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  1. Dear devs where I can change the translation of "courtesy invoice" ? I didn't found in backoffice Translation -> PDF Thank you Andrea
  2. is really strange because the site works, sometimes I get this error... thanks!
  3. Hello, I get this error while I see the products (not always): Fatal Error SQLSTATE[HY000][2013] Lost connection to mysql at "reading initial communication packet" System error 113 DbPDO line 58 Any suggestions?
  4. Ciao, ogni tanto mi compare questo errore quando cerco di visualizzare un prodotto e non so come mai. A qualcuno è capitato? Grazie
  5. Okay thanks, I have another problem. When I click on pay with paypal I get an error 500 /modules/paypal/express_checkout/submit.php
  6. Hello and thank you, which file I need to change and where? I updated the file translation.xml but nothing has changed
  7. I have a problem with the czech language in PayPal on PS 1.5! Can you help me?
  8. If I select the language Czech nothing appears in the form
  9. Scusate dove si trova il modulo contatti con gli input box? non riesco a trovalo ver. 1.5.1
  10. if I update a category the photo disappears in PS 1.5.1
  11. Guys, Does anyone know how to remove the Prestashop TM at the page tite of every admin page in version 1.5.1? Regards Andrea
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