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  1. OK - NOW SOLVED 100% follow the instructions given by Angela in thread #12, then backup DB, then phpMyAdmin and run the following queries, entering the order ID since the stats disappeared. My was 2237 SELECT * FROM ps_orders where id_order >=2237; UPDATE ps_orders SET invoice_number = id_order WHERE id_order >= 2237 AND invoice_number = ''; SELECT * FROM ps_order_invoice where id_order >=2237; INSERT into ps_order_invoice (id_order_invoice, id_order,number, delivery_number, total_discount_tax_excl, total_discount_tax_incl, total_paid_tax_excl, total_paid_tax_incl, total_products, total_products_wt, total_shipping_tax_excl, total_shipping_tax_incl, total_wrapping_tax_excl, total_wrapping_tax_incl, date_add) SELECT id_order, id_order,invoice_number, 0, 0, 0, total_paid_tax_excl, total_paid_tax_incl, total_products, total_products_wt, total_shipping_tax_excl, total_shipping_tax_incl, total_wrapping_tax_excl, total_wrapping_tax_incl, date_add FROM ps_orders WHERE id_order >= 2237; SELECT * FROM ps_order_invoice_payment where id_order >=2237; INSERT into ps_order_invoice_payment ( SELECT ps_order_invoice.id_order_invoice, ps_order_payment.id_order_payment,ps_order_invoice.id_order FROM ps_orders,ps_order_payment,ps_order_invoice WHERE ps_order_payment.order_reference = ps_orders.reference AND ps_orders.id_order = ps_order_invoice.id_order AND ps_orders.id_order >= 2237); Had to clean up the Angela's code a little bit (because of the forum editor mess up), put the first order ID after 1.6.9 upgrade and the queries worked, took a look in the DB tables and data seems ok. However there were some ps_order.invoice_date set to 0 so I run the following SQLquery: SELECT * FROM ps_orders where id_order >=2159; UPDATE ps_orders SET invoice_date = date_add WHERE id_order >= 2159; and now all is showing as it should! dashboard and stats finally Supercool.
  2. Ciao Angela, grazie! molto gentile. modified all the files. The only thing I have to do is update the records in the database. Can you show, explain how to do it?
  3. Ciao rukristin, thanks for the tip, for me turning up invoice is a management problem with the real shop. They make receipts and not invoices and let the user print the invoice will result in a huge tax system problem if there is a company who will print and register the wrong invoice. But this thing of the invoice enabled was not causing problems with PS 1.5 before, why now? Thanks again for the suggestion. Will try anyway...
  4. Ciao #3 for the Google analytics reset uninstall then install it again. On my website it is working now. But the Dashboard sales still nothing. At least I have the stats on analytics...
  5. After upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6 which was made on 10th of august, I have orders but no stats upgrade I uninstalled and installed again all modules related to stats (at least those I think they are in the module list) Result is now I have the visits and the new registrations in the stats dashboard, before was 0 everywhere placed orders and revenues don't update even if I had 9 orders today, they show 0 in the conversion panel below the data looks good
  6. hmmm no non credo, ma non era attiva nemmeno sulla versione precedente... da quando ho fatto l'upgrade ha semplicemente smesso di registrare gli ordini nelle statistiche. non ho cambiato settaggi.
  7. il filtro per data sembra corretto, premo su "mese" e semplicemente i giorni da quello successivo al giorno dell'installazione mi danno tutti Zero (0) ad eccezione della colonna Registrazioni. Se metto un range di data a mano, es ultima settimana agosto è uguale... tutto zero eccetto le registrazioni
  8. Hi there, after upgrading from 1.5 to latest stats panel are not showing data after 10th of August. So the related data in the welcome page. The only value I can see is the registrations column, while all the other colums are = 0 since the 10th of august, date of upgrade to When I did it I checked all the process and everything else work fine, orders, messages, emails are all working good. So the new version is up and running live since 10th of august. I discovered this problem a couple days ago, made some search on this forum but did not find anything that could help me to find a solution. Please help.
  9. PS ci sono ordini nuovi, pagamento andato a buon fine in pratica, a livello di statistiche tutto è rimasto fermo a 10 giorni fa, cioè al momento dell'upgrade da 1.5 a 1.6 i grafici del pannello di controllo non si aggiornano... le statistiche non si aggiornano (ad esclusione della colonna delle registrazioni) tutto il resto è = 0 da quando ho eseguito l'upgrade. qualche idea?
  10. Ciao a tutti, ho seguito passo passo le istruzioni, creato un negozio business su ebay, agganciato un profilo paypal, ho tutte le spunte ok, ma non riesco a pubblicare nulla sul negozio eBay in particolare: solo alcune delle categorie nel modulo hanno dei prodotti, quando sincronizza i prodotti ci mette circa 10 secondi a prodotto, ma poi alla fine appare un messaggio che dice che manca il cap all'ultimo prodotto (il cap c'è ed è inserito nella schermata 1) Chi mi può aiutare a capire dove sta il problema, ormai sono all'ennesimo tentativo... ho seguito le istruzioni non so quante volte... AIUTO!!!
  11. hello, I don't want to show the in stock remaining items number in product page I want just a generic "wide availability" label how can I do it ? can I do it ? can I?
  12. I add a vote for Italy, also please!
  13. hey! for PS 1.5 I have found this FREE module here, I try and works. Took me 5 (real) minutes to install and delete all test orders you will have a delete button at the end of the order line in the BO and can do test orders between real orders and then delete Cool, Free!!! http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/en/back-office-prestashop-modules/160-delete-orders-prestashop-module.html
  14. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-5756 [sOLVED!!!!] thanks to Alex
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