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  1. Mình cũng đang bị lỗi này! Có update gì mới mình sẽ share.
  2. Hi cd2500, If possible, could you please write the instruction step by step how to use this solution in PS 1.5. We'll very appreciate. I'm also use this solution in PS 1.4 and it works fine but when upgrade my shop to PS 1.5, I don't know how to make it work. Thank you,
  3. Hello rturner, How about the new gsitemap module (v.2.2.3) work fine after upgrade? I've just upgrade from 1.4.9 to 1.4.11 (locally) and gsitemap module didnot work. Pls. share if you can solve it. Thanks,
  4. Hello, I've just upgrade my shop locallly from 1.4.9 to 1.4.11. Everythings ok, but module gsitemap not work. It cannot generate sitemap (pls. see attached file) hope someone help me to solve this problem. Thank you.
  5. Hello Mellow, Have you tested in PS v.1.4.9 In my case, it does not work. Rgds,
  6. Thanks for your solution. Everything seems ok. But when click to another page, link not found
  7. Hello, Any idea about breaking one news page to multiple news page (page 1 - page 2 - page 3 ...) for a long news to keep the theme layout? Thanks,
  8. How can display a gallery with mutiple images? Pls. help.
  9. This module will not work in PS 1.4 if you change image systems bay clicking 'move images' function in BO. Hope contributor have a look in this problem and update module code. Thanks for very useful module. Huan
  10. Hi Hugo, After few hours for changing code. Everything seems Okay. But in back office display "?" images for the space to key information for new description tab. (Pls. see attached file for more details) Could you please take your time to check for me this error? Thanks a lot, Huan
  11. Exactly, my problem is from AdminProducts.php. When I replaced attached file (Hugo mentioned), back office did not work. Can you please help me modified this AdminProducts.php? You could download it from attached. Thanks a lot, AdminProducts.php Huan,
  12. Hi Hugo, I'm using ps 1.3.7. Followed all your step but it did not work. White page display. So, could you please help me to solved this problem? Thanks, Huan
  13. Pls. help to solve my problem!!! I'm using PS and default template. Product comparison is working fine, but after i turn on layered navigation module comparison checkbox on product list disapears. While category is loading product comparison checkbox is visible, but when category loads fully it disappears. If put a tick to products fast (while product list is loading) and try to compare function is working perfectly even after checkbox hides. Please contact me who can help to solve that issue. Thanks,
  14. Hi shouders, Thanks a ton for your great extension, it saved many times for uploading imge products. But, i have an idea, if you can combine your code with the code for tinymce update (update browse image dircetly) from this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/44223/third_party_modules/solvedworking_tinymce_update/, I think this combine code is very very useful for many many people here. Can you please do this for us, it's very nice if you can help. Thanks,
  15. Diền đàn TV có vẻ lẻ loi bác Mod nhỉ ;-) hy vọng năm 2011, diễn đàn TV sẽ phát triển hơn, bác Mod giúp đỡ anh em nhé!
  16. Vậy là good rùi bác! Hoàn thiện từ từ mà ;-)
  17. 1. Vụ liên hệ trực tiếp trong trường hợp không để giá thì theo mình là không được vì với PS, hoặc là hiển thị giá hoặc là không chứ không thay bằng text được. 2. Phần chỉnh giá hiển thị > 10 chữ số, bác vô PHP MyAdmin tìm đến trường price, reduction_price, ecotax và wholesale_price để hiệu chỉnh nhé.
  18. Site của bạn về travel, mà vẫn ứng dụng với PS được ;-) Good job!
  19. Nếu cài trên localhost, mình khuyên bạn nên dùng WAMP cho nó lành ;-)
  20. Theo mình thì không nên thay đổi module này trừ khi bạn rất rành về css, nhưng nếu đã giải quyết được thì bạn có thể share lên để mọi người có thêm 1 kinh nghiệm. Thanks,
  21. Cái này mặc định PS có sẵn rồi. Bác tìm trong Modules -> Watermark nhé! ;-)
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