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  1. My issue is very similar to this. I have GoDaddy shared hosting, I am running, everytime I try to add a product or edit an existing product I get a popup that says "Some tabs was not loaded correctly. Would you like to reload them?" with 2 buttons (OK & Cancel) if I click "OK" the popup refreshes. If I click "Cancel" the site crashes for about 30-50 seconds displaying only "No Data Received" with 2 Buttons "Reload" and "More" Clicking the "Reload" button fails until at lease 30-50 seconds has passed. When clicking the "More" button it displays this message: "Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"
  2. I need to find a way to assign a fixed shipping price to an item as the only shipping option for that item. ie. Item A has a fixed shipping price of $30 Item B has a fixed shipping price of $120 Item C has Free Shipping Item D has a fixed shipping price of $175 I tried assigning each product to a specific Carrier and make the shipping rate for that Carrier the fixed shipping rate for the product. The problem is when the customer goes to check out they still have the option to select any carrier they want. Naturally they ALWAYS choose FREE SHIPPING. This is a nightmare! There has to be a way to make this work. HELP!!!
  3. So, with no response, I have to assume that with PrestaShop that there is no way possible to accomplish the task of associating products to specific carriers in bulk. Instead I must edit each product one-by-one from the admin section. There is bound to be a faster way.
  4. I have a dilema. My shop has over 7000 products. The products have fixed shipping for the US based on shipping category. In order to get this to work I made each shipping category their own unique Carrier. This works great. The problem is that I have not found a way to assign products to Carriers in bulk. One-at-a-time is far too time consuming. I sure could use some help on this.
  5. What I have been experiencing is that each attempt I begin where I left off with the csv upload by entering how many lines to skip. I pair the columns up and begin the process. After a couple of minutes I get an "Internal Server Error". I go back to the admin page and then to the Catalog > Products page and check how many products have been added. Most frequently it's about 20 products. Sometimes less, rarely more and seems to be proportional to how many Image URLs were part of the group just added. The last product added will always be incomplete (Quatity and some images are usuallly missing). I manually complete the parts that are missing, including manually uploading the missing images, before starting the process over again. I just editied the php.ini file for: memory_limit = 256M Restarted web services and started this process of csv upload. I was able to upload 38 products this time. Any increase is welcome but I sure wish it would be more significant.
  6. I am not able to upload any more than 20 products at a time this way. I have more than 7000 product to upload to the database and it is taking MONTHS to get half way. There has to be a trick to getting more to upload per attempt.
  7. This problem still persists. CSV import at the very most will import 20 products (with images). I have tried editing the php.ini to include: max_input_time = 6000 max_input_vars = 10000000000 upload_max_filesize = 500M post_max_size = 500M After restarting web services nothing has changed. The database is winning the war of attrition. 7000+ products to add at a pace of 20 (or less) at a time is not much different than not being able to add products at all. By the time all the products have been uploaded the database will be completely out of date. I really can use some help.
  8. Someone is bound to know of a way to add more than 12 products at a time.
  9. Can someone tell me the secret of actually uploading a LARGE number of products? I need to add over 7000 products to my store. I have been using the CSV Import but the problem is that it will not load more than 10-12 products at a time. This is taking WAY too long for this many products. There has to be a way to load more at a time than this. Please help!
  10. Is there a way then to change the carrier of several items at once after they have been uploaded? As it is there really is no point in having the CSV import if you have to edit each and every product one-by-one. There has to be a way.
  11. I have spend weeks getting everything ready to import the products by CSV only to find that this feature simply does not work. This forces me to have to create each of the 50,000 + products that are to be listed on my website one-at-a-time. That is not acceptable. I also need to be able to include carrier as a field in my CSV upload. Please someone help me resolve this.
  12. So is this so impossible that no one has any theories? I really can't afford to assign that one-by-one individually.
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