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  1. if anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated as I'm well and truly stuck. This has never happened before
  2. I'm really stuck on this installation. On step 1 I have accepted the T.O.C but theres no 'next' button for me to proceed. Does anybody have any ideas?
  3. I have just changed my store to show items excluding tax, but this setting now won't let me add any items to cart. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  4. thats seems to have worked perfectly, thank you very much for your help. I will pm you my site now
  5. Thanks Razaro, thats pretty much what I'm after but want to keep it 4 products to a line and the new products bar above the top line. I have attached a pic if that helps?
  6. Hi, my new products block is currently set to 16 but for some reason only showing 4 on my home page. I am using element them, maybe this has something to do with it?
  7. Just wondering if there was any way of printing my ebay sales in prestashop so I can use the same invoice system I use on my store? I'm not looking to update quantities when I sell items or fully intergrate with ebay...Just would be very handy if when I sell an item in ebay I can print the invoice through PS.
  8. Thanks. I realise now that my checkout was missing the summary stage and going straight to the login page
  9. I need to issue one of my customers with a voucher, but I can't see anywhere during the checkout process that you can redeem it. Am I going mad or just blind?
  10. I am also having a problem with the products category module with this theme. I have had to disable is as the products in the module run vertical all the way down the page on many browsers. Is this the problem you are having Does anyone know how to solve this?
  11. I finally got my colour picker to work but it has now pushed the price of my products half way underneath my product image...which really doesnt help me very much. Also the drop down bar for the colour selection is being pushed to the left hand side by the colour images. Basically I need to find a way of keeping the Product price above the picker and the drop down bar below the colour picker (if that makes sense?)
  12. Hi, Having trouble with the Element theme and the colour picker tool. I have a product with around 130 different colour variations and need to configure the colour picker but it's just not working for me. I would think it is a problem with the theme rather than my prestashop settings, but can't confirm that 100% . This would be a huge time saving tool for me if anyone can help
  13. cheers razaro that seems to have solved both my issues. The only other thing that would help me is if, on the product page...the 'more info' part automatically showed bellow the price/ quantity/ add to cart etc. Can this be done? Thanks
  14. thanks, thats helped alot. I have posted this question in the 'Element' thread but might aswell ask here just incase. I'm having an issue with people using IE explorer, it seems like it just doesn't support it and everything is completely out of order. Also I have updated the product.tpl so the main products on the main page are all in line, seems to have worked but items in my catagories don't sit in a line...maybe I just haven't done it properly. Can anyone help or even upload the correct tpl? Many thanks in advance to anyone who can helpl me as my sales have slowed right down now I have changed to this theme, but it looks so much better
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