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  1. Hej!


    Var någonstans hittar jag detta?

    Jag menar VAR NÅGONSTANS validerar man kundernas kuponger som dom ser att dom fått inne ifrån sitt konto.


    Väntar på validering.


    Se bifogad bild.







    Kan svara på det själv nu!

    Det visade sig vara fel i översättningen för Skickat, skulle vara Levererad!

    Där av att den inte triggade valideringen, och där med är fallet löst.




  2. Hi, can anyone confirm the current state of this mod? Is it working okay for most people? Does the developer still support it ? Is it worth the risk?




    There is virtually no module that does not have minor bugs or whatever you want to call it.
    I have now been using it for quite a while with the module and only have a small problem that I think will be fixed in the next version.
    But I definitely think you should buy the module!
    Best regards
  3. Hi!


    You do not need JavaPro it is now more integrated in PrestaShop themselves!

    That is, if you have enabled it in the the Back Office Performance / and chosen Move JavaScript to end!
    So if you suspect that you have a problem with this I recommend you to turn this feature off temporarily, to see if that makes a difference to you.
    Vikas is probably busy now as it seems, so we hope that we hear from him very soon!
    Best regards
  4. Hi!


    I have a problem with the browser of Google Crome and Firefox!
    The problem is that they block the script for your module and thereby does not appear slider, which means that it is facing up for Mail Servers free to send junk!

    I get this message.
    This page includes script from unouthenticated sources.


    Load unsafe script


    I have a real certificate issued by PositiveSSL


    And I have forced SSL on all sides, but it does not help!

    Do you have any solution to this?


    Best regards



  5. Hi!


    Have not had problems with this before!

    Anyway, I did as you said and edited the templates Offline instead, and now it works really well!
    Thank you for this wonderful module and for your nice work!
    Best regards
  6. Hi!


    The problem occurs only when I shall translate email templates!

    If I just change a single letter disappears Gift Voucher image.
    But when I do not have translated the templates so I can see the picture.
    So the problem must have with the translation of the e-mail template to do? ! ? !
    What do you think?
    Best regards
  7. Hi Eolia!


    Thanks for your response!
    No, I just did an update of the previous version.
    But then I uninstalled the entire module, forcing compilation and emptied cach.
    Then I installed the latest version.
    What do you recommend me to do?
    Best regards
  8. Hi!


    The gift card is no longer visible in the email sent to the customer!

    I don't know if it has to do with the new PrestaShop or if it is a bug?
    Would be very grateful if you could fix this.
    Have installed the latest version 3.1.9
    See attached picture.
    Best regards


  9. Hej Fraktjakt!


    Går det inte att fixa en automatisk rensning i så fall, så att man slipper att få hela sidan (sidorna) överfulla med ikoner?


    Bästa hälsningar



    Hej igen

    Detta var tyvärr enda sättet att få till dynamiska fraktresultat med olika fraktleverantörer och anvisningar till närmaste ombud från en och samma fraktmodul i Prestashop, då Prestashop egentligen inte är byggt att hantera frakt på detta sätt.
    Nya ikonerna genereras dock inte, utan hämtas från mappen i fraktmodulen.

  10. Hi!


    I would like to have the entire SMS message sent to the customer in Swedish.

    It is missing in the first two rows, at which it is in English.
    (Message for +461234567 HAS BEEN delivere. SMSID Tope ***************.)
    That's what it says in brackets I mean that I want in Swedish.
    I use the latest Version 3.07
    Best regards
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