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  1. hi there. there were a couple of people that contacted me about this, but only one came up with a quote after the integration information was forwarded on. as i was quoted around £650+vat (not a fixed price, just around) i decided to abandon payzone and just go with paypal here instead. the cost of getting it integrated (with no guarantees), cost of card terminal, monthly fees, etc for a saving of around 1% overall makes it too expensive for the volume that i will process, and take too long to get to the break even point. unless you are going to process a large volume of card transactions with a high value i would go with paypal here instead. im very happy with it and have had no problems. Bellini13, i did forward on the documents and info, if you didnt recieve them i can re send them if you want to look into it, but you will need to get a testing account from someone to verify that it all works. if you let me know where to send the info to, i will do so as soon as i can.
  2. many thanks bellini13 for the reply. message and files sent to customer services via your website. i look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Hi all. it was asked a little while ago, and no one seemed to know of one. i need a payment module to integrate payzone into my shop (1.6.11) and was wondering if anyone else uses payzone as their card processor, and if so, how they have gone about it. i am competent with html, css, php, etc to the level of doing templates and themes and minor de bugging, but nothing like the level required to produce a payment module. payzone have a integration pack that has loads of code modules in it for various programming languages, and methods of accessing the payment gateway, but not a module that i can install in prestashop. its more of an example set of code and code library for developers than a drop in module. if anyone can help with finding a ready made working module, someone that has payzone working on a prestashop install, or suggest a developer experienced in making payment modules (that wont cost the earth) then i would appreciate it. many thanks.
  4. i am opening a new shop and it will be a big part of my monthly income. i could have gone with a 1.4.x install and had things up and running in a short space of time, but i decided to go with a 1.5.x install instead. its been 3 weeks now, and i still have bugs in the system and the shop is not live. you dont hear me complaining about it. i did my research and took the informed decision to go with 1.5.x as it would take even more development time to do the change over from 1.4.x to 1.5.x (new themes & modules being a big one). why dont you just grow a pair and admit to your boss that you got it wrong and stop blaming a fantastic (even with the bugs) bit of free software that is new (due to the fundamental changes between 1.4 and 1.5), and will settle down over the next couple of months. And the bugs would be fixed quicker if you tried to fix them and posted the solutions for everyone to benefit, rather than spending the time winging.
  5. so, 40 views and no one has any ideas?? i have also noticed that it is also happening with blockreinsurance and editorial. i suspect that it is happening with others that i havnt found yet. its strange that these modules are in my theme directory, but prestashop is still using the code and images from the default module directory. if i wanted to sell the theme that i am working on, i couldnt, as it uses non standard images that are contained within the modules in the themes module directory (and prestashop is not seeing them), and when i upgrade, i will need to overwrite files (image and css) in the default module directory to get the theme to work. this is far less than ideal. any help at all would be great.
  6. hi all. something strange is going on with the modules in my 1.5.2 install. i have the modules blocktopmenu and editorial copied to my theme directory, css files into themes/(themename)/css/modules(modulename) and the rest of the module directory copied to themes/(themename)/modules/(modulemane) but prestashop is still accessing code and images from the main modules directory. the usual things have been done (clear cache etc) i have done the same thing with other modules that i have modified and things have worked with no problem. its probably something simple that i have missed, but i cant see what it is, unless i need to do something different with these modules. i thought that all you needed to do to customise things for a custom theme was to copy the modules to the relevant places in the themes directory and modify the code there and prestashop would pick it up. any modifications to core code outside of the modules is to be placed in the override directory and the same would happen, or have i got this totally wrong. some help and guidance with this would be appreciated. many thanks in advance.
  7. thats the idea. its the only way that i have found so far that i can do fixed price shipping for some of my products. it may take a bit of fiddling round to get set right, but once sorted it works fine.
  8. hi jbarrick. You should be able to do this by setting up a carrier to do shipping by price, and setting the price range from 0.01 to 999999999.00. then set the shipping cost for this price range to 95.00. Enable this carrier for the zones that you want (US) and disable all others. that should give you one shipping option of $95.00 hope this helps, but any probs give me a shout and i will see what i can do.
