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  1. Got it! I've seen that history.tpl uses {dateFormat date=$order.date_add full=0} to display the order date. So i have changed {$product->specificPrice['to'] in product.tpl into {dateFormat date=$product->specificPrice['to']}. Now it's displayed using the country format.
  2. And, in addition, the date format in localization -> languages for my country is set the way I want it. But date is not displayed using the set format...
  3. Thanks for the info, but date display is formated as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss Any idea how can I format it like dd.mm.yyyy? Thanks!
  4. Lately I'm having complaints from customers about broken links when they navigate through categories in my shop. I'm using PS 1.5.2. Theme is customized (css and a little bit of layout), using default theme as starting point. Friendly URL is activated. Although backoffice sais that mod_rewrite is not active or cannot be checked, hosting provider assures me that mod_rewrite is active. What's happening is that navigating through categorys functions normaly for some time - the url which is shown in browser status bar if hovered over the category link looks normal, like this: "mydomain/id-categoryname" After browsing for some time, the url becomes messed up and looks like this: "mydomain/id-categoryname/&??=&selected_filters=&??=&selected_filters=&=&??=&p=13" When clicking, the 404 error page opens up. This is because when the url becomes messed up, the last "&p=13" part is random - it can be like "p=2" or "p=3", etc. I suppose that "p" stands for page number. Default number of products shown per page is 9. So if the category I wan't to open has for instance 12 products, there will be 2 pages. But in mentioned case, the wrongly generated url tries to open the 13th page and visitor sees the 404 error page. Also, sometimes the broken url looks like this: "mydomain/id-categoryname/štapovi-za-hodanje.jpg" Now, I have no clue why is this image name appended to the url. Off course such page does not exist in the shop and visitors sees the 404 page again. As for other seo& url options, I have tried all combinations of "friendly URL", "Automatically redirect to Canonical URL", "Disable apache multiviews", but it helps only if friendly url is disabled. I have also replicated the shop on another domain (replicated files and database, different domain name, different hosting provider), trying to replicate the problem there, but was unable to do it - this site seems to work normally, at least for the time being. Needless to say, i'm completely lost. Any help, insight, advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. This post is intended to be a critique to the user (un)friendliness, so maybe, with some luck the development team will take it into consideration when making future changes . It might be that I'm not correctly using the functions, but here are my issues: - i don't like it that cart rules and vouchers are treated the same and that they are displayed in the same place together. for instance, I might have a rule like "apply 10% discount for all customers whose order is greater then 100 $". But I might also have vouchers for customer's birthdays (your birthday is next month, so here is a voucher code just for you, it's valid for the next x months). If there were hundreds of users, with birthdays each month, there would be hundreds of birthday cart rules and which i actually don't need to see there. Not to mention other vouchers that can be created per customer. I find it really frustrating having to deal with this huge number of cart rules which are no cart rules at all. - i'd like to be able to make the rule valid for unlimited time. As it is, the valid from and to fields can not be leaved empty. - there should be option to choose if the cart rule can be applied to products with already reduced price. As I understood this option was available prior to version 1.5 - there should be option to choose if the cart rule can be applied wit other cart rules (cumulative vouchers). You can achieve this under compatibility with other cart rules selection, but the way this works is totally not user friendly - per default new cart rule is combinable with all other rules, and you have to pick the rules which you want to "uncombine". Now, if I had hundreds of other rules (like birthday rules) i'd have to remove all of them (actually I don't need to do that, because these rules would be limited to single customer, so are not cumulative, but it's unlogical - why are they visible under the rules page in the first place, and finding the ones which i do not wan't to combine in list of possibly hundreds of even thousands of rules is simply too much work). - when I give free delivery to an order in back office, new cart rule is automatically created and it is visible on the cart rule page. Why is this made this way? It's unnecessary. I think this should not be treated as cart rule. Also this automaticaly added (and used) rule is visible in my account/my coupons. Why? it only confuses the customer. - on the other hand, and also unlogical, vouchers/cart rules which are not limited to single customer are not visible in my account/my coupons. In my opinion, if there is a rule that customer can use, he should see it in my coupons... - in back office/customers/customer details, you can see the customers coupon's list. It would be nice to have an option to create a coupon for this customer directly from this page - it would be nice to have the option to import a list of customers (id's or emails) for which thee voucher will be applied. Let's take the birthday voucher as example. I'd like to be able to create voucher/rule named maybe "bday2013-04", and assign it to a list of people which i have previously selected from database (all customers with birthday in april) and prepared as text file for import. That way, i could create one rule per month for all customers, instead of manually creating many rules for each customer. It would be even bether if there would be a customisable query builder which could select the records directly from database according to conditions for chosen fields (like birthday, gender, postcode, etc.), but maybe this is to much to ask . In general I think that personalised customer coupons should be managed separately from cart rules which are applicable to many customers. They can be treated in the same way in the shoping cart, but in the back office they should be separated. All said, I think that available functions are really powerfull, but like some other things in Prestashop, are developed by people who have'nt actually used them in the real world - they could be much more polished and user friendly. I mean no disrespect by this - Prestashop really is a great product.
