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  1. Hello Your code is very helpfull. But now the question is that the presta not calculate any discount you have put at pricing tab even more at catalogue prices rules. So if the product price is 10 euro and i have put a discount 10% you will see the 10 euro and not 9 euro. I must open the front office to check the final price if I speak on the phone with a customer !!!!!!! Looking for a solutinon the final price to be final price with any discount I have put at backoffice. Thanks
  2. Καλησπέρα σας Το εγκατέστησα και εγω το skroutz data module σε και τις πρώτες 2 μέρες δουλευε αψογα. Μετά έλαβα το κλασικό μήνυμα του skroutz οτι δεν διαβάζουν τις αγορές με κάρτες. Σε ερώτηση στον developer απάντησε τα παρακάτω. The Skroutz Analytics script displays only when the Payment Gateway Modules display ""hookDisplayOrderConfirmation"" in the order confirmation page. By default, all payment gateways uses ""hookDisplayOrderConfirmation"" in order confirmation page. Kindly confirm if the PireosPay and Paypal use the ""hookDisplayOrderConfirmation"" on the order confirmation page. Αφού τα τσεκάραμε τα παραπάνω οτι ισχύουν και ολα ειναι εντάξει ψάχνουμε τι φταίει και δεν διαβάζει τις αγορές με ΄κάρτες. Εχει κανείς ανάλογο πρόβλημα? Ευχαριστώ.
  3. Hello. Same problem and for us. Any idea how to fix it?
  4. Hello Same problem and for us. If anyone find all european countries states please share the infos. Thanks Giannis
  5. Ενημερώστε και εμάς, ακουγετε ενδιαφέρον. Ευχαριστούμε.
  6. Hello I updated the module shopping cart to the latest version and the prices comes again to normal. Giannis
  7. Same problem and for me. I want the prices stay stable and to disable round price option in Any solution or any module to do this?
  8. Same problem and for me. i want to disable round price option in thanks
  9. Hello After upgrade my prestashop 1.7.3 to we are trying to translate some email templates through the prestashop translator but each time we trying to when we press save the site redirects to 404. Any idea for a solution?
  10. Same problem and for me for version Anyone who has the same problem in this version ?
  11. hello, Anyone who knows where we can found earlier Paypal versions? thanks a lot. Giannis
  12. Hello Yesterday I make the mistake to upgrade my Paypal version 4.0.1 to version 4.4.1. in my prestashop version The results is was not showing up in native prestashop checkout or in my onepagecheckout as payment type. I checked the configuration of module it is ok , also the language and the location and also at payments prefencences to be all setup with carriers and payments and also countries. The module still not showing at checkout and I cannot understand what happened, and dissapearend I tryed unistall and install again but nothing . Also i put the old module from a backup by ftp but nothing !! No error messange on the screen just the module dint want to showing up and work !! Anyone who can help ? and knows this issue ?
  13. Where can i download the latest Eu PayPal version ? and not the Usa. Any worldwide version without conflicts ? Thanks a lot. Giannis
  14. Same problem and for me.
  15. How can i change this message with ( out of stock). thanks
  16. Same thing still no solution, and the greatest thing is that none of the experts gives, just an idea... to try if works I agree that it was wrong idea to update to 1.7 . Maybe version is great. For now, we must looking and finding solutions to the stars........
  17. Hello Prestashop with PHP 7. I have an error ( PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Tools' not found in ) Any solution for this ?
  18. Same problem and for me in PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Tools' not found in any solution?
  19. Hello Where is the stats for 1.7 module available quantities? It is not on the dashboard. Any idea where is it?
  20. Problem solve for me . We enable php 7 in my server and now works ok. thanks
  21. Hello is anyone to told me what language is this, In my BO messages , and how can i change it to English or Greek, i think must be in UTF8. Attached the problem . Thanks a lot. Giannis
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