  9. hi all. have done a fresh install of 1.5.2 and things have improved (not uploaded the database yet, just working with the default install). the only bug that i can see at the moment is with the handling charge in the shipping area. it is not displayed anywhere on any of the order summary or checkout pages, making the shipping charges look huge, and it is not added in anywhere at all if the customer qualifies for free shipping. in my case most products will have free shipping (as its easier than trying to estimate the weights of products i have yet to make), but i still want to charge for packaging etc and some offset on the cost of shipping, thus i cant add it on to the price of the product, as then if 2, 3, 4, or more products are ordered the handling charge is duplicated. there must be a way of adding a handling charge to a single product that was ordered with free shipping, and to a order that qualifies for free shipping (over a certain weight/price), and having it displayed in the summary information as a individual item (like tax and shipping). A lot of customers are aware of shipping costs, and this helps them to see how shipping is arrived at and helps reassure them that they are not being ripped off. i hope someone can help me sort this problem out. many thanks in advance.
  10. thanks for the advice guys. i have done a lot of setting up of modules, adding pages via cms, setting up attributes, and there are around 3500 so far (not generated many of the combinations yet as only 2 products in the shop), setting up shipping, general preferences & configuration and such. all the rest of the work has been on the theme (css only). i assume that the database structure is the same, and all the config settings are stored in the database. if so, i will do a fresh install of 1.5.2, install the modules as per the current install, export the theme from the old & import into the new, copy the images and cms additions (i assume that cms pages are not stored in the database), export and import the database, and activate the theme, and i should be back where i started but using 1.5.2 instead. i will then check to see if the problems are still there and report back. i should get to doing this either late on sunday, or monday morning. i will of course check on here to see if there is anything else i need to do to transfer things over to 1.5.2. if copying the whole database is likely to perpetuate the problems i can copy on a by table basis to be able to import most of the settings & data. Again, thanks for the help.
  11. Hi All. I hope this is in the right place, but if not i will start a new topic. i have found several bugs (i think) during the customisation of the default template. Its a fresh install of 1.5.1, and only the .css files have been modified (and a couple of the images). cache is cleared on a regular basis, force compile is on, and im using the latest firefox. 1) handling charge (to cover packaging) is not being added to the cart. it should add £2.50 to each order total, but there is no sign of it anywhere. this is the case regardless of if the customer qualifies for free shipping or not. 2)setting "display unavailable attributes" to no dont work. it still shows the full range of choices, even though there are no handle colour choices if chrome handle is selected. 3) if a product has customisation added and saved by the customer, and the product is added to the cart, when you go to the cart the customisation details are in a separate field set to the product. there is only a delete button next to the customisation information, and not the product. pressing delete only deletes the customisation information, and not the product information (but the quantity is set to 0) once the customisation information has been deleted, it is then possible to delete the product. this is true even if customisation information is a required field to order the product. 4) the cart dropdown in the header and cart block show the words "no products" even if there is a product showing in the cart These are the biggest problems at the moment, and i really need some help to sort them out. i can see that there have been some dificulties with the 1.5.2 upgrade, so i would rather sort things out in 1.5.1 to get the shop on line asap, and then do a test on 1.5.2 to see if i have problems (unless the above issues are sorted in 1.5.2) many thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All. just getting to grips with the sharp end of prestashop, and was wondering if it was possible to produce a csv file containing attributes and associated values that could be uploaded, instead of having to enter all the attributes and associated values individually. if so, what format (field headers) would be required, and how / where to upload it. i have had a quick look at the database tables, and it seems that the information is spread between 6 or more tables, and duplicated for each language available, thus making direct manipulation / population of the data tables difficult and dangerous. the reason im looking to do this is that i have a great many attributes, some with a lot of values (length, width, height - values 0 to 120 each would be some of them), and its going to take days. if i could extract the info from my excel files into a csv, and upload i could be done in a couple of hours max. Also, when adding products via csv file, can say, the width attribute be set to show choices between 60 and 80 in the csv file, and would a value of 160 automatically be added to the attribute values for the width. As there is no way that i can see (but i may be missing it) to do a csv export of the data without purchasing a module, its going to be a bit dificult to work these things out without a sample data set to work from. Hope this makes sense and many thanks in advance for any help. Adrian
  13. hi all. just got prestashop installed and had a look round at the features. its a great system as it stands, but i would like to make a couple of changes to suit my shop. i have used basic css before, and some php, but im not that familiar with the way that the layout and style have been implimented in prestashop, but i should be able to track down all the colors that i want to change, modules to add and position, and such with not much problem. the problem is with the header. i wanr to put a diferent size and shape image in place of the default "yourlogohere" and posibly a background image across the whole header. i have tried uploading a larger logo.jpg image, but that just broke the layout, and when i went looking for the size definition of the grid cells in the header, i drew a blank. i did see references to a variable grid system, but have never used this before. it is likely that i will want to change the footer as well, and i assume that the method for the header will apply here as well. any assistance with this would be great. many thanks for your time. adrian.
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