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  1. Hi fellow PS users. We have two PS site which are giving the same problem. We installed an SLL certificate on each of the two sites. We enabled SSL saved and then enabled SSL on all pages. Https and the padlock works just as it should until we navigate to various products on either of the sites. we have found that the *not secure* parts of the pages such as images are not secure warning is now shown. After very careful searching we found that the prestashop default theme seems to have a bug in it, where as when you create a new Product listing any image that is loading into the body of the text of the listing (not main images) is not being shown as https but only in http. However, by removing the image and recreating the image it is then saved as a https and there ends the problem. However, as we have several hundred products it is far to much work to change each listing. So the question is - if all pages are set (and have been set to) SSL why is the standard default theme not changing these small added images to https and does any one know how to fix this bug. As far as I can tell everyone who uses this extra facility will have the same issue. I await and fingers crossed that somebody on here or from PS can solve this little issue. thank you in advance Sebastian edit: the location of the image is thus held in the img/cms folder and it is this fold that is not being forced to go https !! http://www.mdrdirect.co.uk/img/cms/1-87.bmp
  2. I cannot change the password either - followed all instructions - as above but same as the images posted - nothing to click to change password. Please can some one help us poor people. cheers
  3. Edit @ Bassel Have just asked our hosting to double check if the Curl is active or not and to activate it if not - will write back here what the out come is and hopefully shortly... next edit some 20 min later OK - we have CURL already fully installed and active - this did not resolve the issue post as written below still un-solved Edit at 13.42 - used prestashop online chat - told to contact programmes and then chat was cut. Also on the phone - its says 4 min wait - its now 11 min and ext 590 is now unavailable and and answer phone followed by termination of call Super customer support from Prestashop eh!! I have just spent 12 hours loading this nice new 1.70 PS which was freshly downloaded on the 1st Feb 2017 for our domain mdrdirect.co.uk Having spent some time puting in various data - I moved to the modules section and guess what ........ was greeted by this Cannot get catalog data, please try again later. Reason: Data from PrestaShop Addons is invalid, and cannot fallback on cache As I can see this issue seems to be dating back a bit now having found this post after the event of loading 1.7 Is there a simple fix ? Why has the prestashop team not resolved this and the most important part of all - why has the prestashop team continued to allow this version to be downloaded from their site. and finally should I delete it all and revert back to 1.6 Any help on this issue is most welcome Many thanks Ian
  4. Hi - I am very grateful for your continued help Sadly I checked after receiving your message here and the warning notices are still in place using the google structured data testing tool / fetch url for domain www.herpa.online So really not sure whats going on here The EUR status still shows prior to the price. Ean
  5. After another night of head scratching - the Google Structure module still throws up the warning. After much work - the Currency symbol is still showing and causing the google error. is there anyone who can help with the script of PS1.6.1.6 to resolve this issue Clearly all new down loads of this PS version will have same error warning from Google - so it must perhaps be a fix somewhere along the line PLEASE, please, please help Ean
  6. Here are some links Main item open in its own page http://herpa.online/en/herpa-announced-new/657--herpa-wings-82mlcz7206-iraqi-air-force-sukhoi-su-25k-frogfoot.html <p class="our_price_display" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Offer"><span id="our_price_display">EUR 45.95</span><meta itemprop="price" content="45.95" /><meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR" /> tax incl.<meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR" /></p> The above seems ok But still throws up the error Ean
  7. HelloWe are still getting this error ing price EUR 119.95 (The property EUR 119.95 is not a valid price specification. Learn more about http://schema.org/price.) <span itemprop="price" class="price product-price"> Despite us using this script <span id="our_price_display">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span> <meta itemprop="price" content="{$productPrice}" /> <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="{$currency->iso_code}" /> in the product.tp any further ideas? Ean
  8. Hi - OK So I can see we are nearly there - the product.tpl does the main part of the web site But on are front page to which Google is testing is the Featured products Module for the home page - this does not seem to be using the product.tpl file that we have amended - so must presume that there is another file to be amend - Do you know which one. Ean
  9. We are going to try this - hopefully it will work only question is this wording ?? |floatval} <span id="our_price_display">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span> <meta itemprop="price" content="{$productPrice}" /> <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="{$currency->iso_code}" /> REgards Ean
  10. I am looking in the product.tpl And can see this script Which is slightly different to that show on the link above <span id="our_price_display" class="price" itemprop="price" content="{$productPrice}">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span> {if $tax_enabled && ((isset($display_tax_label) && $display_tax_label == 1) || !isset($display_tax_label))} {if $priceDisplay == 1} {l s='tax excl.'}{else} {l s='tax incl.'}{/if} {/if} Am I looking at the right file ? Ean
  11. Hello - I am very grateful for this link - Thank you one last question - to which file and path does it relate to Many thanks Ean
  12. I am very sorry I just cannot find anything about this issue on this forum - I must be doing something wrong - just so many way to type the error and if it does not match your thread - It will not show Please assist Ean
  13. Hi bellini13 Tried No results found for 'structured data testing tool'. - Found 2 entries for this - nothing to do with my issue and not your. No results found for 'not valid price specification'. - nothing for this entry No results found for 'google warning price'. - nothing for this entry No results found for '<span itemprop="price" class="price product‐price">'. - nothing on this What text do I need to enter - even re-search your user name only came up with last entries. And several other lines of text - nothing seems to come up Please could I have at least one link - thank you Ean
  14. Hi Thank you for looking and checking - I am looking at everything to try to determine what Google is on about - and as much as this error popped up I thought it might be grabbing at a hope line. I have spent several hours trolling the forum here - and very hard to find the data you tack about - if you could help and point me a link I could try to get at leasy this issue sorted. In the matter of Google have post on their forum for help and still waiting to see if any one knows more or can help. The site is www.herpa.online nothing unusal about it - so am blanked at what it could be. Ean
  15. Hi PS fellow PS users and advisers. A few days agon we had our new site removed from Google Search Engine by Google - they sent us a email advising they had with drawn our site and its pages from their search results. Oh crap we thought and started to look into this - we are not much further though. So we have found some data via the Google Structured Data testing tool. (Which may be the reason we have been blocked - it might happen too to new suers of PS too.) It has found an error on each of our products. We have 3 curencies Euro by default, GBP Pound and Polish zloty domain in herpa.online They found this error in the price of the default currency - Euro and it seems the pacement of the Euro sigh and the use of a comma , as seperator rather than a full stop . Does PS team need to urgently look at their coding ? This is what google wrote to us warning price 45,95 € (The property 45,95 € is not a valid price specification. Learn more about http://schema.org/price.) priceCurrency EUR availability http://schema.org/InStock and code href="http://herpa.online/en/herpa-announced-new/657--herpa-wings-82mlcz7206-iraqi-air-force-sukhoi-su-25k-frogfoot.html" rel="http://herpa.online/en/herpa-announced-new/657--herpa-wings-82mlcz7206-iraqi-air-force-sukhoi-su-25k-frogfoot.html"> <span>Quick view</span> </a> <div class="content_price" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Offer"> <span itemprop="price" class="price product-price"> 45,95 € </span> It seems that PS programe is auto imputing the data about schema.org etc and this is why we have been barred Clearly this could be a serious BUG in PS - please advise urgently Please can this be looked at and reply - cheers Ean
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