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  1. Ir kuo tai blogas sprendimas, jei poreikis labai paprastas, ribotas ir vienkartinis? Po naujų metų jo jau nebereikės, o didesni kodo keitimai tik apsunkins migravimą į naujesnę versiją. Kitas sprendimas yra diegti valiutų modulį ir leisti pirkėjui perjunginėti. Pagal įstatymus tai irgi tinka.
  2. Just create a new module and use hooks on order page to add your own interface. In that way you'll have an independent code and not modified core files. More about hooks: http://doc.prestasho...and+using+hooks http://doc.prestasho...ation+via+Hooks http://doc.prestasho...+PrestaShop+1.5
  3. has a lot of bug fixes and only few improvements, so I recommend you to move to new version. Open a docs folder and check CHANGELOG file content.
  4. Su programa neissiversi. Cia programuoti HTML, CSS ir Smarty reikia mokintis.
  5. Atsidaryk temos header.tpl faila ir paredaguok atitinkamai.
  6. Found a solution. Modify .htaccess file and add: # css CCC font-face fix on firefox & chrome <IfModule mod_headers.c> <FilesMatch ".(woff|eot|svg|ttf|otf)$"> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" </FilesMatch> </IfModule>
  7. Is it really a force compile problem? Maybe you got it on making second test order?
  8. It's a abug of 1.5. It appears when you make a second order without logging out. Clean your cookies and everything will work. To fix this bug goto classes/cart.php and make these modifications: public function add($autodate = true, $null_values = false) { if (!$this->id_lang) $this->id_lang = Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'); if (!$this->id_shop) $this->id_shop = Context::getContext()->shop->id; /* Prestashop bug fix. Out of memory on second customer order. Hooks calls never ends if there are no security key */ if (isset(Context::getContext()->customer) && Context::getContext()->customer->secure_key) $this->secure_key = Context::getContext()->customer->secure_key; /* end of fix */ $return = parent::add($autodate); Hook::exec('actionCartSave'); return $return; }
  9. I use Prestashop 1.5.2. I have a product with attribute combination. Product has a warehouse set. Product quantities are based on advanced stock amangement, available quantities based on warehouse. If I understand correctly, then field "depends_on_stock" in table 'ps_stock_available' should be set to 1. But it's a strange situation. Record with id_product_attribute = 0 contains 0 in field "depends_on_stock". Record with id_product_attribute value contains 1 in field "depends_on_stock". Is it normal and it should be by design or it's a bug?
  10. Sorry, Mike. I was to lazy to find a screen capture software. I just modified blocklanguages.tpl to remove trailing slash and problem has gone. I wasn't sure that php source modification will not change anything else, so I have chosen to modify smarty template. Here is the modification ... some code scipped ... {if isset($lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang)} <a href="{$lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang}" title="{$language.name}"> {else} {assign var=lang_link value=$link->getLanguageLink($language.id_lang)} {if '/' == $lang_link|substr:-1} {assign var=lang_link value=$lang_link|substr:0:-1} {/if} <a href="{$lang_link}" title="{$language.name}"> {/if} ... some code scipped ...
  11. Send me your skype name by private message. I'll show you on video screen capture.
  12. Try to change multiple times and only on a main page. Page continues to refresh, but language is not changed any more. Clearing of cookies helps for a while, but try to explain that for customer. I have tried this on different computers, different browsers and problem were the same. We also get reports about that issue from our customers. Currently we are working on adopting template for both languages and probably we will modify language block module to remove trailing slash.
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