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  1. hi all please help, remove logo shop from email
  2. hi version : presta shop modules : cleanurls_v0.42.zip --------------------------- please help me Route to category : {categories:/}{rewrite}/ link now : www.iroption.com/shop/option/option-207/ change to link favorite : www.iroption.com/shop/option-207/ and please help me remove slash from end url link
  3. vekia dear hellp me , please remove birthday from identity page
  4. I do not know php my admin > my sql data base > table ps_shop_url > physical_uri ( change from /shop/ to /shop ) the problem is not solved now : www.iroption.com/shop/ ideal : www.iroption.com/shop
  5. hi help me veresion Remove birthday from registration form
  6. hi please help me , remove slash from end url & categories www.iroption.com/shop/ change to www.iroption.com/shop www.iroption.com/shop/option-206/ change to www.iroption.com/shop/option-206
  7. hi please help me , remove slash from url change www.iroption.com/shop/ to www.iroption.com/shop
  8. version Copy #header_logo{display:none} where?
  9. error.. Keyword "{categories}" required for route "category_rule" (rule: "{category:/}{rewrite}/")
  10. hellp me modules : cleanurls_v0.42.zip prestashop 1.6 categories: {categories:/}{rewrite} url now http://www.iroption.com/shop/option/option-206/ help me change categories to http://www.iroption.com/shop/option-206/
  11. please help me: remove / of url www.iroption.com/shop/women/
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