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  1. Hello, i have a weird problem with Firefox on PS I have set a minimal order amount of 15$ in Backoffice. In the cart the function works without any problems. After add 15$ of product, i can click the Order Button in the cart for next page / Login Registration / Payment. Chrome and Safari bring me to that Site. BUT Firefox redirect me to the home site. If i deactive the minimal amount function everything works fine. Anyone have any Idea? I think there is some Cookie or Token Problem, but not sure about this, really weird for me. Thanks for some input Akos
  2. Hello guys, i try to get visible the Address Alias field on the Registration / Checkout Site as a textfield. Now in CustomerAddressForm.php the alias will automatic hidden add into the DB: if (empty($address->alias)) { $address->alias = $this->translator->trans('My Address', [], 'Shop.Theme.Checkout'); } But here is one Problem: if i would add a different Invoice Address, i cannot change the Alias for the second one as "InvoIce Address". The only way to change the Ailas is if i going to my Addresses and edit the Address. And there is a active texfield call Alias Name: Why i cannot find this on the checkout or on the New Registration Form? And how can i implement that? Thanks for help
  3. Hello, the script working very well. Is there any possibility to take the bestsellers just from the last year? And update daily over Cron? Is that possible?
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