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  1. No, this happens with stock funcionalities, i don't have any module that can cause this problem. I just go to Cart Rules and i generate a cart rule for each colour and model (this comes with prestashop). So as it only happens with items associated to cart rules that add a free item to the cart i suppose it has to do with this and i haven't found any clue on the forums... I attach a couple of pics to show what i have done, just created a cart rule with a code that adds the silicon case to the cart. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello bellini13 and thanks for your reply. I think it has to be with carriers because some weeks ago i read something related to this in the spanish forum but it can be easily wrong. Let me explai the situation: I sell smartphones and accessories, I have some articles that i don't sell directly but i use as gifts (silicon cases) so i have these cases created and activated but visible nowhere, so that unless you have the url of the product you cannot see the product page. These items are not managed like the other products in terms of stock. For these items i put manually the stock every time i purchase units, and the normal products are managed using the advanced stock management. Besides i have cart rules created for receiving these gifts, so that for each model and colour i have a voucher code that the customer has to put in the cart summary and then the case is added as a free item. Then at the end of the process the customer finishes the order and in the back office i see 2 orders with the same reference but each has a different invoice number, so i have the 2 items separated and it's not what i want... After this the possible causes can be the stock management or having those items as not visible (but activated), but shouldn't be a problem... I think this is all the info i can give to you, all products can be used with any carrier, so i guess it has nothing to do... If you can give me any idea would be appreciated. PD: Sorry for my english. Regards!
  3. Hello to all, Maybe this has already been answered but i haven't found a solution... I have PS and when i create an order and i indicate a voucher code that adds a free product, and the customer confirms, it creates 2 orders with the same reference, but the invoice number is different, so it creates those 2 oders as linked orders, and i guess it has something to do with carriers but no idea of how to fix this... Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello and sorry if this has already been answered, but i haven't found anything so far... I am using PS and i want to associate gifts to some products, For example, if you buy a certain product, you get a free case, and only for that product. I want that voucher to be visible on the cart so that the user can select the one he wants. Then i create a voucher and associate it to a single product, and mark it as highlighted. The problem is that it's shown in every product, then if you try to use it in a non allowed product, it displays an error. So i want that only allowed products show these highlighted vouchers, so i would need some variable or function to add some code at shopping-cart.tpl where vouchers are listed. I guess i have to use something from CartRule.php but no idea. I don't know if the problem is clear but i need it urgently Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello and sorry if this has already been answered. I have a doubt and i hope someone has the answer. When i create a voucher associated to a single article and the voucher includes a free gift, i want it to appear in the shopping cart summary. Ok i can do this by checking the "highlight" when i create the voucher. The problem is that the voucher appears always, no matter what article you have in the cart. Then when you select a voucher and click OK, an error message appears if that voucher was not intended for that article. What i want is that in the cart summary only the vouchers appear if they are associated to some of the items in the cart, and if possible, only those with stock. An example would be selling smartphones and having a voucher for a single model that includes a case, but i only want that voucher to appear in the cart summary if the customer selects that smartphone and not the others. I know there are some modules that can do this but i think we can get more from the vouchers functionality in PS, so i hope someone has the answer. Would be appreciated. Best regards and merry christmas.
  6. Hello and congrats for this great and simple module. I have installed it on my PS and works great, and i also included some tweaks posted by the users on this post. However i'd like to know, if possible, how can i do to show only the first image, or not showing any of the images related to the post. Thank you in advance!
  7. I don't know if this has happened to anyone, but, if so, i'd like to know how to solve it... If i install this module and use the hack in config.inc.php, users can't log in or log out. If i disable the hack, even if i don't uninstall the module, it works again. I am using PS Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello to everyone, First of all, sorry if this is already answered but i've been lookng for the answer for days with no success. I'd like someone to breefly explain how prestashop works when generating the invoice. What i want to do is to add fees depending on the payment method, and indicating this concept in the invoice instead of adding it to shipping or the price of the item. So, what i am investigating is how presta works when generating the orders and invoices. In the file invoice.tpl i have some fields like total_products_tax_included and many others. I guess these fields come from Order.php, and somehow, the payment module you use (paypal, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc) also interacts with the order and the invoice. So i just need to know: 1) In which file can i find the code that indicates the payment method that the customer has chosen? 2) How can i add a new variable for the invoice? Do i have to add a new variable to the order too? If i have this variable in paypal.php or cashondelivery.php, how does it connect with the invoice? I just need to know how i can start working on this problem, a short explanation of these concepts because although it seems easy is complicated In any case, thank you in advance.
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