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  1. My problem is solved. I changed it to another template, and it worked. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I just installed the new ones. They worked great with the default template. But as soon as I switched it to a black custom template, all of the contents won't show as the fonts are also black. How can I change the font for the news module to white? Thank you for the help and the modules.
  3. Sorry if I ask stupid question here. How can I upload a table into the blog?
  4. Sorry I think I am asking a stupid questions here. I saw that in the back office, there are Paypal module and paypal API module. What is API mean? Many thank for the help.
  5. That was a great disclaimer, I have to say. Very funny, and get to the points. I hope it doesn't cost a lot. I would love to ask the author to write something for my blog. I like the comments section on your blog. Your modules are very easy to install. Thank you a ton.
  6. Thank you for this great modification. As the 1.3 is coming up. Do we have a 1.3 version? Ion, I checked you live site, it doesn't look like you are using Prestashop anymore. Are you still planning on upgrade the modification to 1.3 for us?
  7. Hi Tomerg3, Thank you for the advice on the other post. I have benefited a lot. I am trying to determine which attribute module I need. I checked them on your test site. All of them are great. Can I get the Attribute Wizard first, and if I determine I need the pro later on, can i just pay for the difference to get the upgrade? I am setting up my shop in 1.3, will it work for the 1.3? I am doing the styling design for the look at this moment, my shop won't be live until end of the June. Should I wait a bit for the official 1.3 release and get it? How does the license work? If the PS has a new version release, do we need to keep buying the new module so that it can be worked with the new version? I just bought a module from a seller that it said it only good for 180 days, after that, I have to pay again should I want a new version. Do you have this policy post anywhere on your site? Thank you again.
  8. Hello tomerg3, I am referred by Star (she said just mention her name and you will know who I am talking about ). I checked on your wizard modules. I see there are 4 of them. What are the difference? Do I need to buy all of them and add to each other? Or each work independently?
  9. This module is very useful, and easy to install. I am very new in Prestashop. I hope I am asking right questions here. Can we have a blcok that will show the recent last 5 posts on the side (column)? I just checked on Star's blog, http://blossomcart.com/blog/. She has the date on every post. It looks very good. Can we do the same? Thank you for this great module, and your great support.
  10. Hi Thanks for sharing the module. I have already set up a table faq in the center column. Is there a way, like change some lines so that this modules will read the data from the faq table? Thank you again for the module.
  11. I am not doing a big website, it is just a beginning one. I want to have an unique themes with paypal and Google check out. And I need to upload 400 images. Hey Star, do you set up website for others? I like your work, I can use your service if you are doing it. I see your site and it is beautiful. Did you really set up your site with no other programmer help?
  12. Now I understand. Thank you very much for the explanation.
  13. Thanks for the template. I see you have the name field for the newsletter block, but I can not find the modification in your themes. Don't we need the new newsletter module?
  14. I just got rip off by a jerk programmer not long ago. I am trying to get another programmer to set up my site. I got few applicants from this forum. When I checked on their old threads, they were asking very stupids questions in the forum, or offer very non-sence solutions to other people's threads and kept asking people to hire him. How in the world I can hire this people to do my website? But what should I look and ask to find out if the programmer is good? I am willing to pay but I am not stupid. Any suggestion?
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