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  1. Hi all we need to find a way to add a VAT to the total cost if the country selected is within the EU. I could not find such a way. We use also the "One page checkout" module from canin.sk, so the customer does not have to register. So the VAT should be added at checkout when the user selects the country any suggestion will be appreciated Marius
  2. din pacate nici pana acuma nu am gasit ceva convenabil sa trimitem in afar UE. de aceea tot ce merge in afara UE este cu posta romana si e pana la 2kg si intra in plic. asta se accepta fara vamuire. tu ce varianta ai cu acei 14euro pt toate europa?
  3. Hi we are looking for a developer with experience in Moneybookers to help as integrate/activate (or whatever the problem) of the quick checkout. we have merchant status, but could not make this feature work. please contact me so i can provide all the details Thanks Marius
  4. wondering if anyone tried to use the http://www.track-trace.com/post it looks like a very elegant solution if you ship internationally. the good thing with this link is that you can check for both origin and destination countries the tracking. my coding knowledge is very limited and I don't know if and how this can be integrated in PS, but it would make the shopper work a much easier one.
  5. Hi I have the following situation and I am looking for a solution, but so far no success In the shop (www.standivarius.com) we enabled 3 currencies especially as the clients look to be from all over the world. I would like to keep the 3 currencies further if possible. We also have a merchant account with moneybookers, and seems very cost effective (1.79%). We want to setup the credit card payment but there is a catch: one moneybookers account can be set up for only one currency. It means we need 3 different accounts, which is possible and confirmed with Moneybookers people. They will link the accounts under one company name. What we want to have is an automatic feature that will select the right account for the right currency. We can use only one moneybooker account (let say USD), but then they will convert the currency with a 2% charge, very inefficient. First issue is then if PS can accept multiple moneybookers accounts in the same time. If yes, then if it can select the right one according to the currency. Anyone has an idea on how to approach this? thanks Marius
  6. oficiale is peste 50 usd, dar se pot declara sub 10 fara problema. dhl sau tnt imi iau cel putin alti 50-100, nu merita. cat de trimis, e in afara UE evident, ca in interior nu-i nici o problema. am scris la autoritatea vamala sa vad ce solutii ar fi dar evident nici un raspuns in 2 sapt....
  7. this would be an elegant solution, though not sure how easy to implement. the problem is that this has significant influence over our business model (and of course revenues), and maybe we have to cut into the core code for the change.
  8. cannot recall exactly, but most probably the installation/dezinstallation of Google analitycs created some problems with the add to cart script. in some pages the script runs nicely, in others it loads directly the checkout page. any idea of the problem source? thanks
  9. thanks for the suggestion . unfortunately this solution does not fit the purpose. I missed to explain exactly the situation, it's my fault. the exact situation is like this: - the real problem for sending outside EU is the customs formalities: some of the products, because they do not fit in an envelope (so it's volume rather than weight), must pass the custom control which is very time consuming and expensive (40 eur for one parcel) - for EU the customers cat have then delivered all products, but for outside EU just part of them I tried to setup the for non-EU countries a carrier that has a upper limit for weight. and tried to alter the real weight of the products that cannot be shipped outside EU from 0.5kg to 25kg. this way i can be sure that if someone buys even 10 of the allowed products the shipping can be carried out, but if ads one of the non-allowed it is disabled. the problem is now that the altered weight messes up the shipping of the non-allowed products for outside EU when they are order within EU. If someone from EU places a 25kg product in the cart, the shipping cost will be too high now. ideally I would have set the EU carrier with price range and outside carrier with weight range, but this is not possible. I was thinking of an incompatibility between products and countries option, there are several such situations: redbull to france, chewing gum to singapore, ipad to israel etc. so cases like this exist.
  10. due to oversize, I cannot ship outside EU some products. I intend to restrict the shipping for this product, so at the checkout the buyer is informed that the product cannot be shipped outside EU. does anyone knows how to do this restriction? I checked both catalog and shipping, but no such option. thanks
  11. Buna intrebare: face cineva livrari colete extracomunitare? incercam sa facem asta si 2 mari bube: 1. cica la persoana fizica tre sa punem TVA (stupid, si in toate forumurile de taxe din PS forum zice ca nu trebe). asta incerc sa o rezolv cu codul fiscal in mana, dar daca cienva are sugestii, is binevenite 2. exportul efectiv. sa trimiti pachetul tre sa mergi la comisionar (80-100 lei) si numa dupa aia poti merge la vama. evident gramada de timp pierdut, si per total costa formalitatile mai mult ca si continutul. are cineva iei sa experienta in domeniu si sugestii de cum sa iara treaba mai usor? altfel iti vine sa le lasi balta. merci mult
  12. I am trying to place the currency block under each price in the catalog page. so an individual product will look like this: product name&description;$30 € $ £ Add to cart View Do you think is possible? thanks Marius
  13. We are ready to start the sales online but not yet decided on what payment options to choose. We plan to sell mostly to Western Europe and less US. The first 2 options already in prepared or in negotiation stage are paypal and CC(merchant account). Reading about the options, such as this: http://www.onesimcard.com/paycash_pop.html confuse instead of helping. So I was wondering if anyone saw a pertinent research on what Europeans prefer (based on their nationality) to use for online payment. Alternatively, we can make a list of the countries and people whit experience in selling in those countries can give some of their findings....of course if no secret. I believe that many sales are missed because the right payment option is not provided, so optimizing and integrating properly with ship2pay can be a great help Marius Update: found several payment integrators that explain for each country what works best. here is an example: http://www.paybycash.com/options/index.php now just wondering if any has any experience with Ogone or others similar. There is a module for Ogone, but could read very little about it.
  14. I am discovering slowly PS with every day and looking forward to have the shop up and running. But as a rookie in the ecommerce, I still have many things unclear, manly related to the payment options. First and foremost, seems like there is a lot of happening in the payment module, but for me it is a little confusing as many solutions come from all over and they are not structured. This makes it very dificult to know what would be the right way to go. Now the problem: I don't know what merchant account to choose and not to have too much trouble with integration in PS. I know what criteria are important when choosing the MA, but too many variable. 1. If I have the business incorporated in Romania (UE) and I make shipping worldwide (mainly western Europe and US), where should the MA be located. I know I cannot get the MA in US, but not sure about restictions within EU. BTW, I can get a bank account in UK without problems. 2. I read lots of reviews about US MA (also very good rates), but so little about international (well, Europe) providers. Is there a list/review you know about such MA that provide reliable service and good rates? (2checkout.com it 5.5% plus 0.45 or so, very very high). What rates should i expect for non-US MA? 3. For integration with PS, what interface is the important : the one of the payment gateway provider (i.e. authorize.net) or of the merchant account provider (i.e. charge.com)? there are some other fogy issues, but these are the most burning ones. thanks Marius
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