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  1. Hi guys, trying to import products into Prestashop 1.7.6 with a built Import function. Everything is running fine, but if the URL of the Image has s backspace in URL address, import process fails and product image does not load/save image. Example: https://lucide.sk/foto_shop_big/79297-12-12 off.jpg see the backspace between 12 and off. Exporting via CSV file, so Excel convert the Image URL with backspace into the compliant format of coding UTF-8 that looks like this: https://lucide.sk/foto_shop_big/79297-12-12%20off.jpg But both formats runs to failure then importing the product. I tryied format the cell in Excel as a text or without specific format but without success. ­čśĺ Does anybody know how to solve it? Thanks a lot !
  2. Great! Thanks a lot Faraon.. its old solution but works perfect also in but, you should change it in AuthController.php only, if you don┬┤t want REQUIRED dni identification only for QUEST - without registration. No more .tpl/php changes needed !
  3. Hi ndiaga, can you be more concrete? I`m trying to do something like this... {if $product.id_feature_value == 10} {l s='from'} {/if} to show "from" only for a product with id_feature_value=10 Can you help?
  4. Hi everyone, that code works well, but does enybody know, how to change scope from {if $product.id_product_attribute} {l s='from'} {/if} // which displays "from" to all products with any attributes to display "from" only for a product with a specific, for ex. my id_feature_value == 4258 ? I tried some codes but none "from"displayed {if $product.id_feature_value == 4258} {l s='from'} {/if}
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