  6. Hello, thanks for Your advice, but translations for productcomments are not displayed correctly (PS 1.5.2), this is why i said it's a bug. So i wan't to override the module with my code that displays the translations. You can see my original topic about translating comments here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/215467-solved-problem-with-translating-product-comments-module/page__p__1064147#entry1064147 thanks again, bye.
  7. I have made some changes in productcomments controllers/front/default.php. (beacuse error messages are not being displayed in correct language - only in english, which is a bug in my opinion; but being relativly new to prestashop, forums, github, etc., i don't know how to report it yet...) I would like to override the file, so the original can stay unchanged. Is this even possible? I've tried to place the new, overriden file in different locations: - \root\modules\productcomments\override\controllers\front\default.php - \root\override\modules\productomments\controllers\front\default.php (i created the override\modules folder myself, hoping that it would behave like override\controllers folder...) - root\themes\mytheme\modules\productomments\controllers\front\default.php but none of these worked. Can anybody help, please?
  8. thanks yonizzz, i have found the code. Weird thing is, that these strings are reflected in backoffice translations; but are not evaluated when output is generated. Probably it has to do with problem described in this topic: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/134897-solved-extra-translations-not-in-modules/, but had'nt had the nerves to try it out. So I've done this: Line 78: $errors[] = $module_instance->l('ID product is incorrect'); change into $errors[] = Tools::displayError('ID product is incorrect'); Now I can translate the string in back office error messages translations, and it is displayed correctly... Bye! PS: i don't know how to change the topic title into "solved" if anyone can explain?
  9. This is certainly my case Started preparing my first shop with 1.5.2 two months ago, i'm almost finished but it did cost me time and nerves
  10. Hello Elpatron, thank You for your answer, but it does not work. I have already translated all the fields into croatian, but output in the form fot these two error messages stays in english (like i described in first post, everything is translated except these error messages which appear when the mandatory fields are left blank). I suppose this must be a bug in the code, but i can't find it...
  11. Ok, i've made some research... Version 1.5.2 Files /classes/Cart.php and /classes/order/Order.php set the recyclable variable to true per default, like this: /** @var boolean True if the customer wants a recycled package */ public $recyclable = 1; For some reason, while closing the order as guest, this stays so, even if recycled packaging is disabled in backoffice. Since I don't want to mess with the core files, I have overriden te cart and order classes: edit files /override/classes/cart.php and /override/classes/order/order.php. Overriden cart.php: <?php class Cart extends CartCore { /** @var boolean True if the customer wants a recycled package */ public $recyclable = 0; } overriden order.php: <?php class Order extends OrderCore { /** @var boolean Customer is ok for a recyclable package */ public $recyclable = 0; } Now it works like it should.
  12. This seems also like a bug. I'm using version 1.5.2 and have the same problem. But this happens only ih i place order as guest. If order is placed by registered customer, then order is not saves with recycled packaging flag. Can anyone help?
  13. I'm trying to translate the product comments module. When writing new product comment, if Title and Comment fields are left empty the error messages for requiered fields is shown. Well, i can not translate these error messages. They are always shown in english (see attached screencshot). I have translated the "Title is incorrect" and "Comment is incorrect" fields in the backoffice (installed modules translation), but it isn't shown correctly. I'm using Prestashop 1.5.2, Product Comments module is the one that comes with prestashop, v2.3 Can anyone help?
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