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  1. Salve, vorrei personalizzare la pagina di manutenzione, uso Prestashop C'è qualcuno disponibile a creare una pagina personalizzata come quella allegata ad esempio? Grazie in anticipo.
  2. This has happened since, even before this issue of the blank page facing this error in your shopping cart. The customer also if you register as a new customer and do not put anything in the cart and then does the log appear empty cart to the back office automatic
  3. I can explain: Customer go to website make login only enter on personal account in back office we see 1 cart customer X but import is 0.00 no product only 0.00 Please help us!
  4. Hello to all, Prestashop, when I try to click on Statistics in Back Office gives me a blank page, activating the errors tells me the error as per screen. Does anyone know how to help me? Thanks in advance to all.
  5. The problem is that the client does not do any shopping cart only when you log in to your account with your email and password automatically when you log in the back office shows an empty cart with the name of the client without the client has added nothing but made only login
  6. Different test same error, Customer have clear cart but when login (only login) on back office show empty cart from customer X :(
  7. Salve a tutti, Prestashop, quando provo a cliccare su Statistiche nel Back Office mi restituisce una pagina bianca, attivando gli errori mi riferisce l'errore come da screen. Qualcuno sa come aiutarmi? Grazie in anticipo a tutti.
  8. Hi, Ok thank you, i explain my problem: in the admin panel when I click on carts are abandoned me some empty carts without the customer having to enter anything into the basket of her shopping. Automatically when the customer logs in to their account prestashop make cart automatically can empty amount equal to 0.00 and with no product in it. I am waiting for a help, thank you very much.
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