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  1. Hi Everyone, I'hv a store going to ship worldwide. But the paypal have the shipping country restriction and only allow same country to go through payment. I been search though google a few days, all of them are saying to change the address_override value on the paypalstandard.php where I cant find it on the latest version of paypal v3.6.1. I suppose there is some core changes done on latest paypal module ? Can any1 help me ? Thanks in advanced. Regards, Poklin
  2. Hey guys, is this compatible to version 1.5.2 ? Any1 can publish the guide to the community ? Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hi Alexander, Thanks for your reply. Just found out this can be done in the admin panel. Prestashop rock ~! Regards, Tey Pok Lin
  4. Hi Guys, Greeting.... I'm new to Prestashop and wonder the community can assist me with following. Scenario: This online shop is selling design as a product. After select the design, costumer then select the available cutting. I know I can add cutting as attribute and assign several values for it. However how do I change the product image when the costumer select different cutting ? I want the display image will change accordingly when the attribute is change as well. Any help is appreciate. Thanks.
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