st nu) och flyttade www.byggmall.se till det nya hotellet. Dumpade DB i cpanelen och laddade upp i nya. La över PS via FTP och ändrade i config mappen till nya DB inställningar. Men, ändå är min index sida blank. Jag kommer in i Backoffice. Någon som kan hjälpa mej?? Tack på förhand... Migge
  20. Så, lite otydligt att .rar filer inte kan läggas upp... Hoppas filer hjälper till :cheese:
  21. Hej Ruttnade på att vänta tills mail filerna skulle bli översatta till svenska, på riktigt. Så jag drack ordentligt med kaffe och brände lördag kvällen på att leverera en komplett översättning:-) Håll till godo... Jag måste också ge kredits till karoko som översatt en del av filerna! Migge svenskamejl.zip
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