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  1. Ok. Thanks for the tips. By the way, how can I insert horizontal links into the footer? The horizontal links I want to place in the footer is "Home | How to buy from us? | Contact Us | About Us | Copyright My website link 2012" How can I do that?
  2. Hi yaniv, What do you mean by "on the left column you hooked another box of the cms"? Previuosly, I added and removed some links in the footer "Information" but somehow I could not find where is the place I did it.
  3. Hi, It is not in the Block CMS. This Block CMS in my prestashop is for the "Tips and Tricks" at the left sidebar.
  4. Hi all, I would like to know how to change the links in the Information of my prestashop footer. Any idea how to remove and add some links? Thanks. My prestashop: http://articlepinger.com/presta/index.php
  5. Hi, Ok. I have moved it to the left column because it does not allow me to move to right column.
  6. Hi yaniv14, Here is the link to my prestashop: http://articlepinger.com/presta/index.php
  7. Hi all, I would like to move the my account at the footer to the left column. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I would like to move the "CheckOut with PayPal" button to the place below "Add to cart" button. How to move it? Thanks.
  9. Thanks tdr170. I have edited the tab name using your method. But I still have some questions in mind.
  10. Hmm.. it seems that it looks ok on your browser. I think I need to clear some cache to see how it goes. Thanks.
  11. How to edit the content of the CMS? I want to edit the "Delivery", "Terms", "Legal Notice", "ABout Us", "secure Payment" and so on.
  12. Hi all, I notice that the image slider on my prestashop is not sliding properly. It slides half way on the images and not showing properly. How to solve this bug? My Prestashop: http://articlepinger.com/presta/index.php
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