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  1. Thank you I guess Ill have to have a look at themes individually and see what they change. Is prestastore owned by prestashop (I only ask as Id be mor confident from buying from their sister site). Also without beign biased to any particular vendor has anyone bought any templates from a particluar compnay and they would reccommend them.
  2. Hi this may be a basic questions but Im lookign to understand themes better. Are these like joomla templates for example where you can switch between them without having to hack core files? Are the themes truly sepearated from the code as what I dont want to find is I use a theme and then later find out that the author of the themse got his tax calculations wrong for example or theyve introduced buggy code which affects the core build?
  3. Hi Ive done this and on the transplant screen I selected display on page headers. However nothing appears on my page headers?
  4. Has anyone managed to get this to print to screen first rather then the CSV file as I need to show all the products with their images (including sub colours) but display this on the page and not a CSV first
  5. Hi thanks yeah ive seen that - I should have been more clear the newsletter was really an example but say theres another module in the modules screen but i want to link to it directly from the top menus/sub menus how do I go about doing this? What Im trying to so is avoid giving any body direct links to the modules screen and would like for them to access only specific modules(the ones that can be configured) separately
  6. Hi I want to add the newsletter module as a actual menu under modules in the back office (next to the positions menu). Back Office >> Modules >> Positions. How do I go about doing this please
  7. thanks for that. How do we get rid of the prestashop error though as that still stays there until you manually adjust it.
  8. it is made using paypal normal module. In payment summary module its state is set to payment failed and a customer gets a failure email. However payapl sandbox(once you log into that) itself says everything is fine. The paypal module does tell you to a couple of things on your paypal account but cant find the options it refers to in my paypal account
  9. when payment is made my order status says only £0.00 paid and the customer recieves payment error email - how do i correct this without manualy changing the db as refered to in a similar post. what is causing this?
  10. right for anyone else having this problem - if you have ticked the sandbox setting you need to be already logged into your sandbox developer account.
  11. another update - if i tick the sandbox option thats when it does that otherwise its fine anyone else find this?
  12. Ive seen a similar post which i missed when i searched for this issue - ive set my customer to be a uk customer howver i know get the following on the paypal screen - Please login to use the PayPal Sandbox features.
  13. I cant seem to set this up right - it always goes to the french version when a customer is buying products. Also Ive noticed that when the paypal pops up its login fiels is already by default filled in with our merchant paypal username
  14. Hi Is there a way to allow employees to change their pasword without giving them access to the employees tab.
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