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  1. Hi! Follow this step: Go to Back Office -> Preferences -> Products and change the sorting of the item to position within category, but you need also to set: Backoffice -> Preferences -> Products -> Default order way: Ascending Regards MacRoy
  2. Hi! Check the permissions for your directories. Put directory to CHMOD -R 777 to see if that helps. Regards MacRoy
  3. Hi MrsBor! The certificate that you have purchased is for pelsboern.dk and can then have subdomains such as http://www.pelsboern.dk or https://www.pelsboern.dk (S) says that it is a secure connection, but you do not enter http or https. Have you enabled SSL in your Back Office, so it must be working. But you can also enable SSL on all pages! So the third address dittes.pswebshop.com is not included in your certificate. You must then buy one for this address. Best regards MacRoy
  4. Hi stratboy! If you go to your server module directory and look through the example FileZilla you should see this particular directory structure __MACOSX. You probably use a Mac or? Apple puts up some hidden files, including indexing of images! Tell us what you see and if you packed your module via a Mac or not! Best regards MacRoy
  5. Hi peerlesstime! Have you tried to force compilation and emptied the cache? If I try this link to your page: http://peerlesstime.com/index.php?id_product=5&controller=product it goes pretty fast from Sweden. Regards MacRoy
  6. Hi! It is I who have translated your module to Swedish. There have been a couple of lines in the new version which I would like to translate. Can you send me the file and I will fix this? See attached picture is marked with a red frame. Best regards MacRoy
  7. Hi! I got this error message when i try to download Express Cache 2.5 Invalid request Regards MacRoy
  8. What do you mean with that the translsations was working fine? OK thats sounds good!
  9. Hi! Have you checked your Back Office translations in the module so that it is so that there are red lines that are empty? In this case, you can translate it into your native language French. Regards MacRoy
  10. Hi! Download the language pack manually from this link: https://www.prestashop.com/en/translations and choose instead to import a language pack manually from your computer. Regards MacRoy
  11. Hi! Which version of PrestaShop do you have? If you go to Back Office location / configuration so you will set the language from the browser. Check whether it is enabled or disabled to use the browser's language as the default language, and change it if so. Have you emptied the cache and forced compile? Regards MacRoy
  12. Hi! Integrating the login at the top right with one more choice for "consumers" and a login for "companies", thus two choices instead of just one choice as it is today. For business as usual without VAT for consumers with VAT. This is a feature that I and many others would appreciate! What do you think? Regards MacRoy
  13. Har du gjort några ändringar i ditt tema? Eftersom du har PS så skall du ha fyra i rad som standard nämligen, det är därför jag frågar dig. Hälsningar MacRoy
  14. Hi! You mean the final version? As for the PS RC4, I hope it comes tomorrow! But the final version will probably only in late October or early November, I think. Regards MacRoy
  15. Hi! New version released that solved the problem! Thank you very much vekia! Regards MacRoy
  16. Jag behöver exakta uppgifter för att kunna hjälpa dig! Hälsningar MacRoy
  17. Hej Nofire! Vilken version av Prestashop har du? Hälsningar MacRoy
  18. Hi vekia! I get this error when I installed your module PS [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/var/www/modules/registervoucher/lib/voucherengine/engine.php: Class 'Registervoucher' not found Do you have a fix for this? Best regards MacRoy
  19. Hi! I disagree with you there! Firstly, there are two sets of this cache, one is memcache and whoever he's talking about is memcached note (d). it is updated and patched specifically for prestashop, and I use it myself in my store, and it works just fine. So I recommend this memcached. Regards MacRoy
  20. Kan du lägga upp en länk till din butik så att jag kan ta en titt? Eller om du tar en skärmdump. Hälsningar MacRoy
  21. Hej Nofire! Gå till ditt Back Office och till Inställningar / Teman / Välj avancerade inställningar och bläddra ner till visning av kolumner och bocka för Index för visning i vänsterkolumnen och spara sedan! Nu skall du få mindre bilder. Hälsningar MacRoy
  22. Hi HansN! Works fast enough for me in Sweden! Nice shop. Regards MacRoy
  23. Hej Nofire! Kan du visa med skärmdump eller bild hur det ser ut respektive hur du vill att det skall se ut. Hälsningar MacRoy
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