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  1. I would like also display subcategories of a categorie on categorie.tpl, do you have find a solution?
  2. No, i really need a random ID consisting of six digits. I need this because there are different people who have access into the Back Office. I dont think it is hard to change. I need to know where in the current script the Order ID + 1 would be add into the database by making a new order...
  3. I would like to make a change in the script of prestashop. I would like a random Order ID consisting of six digits. How can i fix this? Have somsone a good idea?!!
  4. I would like to make a change in the AdminOrders.php file. What i would like to change is when the shopadmin opens the orderadmin page he only see a ID search field. Which only can be searched at a full order id. When the ID is fully consistent with an order ID from the database, then an order line is displayed. I hope you people understand what im looking for.
  5. agree, i would like also to use this on the product-list.tpl
  6. Hier ben ik ook in geintereseerd. @Compumaint Heb jij hier al iets voor gevonden?
  7. Hi people! I cant get the button "categories" visible in my installation of theme 2049: http://www.pixelcreation.nl/fotostock/ As you will see into the demo of Bendry there is to the right from the logo a button "categories" http://kamel.kelkoul.free.fr/2049/ How can i get this fixed?
  8. Yes, me to but im affraid that this is not possible. I search for hours how to sort features and accessories in Prestashop but it is to difficult to change this in Prestashop.
  9. Unbelievable that there is nobody who use Prestashop and dont care that there is no possibility to sort the product accessories!
  10. i would really like this function to, is there someone who know how to do this? @ Claudia, did you find allready a solution?
  11. How can i sort my accessories product on the product.tpl page??? I hope so that someone can help me with this...
  12. Is there someone who knows a solution for sorting accessories on the product page?? I would like to sort the accessories by price...
  13. Dag Bart, Bedankt voor je reactie. Ik ben er inmiddels uitgekomen, hieronder een stukje script wat voor mij de oplossing heeft geboden: ob_start(); global $cart, $cookie, $_CONF, $link; $cookie = new Cookie('ps'); if ($iso = Tools::getValue('isolang') AND Validate::isLanguageIsoCode($iso) AND ($id_lang = intval(Language::getIdByIso($iso)))) $_GET['id_lang'] = $id_lang; Tools::switchLanguage(); Tools::setCookieLanguage(); define('_USER_ID_LANG_', intval($cookie->id_lang)); $iso = strtolower(Language::getIsoById($cookie->id_lang ? intval($cookie->id_lang) : 1));
  14. Ik heb zelf een aanpassing gedaan in het systeem, nu wil ik de variabele van de taal kunnen ophalen. Onderstaande werkt niet, dit had ik wel verwacht. Moet ik hiervoor nog iets erbij gebruiken of zit ik helemaal verkeerd? '.intval($cookie->id_lang).' Hoop dat jullie begrijpen wat ik bedoel. Ik wil dit gebruiken voor een stukje if else...
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