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  1. Slider is working awesome! How can I add some padding above the slider module? I tried adding it into the home page content but it didn't seem to work. If someone could point me in the right direction as to where in the slider code or where within the home page content I could do this it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you example at attainclothingDOTcom
  2. Hello, I'm having an issue here and I can't remember or seem to figure out the fix. The slider worked great prior to the reinstall, now the slides display as vertical images. Any idea where I went wrong here? It is hooked into home content Thanks so much! Site is attainclothingDOTcom
  3. Do you remember what specific error you were having? They couldn't find anything like that and tried switching PHP versions with no effect. Thanks so much!
  4. Having the same issue here again, it worked one day uploaded 5 images and now it won't work a bit or when it does I get the question mark.. IE isn't an option on mac so thats out. Any ideas if it could be something to do with the host?
  5. Thanks, thats exactly what it was I must have overlooked it. However now the 2nd slide displays underneath the first one with no animation/controls?
  6. When adding a second slide I get an error that doesn't quite make sense to me: "Image is to large: 94055 kb Maximum allowed: 1048576 kb" Even though the image appears to much smaller than max allowed, and in .jpg format. Any ideas?
  7. Mine was fixed as minic suggested. Modules > positions and drag one to the content area, under home page text and be sure to remove it from all other positions.
  8. Awesome slider, looks so much better than the previous one I had. I'm not sure where I change the position, currently it seems to be in the header? I'd like to position it centered in the "content" area between the two sidebars of the shop. Could you help me out here? Thanks so much!
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