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  1. Chteli jsme udelat web, ale nevypada to, ze by to tedka nekdo hrotil. Jestli pomuzes, rad bych neco spichnul. Myslim, ze by stacila dokuwiki + nejaky forum. Co myslis?
  2. Ahoj, zkus tohle http://labs.logic.cz/download/prestashop/
  3. Ok, just another Quick&Dirty hack Original patched file classes/PDF.php line 195 self::$currency = new Currency(intval(self::$order->id_currency)); Patched patched :-D file classes/PDF.php line 195 self::$currency = new Currency(intval(self::$order->id_currency)); self::$currency->sign = iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), self::$currency->sign); You may download the whole damn thing at http://labs.logic.cz/patches/prestashop-0.9.7/invoices-v2.patch :-) Enjoy!
  4. Hi, digic! I see! Wait a second, I will upload updated patch.
  5. Hey! :-) I followed this tutorial: http://www.fpdf.org/en/tutorial/tuto7.htm Here you can prepare your fonts: http://fpdf.fruit-lab.de/ Hope it helps :-) Let me know :-)
  6. Hnom, uvitame dalsi koncetiny..! Je subversion sprosta nadavka, nebo..? ;-)
  7. Hello, guys, it's me again. I realized that I have to patch file classes/PDF.php to support other encodings than the default iso-8859-1. Czech language needs cp1250 (or iso-8859-2) as we use a lot of strange characters. :-D Sadly, FPDF doesn't support UTF-8, so I made brand new cp1250 fonts and modified classes/PDF.php to use them when needed. I also attached czech translation. You may review it at http://labs.logic.cz/patches/prestashop-0.9.7/invoices.patch. I hope it's now more generic solution. The fonts can be downloaded here http://labs.logic.cz/patches/prestashop-0.9.7/fonts-cp1250.tar.gz.
  8. My pleasure! :-) Thank you for PrestaShop, it's exactly what I was looking for: easy, not bloated, template based, modules.. I hope I'll be usefull for this project ;-)
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