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  1. thank you i got the solutions. just need to delete some lines from js files. now i can zoom and scale all content at android phone. thanks again
  2. im using i have shop about cloths. my products have quality images. but at android each window is fix and not letting me to zoom or scale anything like at others websites i can zoom in and zoom out any kind of content . thank you for your reply
  3. hi good morning. i have an issue with scaling the page on responsive. at iphone i can scale (zoom) the page but at android it is locked i can not zoom or scale the page. i guess something is there with the meta name="viewport" . is it issue with the prestashop? because i visited many shops created with prestashop and no shop shop i can scale or zoom with android phone. anyone have any idea or suggestion pleas? thank you
  4. hi. im using 1.6.1. on dashboard i can see recent orders and best sell products. but on most viewed product tab the results are not the same if i compare to the Google analytics results. now showing proper clicks on the products and add to cart results. even in last 2 days i had 3 orders but that products are not showing in mostviewed products. example jpg is attach. hope somebody can help. Thanks
  5. cuando el cliente no estan registrado hemos borrado el transporte puedes ver aqui http://almacendeseguridad.com/
  6. nice module. i have a small shoe shop. i need to export each shoe size with the number of quantity avalible. what line i have to write there. i will be glad if you help me. thanks in advance
  7. it is not about 40 euros. i needed it for one of my client. and he just made my life hell. i say sorry again to you. hope you understad me.
  8. yeah you guys are totaly right. this module works fine and super. thanks for the nice suport also. i aplogise for before post.
  9. yeah you are right. i just fixed it by deleting payment fee table from db. then i reinstall the module and works fine thank to everyone.
  10. hi all i just bought some payment module of payment by visa card. im using 1.5.3 .im trying to install it but it give me this error. [PrestaShopDatabaseException] Duplicate column name 'payment_fee' ALTER TABLE `ps_orders` ADD `payment_fee` decimal(20,6) NOT NULL default '0',ADD `payment_fee_type` int(2) NOT NULL default '0'; at line 607 in file classes/db/Db.php 601. WebserviceRequest::getInstance()->setError(500, '[SQL Error] '.$this->getMsgError().'. From '.(isset($dbg[3]['class']) ? $dbg[3]['class'] : '').'->'.$dbg[3]['function'].'() Query was : '.$sql, 97);602. }603. else if (_PS_DEBUG_SQL_ && $errno && !defined('PS_INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS'))604. {605. if ($sql)606. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError().'<br /><br /><pre>'.$sql.'</pre>');607. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError());608. }609. }610. 611. /** DbCore->displayError - [line 307 - classes/db/Db.php] - [1 Arguments] DbCore->query - [line 447 - classes/db/Db.php] - [1 Arguments] DbCore->execute - [line 39 - modules/redsys/redsys.php] - [1 Arguments] Redsys->install - [line 675 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] - [0 Argument] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessCallback - [line 795 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] - [0 Argument] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess - [line 158 - classes/controller/Controller.php] - [0 Argument] ControllerCore->run - [line 349 - classes/Dispatcher.php] - [0 Argument] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 50 - secure/index.php] - [0 Argument] pleas anyone can help me? well be very thankfull
  11. hi guys. i got some serious problem if someone can help me will be very great. im updating my products via csv. i mention feature values on my csv file to each product. i import the csv and it works fine. if i check feature values of any product updated by csv it look perfect. but when i edit any 2 o 3 products from the back office then im losing some of feature values of all my products which i recently updated via csv. it is very strange problem im facing. can anyone help me pleas
  12. hi guys, i had change my server for my online shop. but i am not able to see the shop now. at front end and back end i got this message. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_decrypt() in /home/cestchou/public_html/classes/Rijndael.php on line 70 this is my shop url. http://www.cestchouette.ch pleas if some one can help me thanks
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