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  1. Καλησπέρα σας, εχω φτιαξει ενα module με το οποιο οταν θα εμφανιζετε η λιστα με τους courier να αλλαξω τις τιμες τους προγραμματιστικα. Εχω σκεφθει αυτο αλλα δεν λειτουργει public function hookDisplayBeforeCarrier($params) { $delivery_option_list = $params['delivery_option_list']; foreach($delivery_option_list as $id_address => $carrier_list_raw) { foreach($carrier_list_raw as $key => $carrier_list) { foreach($carrier_list['carrier_list'] as $id_carrier => $carrier) { $delivery_option_list[$id_address][$key]['total_price_with_tax'] = 2; } } } $this->context->smarty->tpl_vars["delivery_option_list"]->value = $delivery_option_list; } Αν καποιος εχει εμπειρια πανω στο prestashop σε επίπεδο προγραμματιστικο θα ενδιαφερομουν για να απασχόλησω καποιον.
  2. Hi, I have created a module so that I can with hooks to change the shipping cost. I post the code public function hookDisplayBeforeCarrier($params) { $delivery_option_list = $params['delivery_option_list']; foreach($delivery_option_list as $id_address => $carrier_list_raw) { foreach($carrier_list_raw as $key => $carrier_list) { foreach($carrier_list['carrier_list'] as $id_carrier => $carrier) { $delivery_option_list[$id_address][$key]['total_price_with_tax'] = 2; } } } $this->context->smarty->tpl_vars["delivery_option_list"]->value = $delivery_option_list; } This is a hook function which trigger on show the list of shipping options. I want to set directly all shipping optiosn to have price 2. But unfortunately this does not work although this function runs. Can please someone support ?
  3. Still have this problem.. cant find a solution whatever I do at webmaster tools. Can someone please help ?
  4. Add on the image a css code margin:0 auto
  5. Hallo, I would like to ask how I can hide sub categories of the same level. I have posted an image which is shown the style I want to achive. If someone can help would be nice.
  6. Hi, I try to send email useing Mail::Send function but when I did this I get in my php error log PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object Version : MyCode is: public function __construct() {//print_r($_REQUEST);die(); if (empty($_REQUEST['email']) || !Validate::isEmail($_REQUEST['email'])) echo json_encode(array("message" => $this->error = $this->l('Invalid email address.'),"code" => 0)); /* Subscription */ else if ($_REQUEST['action'] == '0') { $register_status = $this->isNewsletterRegistered($_REQUEST['email']); if ($register_status > 0) echo json_encode(array("message" => $this->error = $this->l('This email address is already registered.'),"code" => 0)); $email = pSQL($_REQUEST['email']); if (!$this->isRegistered($register_status)) { if (Configuration::get('NW_VERIFICATION_EMAIL')) { // create an unactive entry in the newsletter database if ($register_status == $this->GUEST_NOT_REGISTERED) $this->registerGuest($email, false); if (!$token = $this->getToken($email, $register_status)) return json_encode(array("message" => $this->error = $this->l('An error occurred during the subscription process.'),"code" => 0)); $this->sendVerificationEmail($email, $token); echo json_encode(array("message" => $this->error = $this->l('A verification email has been sent. Please check your inbox.'),"code" => 0)); } else { if ($this->n register($email, $register_status)) $this->valid = $this->l('You have successfully subscribed to this newsletter.'); else return $this->error = $this->l('An error occurred during the subscription process.'); if ($code = Configuration::get('NW_VOUCHER_CODE')) $this->sendVoucher($email, $code); if (Configuration::get('NW_CONFIRMATION_EMAIL')) $this->sendConfirmationEmail($email); echo json_encode(array("message" => $this->error = $this->l('Your email was registered. Thank You!'),"code" => 1)); die(); } } } } protected function sendVoucher($email, $code) { return Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'newsletter_voucher', Mail::l('Newsletter voucher', $this->context->language->id), array('{discount}' => $code), $email, null, null, null, null, null, dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/', false, $this->context->shop->id); } The filename is subscribe and it is called by AJAX
  7. Hi, I got this error PHP Warning: file_get_contents(http://api.addons.prestashop.com): failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/asd54tgg/htdocs/classes/Tools.php on line 2053, Have someone tha same error ? On my production server does not work but locally works. file_url_open is ON. I dont understand why it dows not work. Please HEEEEELP
  8. The thing is that I cant keep as comments this code because is needed. I have to be able to add products in my shop.
  9. Investigating as new the initContent function I found something very strange. I just went to iniFunction at AdminController and commented the code $this->getLanguages(); $this->initToolbar(); $this->initTabModuleList(); $this->initPageHeaderToolbar(); then vuala my dashboard FLY. Then I go to see my products which really I dont have, its a new OnlineShop and takes to long to load. I go to initContent at AdminsProductController and comment the parent::initContent(); and some refreshes and then vuala FLY.
  10. Καλησπέρα, Αντιμετωπιζω προβλημα επιδοσεων στο backend. Στο front μεχρι στιγμης η κατασταση ειναι καλη. Μπορει καποιος να μου δώσει τα φώτα του αν αντιμερωπισε παρομοια προβλήματα. Ποσταρω και μια φωτογραφια.
  11. My xml files although I delete them and have 664 access are stay empty. I mean for default_country_modules_list.xml modules_native_addons.xml must_have_modules_list.xml Prestashop version is Here my loading time at Modules
  12. Hi Team, I a new and try to figure out the load time about my back end. In my backend after uninstalling gamification module which caused huge loading time for my dashboard I have this results. Can someone experienced approve the good of the loading times and if no can I have suggestions. Looks hookDashboardZoneOne has bigger loading time
  13. Hi, I see that Google show my index page wrong There is the shopname and then my meta title. I dont know why this happen. How could I resolve this ?
  14. Καλησπέρα, Εχει καποιος αντιμετωπιση το προβλημα η index σελιδα παροτι εχει ρυθμιστει ο meta title να εμφανιζει στα αποτελεσματα στο google το URL: META-TITLE. Δηλαδή για παραδειγμα www.onlineshop.gr: This is an online Shop to sell
  15. Hi, I have the same problem. Finally what solution worked for you ?
  16. Hello, I would like to ask if prestashop 1.6.x.x is not more developed. I can see in the bug tracker that there is no news about new versions and bugs. Is that real ?? Thanks, Apo
  17. Hello Community, I would like to ask if there is a module Countdown Price as at the image which I attach ? Thanks, Apo
  18. Yeah 1.6 but I can see that this version 1.6 is new and there are some problems which must be solved
  19. Hello Team, I plan to develop a new online Shop and I want to do it on Presta 1.5.6 version. So I would like to ask if it is enough stable to do this ? There are bugs and updates for them(I mean only for 1.5.6 version updates not 1.6 as update) ? Thanks, Apo
  20. Hello, I would like to ask if prestashop can support this two functionalities which the website I post has. These functionalities are the ability of customer to select how much long and what color will be the tableclothes and simultaneously the price will be changed based on this selections. http://www.wunschtischdecke.de/tischdecke-pichler-cordoba
  21. Featured Products - I hope there will be option to show only featured products and not the most popular or new arrivals. Also I believe that it looks to large the FO meaning too big buttons too big frames of products....
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