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  1. Got a quick question for this great module. My payment module still refers to the old cart ID: $targetpayObj->setDescription('Cart id: '.$cart->id); How should I change this line so it refers to my order id?
  2. If I remove the size it's automatically added back. Do you have an example of the second option please?
  3. Well, that is scales according to the user screen size.
  4. Ok, makes sense , but how do I get the video resonsive than? <iframe width="300" height="150" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UQXgGKtCAys?rel=0&showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
  5. In the active theme global.js I have added the following line: $('.myfancybox').fancybox(); In the product description I have added the following HTML code: <a class="myfancybox" href="#youtube">Movie!</a> <div style="display: none"> <div id="youtube"> </div> </div> You can check the result here: http://www.rikxoort.com/potten/gold-stars.html
  6. Well got it working now. Disabled the cache and removed every cache directory I could find. Now enabled the cache again and I do see the new menu. Thanks for your help.
  7. When I try your method I get the following error (in a fancybox): The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later. I also tried the second option (with the hidden div), but same result. The link itself is good, when I copy it in the URL bar the Youtube video is loaded normally.
  8. What is the easiest way to get product Youtube videos openen in a fancybox? I did found a article (https://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/gallery-on-cms-page-fancybox.html) about using videos on CMS pages but this is for a different Prestashop version and does also not really apply to the product pages. I use the default theme and Prestashop version
  9. Yes, when I disable everything I do see the new menu. However, as soon as I enable the Smarty cache option again it is "broken" again. What is the best way to fix this permanently?
  10. In the CMS Block module I have created a simple menu for the left block. When I check it with the Live Edit (so in the backoffice) everything works fine. However, in the front-office I still see an old version of the menu (which I removed a couple of days ago already). I already removed every cache file I could find, including the themes and smarty but I can't get my new CMS menu. I also uninstalled the module completely, copied it again from the source and installed it again, but this didn't work either. I had the same issue for the footer which I solved by editing the PHP file directly and remove some cache entries. Please see the attachment with left the Live Edit view and right how it looks for real. Anyone knows how to fix this? It's the latest Prestashop version
  11. Yes I have 178, surprisingly. I bought this POS module last month. I checked and it turns to be it creates cart rules. Could this be the culprit? Update: I deleted the cart rules. Now it runs much faster indeed! Thank you very much.
  12. Enabled the debug profiling! Can somebody look into it what is going on please?
  13. My Prestashop www.rikxoort.com is since a couple of weeks very slow. Well actually, adding products to the cart or changing the number of items takes sometimes a few seconds which is unacceptable for me. Because I was still running 1.5 I decided to upgrade to 1.6 but the performance is still very poor. I really don't know when it became slow, I mainly add many new products. My Performance settings: Never recompile template files: enabled Cache: enabled (emptied the cache directory already) Disable non PrestaShop modules: YES Disable all overrides: Yes Combinations: YES Features: NO Customer Groups: YES CCC: YES (except Move JavaScript to the end) CACHING: no (I tried file system but this make it even worse, can't use the other ones) There are 269 products, in 9 categories. My database size is 20 MB. Some server details: Server information: Linux #1 SMP Mon Feb 3 06:07:54 EST 2014 x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.5.16 Memory limit: 96M Max execution time: 30 How can I troubleshoot this performance issue? Loading pages is doing good in my opinion, it is just add products to the cart what performances bad. I also checked our hosting provider but they say the server isn't busy at all.
  14. I added the following code to my default themed out-of-the-box Prestashop 1.6 site (global.css): #page, header, .header-container { background: none!important; } body { background-image: url("img/bg.jpg")!important; } However, this code is not working at all . When I replace the URL with a full URL (http://domain.tld/img/bg.jpg) I do get the background on the two headers. How should I specify the url so it is working relatively? Second question. I also want the background image on both sides of the content, so on the outer containers, something like the attached image. How can I do this?
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