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  1. Hello. I'm no programmer, and don't have extensive knowledge about how PrestaShop works at the core, so I just need to ask how this should be done properly. I want to add more variables to the e-mail templates so they can be used in all of them, not just one specific email. These are defined in the class MailCore in /prestashop/classes/Mail.php, the e-mail templates are at /prestashop/mails/xx/template.html. Here's the defining of the variables: $template_vars['{shop_name}'] = Tools::safeOutput(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME', null, null, $id_shop)); $template_vars['{shop_url}'] = Tools::getShopDomain(true, true).__PS_BASE_URI__.'index.php'; /* ADDING NEW VALUE */ $template_vars['{custom_var}'] = 'custom_value'; But can I add to the $template_vars somehow through a module, or in some other fasion, or do I have to override the whole shebang? I figure it will break if using a different version of PS.
  2. Does anyone know of a method that allows visitors to select wether they want to display taxes or not? I was thinking this would be best done by overriding whatever defines as the site loads. Are there any known modules that does this, or any forum posts that describes how? I haven't been able to find any info on this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone know of a method that allows visitors to select wether they want to display taxes or not? I was thinking this would be best done by overriding whatever defines as the site loads. Are there any known modules that does this, or any forum posts that describes how? I haven't been able to find any info on this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ah. If you're having problems running the Upgrade script... try copying your YOUROLDSHOP/config/settings.inc.php to YOURNEWSHOP/config/settings.inc.php before entering the installation (/install). Upgrading now.
  5. Bump at this. Haven't started batting at this yet, but gonna. Any progress or tips greatly appreciated.
  6. Very much interested in this as well. I suppose looking into how the how it explodes the products into seperable items as when showing it in the "Catalogue -> Product" page. (Where you create the product and add items to the pack). One of my clients are picking products from their storage based on slips they bring, and scan through some scanner... this scanning process connect to the webservice, and is going to handle tracking and order status. Maybe something some people might be interested in? Nudge me if so. Should be some pointer there as to how it handles these packs tho. I think I see a solution already, I'll get back to this if noone else posts a solution
  7. Greetings, and my hat off for your efforts. I am fairly fresh to web development and have no education related to it, and am therefor in no position to claim I know the full extent of the actual core functionality of PrestaShop nor would I know where to even begin what you are attempting. I was pretty sure PrestaShop was perfect for me, in what balance of functionaly, community contribution, extendability, easy customization and what have you I was seeking. But from the point I "jumped aboard a year or so ago" up to this date, things seem to have stagnated a bit. The limitations of customizing and extending, without hacking away at the core till later upgrades become an utter nightmare... it's all very frustrating. What you're attempting, and others I've talked to and read about, tells me there is a growing frustration mongst people seeking greater flexibility and smarter ways of handling things in the front and back office. How is your efforts comming along? What's the status of your project, do you have any thoughts on a roadmap for where you wanna go with this... and what are you trying to accomplish more specificly? Best regards and all the best wishes! Feel free to send me a PM to keep in touch. I might not be a professional or even skilled programmer, but I do run several successful stores for well established clients, and am launching an own well financed store soon. I am willing to put quite a bit of effort into the successful improvement of PrestaShop. So to you and anyone reading this, feel free to pm me if this is something that concern you as well.
  8. I also figured out how to implement the links into the quotes, if anyone is interested I use it as a "did you know..." function where customers can get hints and tips about function in the store. Like tip-a-friends discount coupons and things that your average customer maybe doesn't dig up on his own. Thanks again! =)
  9. Everyone interested in getting in touch with norwegian prestashop enthusiasts and developers, please send me a PM or e-mail. I am also officially responsible for the Norwegian Translation Pack, so any questions, suggestions, contributions or other things regarding the translation, feel free to contact me. I'll soon have a little info site set up in norwegian, I'll keep whoever is interested posted on when this is ready, but within a week or two from writing this should be sufficient. Again, don't hesitate to contact me, if only for further reference PM me here or use e-mail larspetter dot boe at gmail dot com IN NORWEGIAN: For alle som er interesserte i den norske oversettelsen, ønsker å komme i kontakt med andre norske Prestashoputviklere og -entusiaster eller få beskjed når en norsk Prestashop informasjon side jeg arbeider med er klar, send meg en PM her på forumet eller send meg en e-post på larspetter dot boe at gmail dot com
  10. Hello mike26, I'm officially responsible for the Norwegian translation, I'd just like to thank you for your effort. I haven't looked at your translations yet but will certainly do so when I do a round up of all the efforts made, and fuse them into my work for the next official norwegian translation. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to keep in touch, I'm rounding up all interested norwegian PrestaShop enthusiasts and developers Best regards
  11. After alot of thought I'm starting to see your point about SMARTY MrBaseball34, and not being familiar with PHPTemplate I'd very much like to hear your ideas on how this could be implemented, and how this would work in terms of working with theming. I'd do some reading up on it but time is unfortunately a resource I am in short of. I'm also very interested to hear your estimates on what kind of funding would be needed for such an operation Keep in touch!
  12. Hello dric83, I have intended to make something like you mention myself, and would certainly like to hear from other people if someone already has done an effort for this before I start working on it myself. What you and I both are looking for is a merging of the output of newscore/news-list.tpl and newscategoriesmod/category-list.tpl, and I suggest a study of these and the functions they use to achieve this. If nobody steps up I will most likely look into it myself in the near future
  13. I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to your effort. I am currently suffering a great depression over the impracticality of Prestashop theming. The fact that it out of the box looks like what it does is screaming for a proper overhaul of the basic layout concepts. Just the effort you have to go through to strip down the design to a minimalistic, simple, imageless layout.. the headers of boxes are friggin' gifs! It breaks my heart to say so dear Prestashop developers, but it's just horrible! I feel it might just be one most pressing issue right now to. If they can't put this greenpink fetish of theirs away, include two themes with the package. One clean you can really build off, and the one now as an example of a possible approach to theming. One thing is discussed here to rebuild the entire structure of the layout, and even get rid of the Smarty. I think Smarty is a good thing. It lowers the skills required to modify and build themes, which allows more people get involved in theming, which in my logic is very positive for a opensource software. Advanced users are advanced enough to either work around things, or like you are doing, just rewrite the whole thing, hehe. Not that advanced users should be neglected, absolute flexibility and possibility within certain boundries should always be top priority I have forgotten what I initially wanted to point out atleast 10 times since I started replying, so I'm just gonna go ahead and post this, subscribe to this thread and get back to this. Cuz this really needs some attention. Would love to see what you're working on, or atleast hear how you're thinking of organizing the whole thing. Keep up the good work!
  14. Long time since there has been any activity here, but I have a small question. I'm not able to add tags into the .txt that prints correctly to my column_left ... Any quick fix for this? Can't seem to figure out the problem, propably something about the whole .txt business.
  15. joga, You HAVE to install the newscore module for this module to work. Pretty sure it says so in the instructions somewhere. Anyways, you must propably rename your "newscore_0.8.1" module folder, to just "newscore" if you haven't done this. Before doing this, none of the other modules will work I think. If you look at your warnings in the screenshot you uploaded, it says "you must install newscore before you can add entries" Maybe this warning doesn't show for all the modules as a warning, but I'm pretty sure it applies to them all. Good luck!
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