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  1. Yes - I have tried unhooking it and doing a hard refresh....made no difference.....re-hooked it again.
  2. Hi, Having just upgraded to latest version and having a look around have noticed that on the product pages the boxes no longer align properly and things are 'squished' together. I have had a look around but will admit to not knowing where to begin. I have attached an image showing what I mean. Any assistance greatly accepted and my thanks in advance.
  3. I am using Prestashop version I am updating items using the CSV import option. Within the Long Description box I have added the following <p>Fun Novelty Routemaster Red Bus Mug</p><p>If you are looking for a novelty gift that's practical and looks great, then check out our funky kitchen and ceramics range.</p><p>The range is made from dolomite ceramics and finished in a high gloss glaze. Each comes in a decorative gift box to complete the look, plus if it's a kitchen item then dolomite is food and microwave safe but cannot be put in the dishwasher.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Dimension</p><p>Height 10cm</p><p>Width 13.5cm</p><p>Depth 8.5cm</p> It is 512 characters in length (including spaces) It is saved in UTF-8 format It successfully uploads but only the first 391 characters appear within my shop. I can and have manually edited the product and all 512 characters go in and now work but there are another 2163 items in the same CSV file to double check for missing descriptions. Where have I gone wrong? Is there a character limit for the CSV import? If so what is the workaround for longer descriptions? Thanks in advance for your assistance
  4. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has a working example of a Prestashop running MultiStore that I could visit (Retail side obviously, not Admin) as am looking at how it works/looks etc before trying to combine the 3 different sites I currently run under 3 different Prestashops. Thanks in advance folks
  5. Hi, thanks for that info I will look into it but first I'd like to resolve the issue that I seem to have with countries...... You are correct there is an issue in Localization > Countries - they are all duplicated plus there is some rather erroneous information e.g Zimbabwe (appears 3 times) ISO code ZW, Zone = Florida...... How would you/someone/anyone recommend clearing this up? Resetting a table somewhere? Or do I just have to work through Localization > Countries one at a time deleting the incorrect ones? Many thanks in advance. P.S. While asking if I block most countries does the mobile side still work or do I have to whitelist the providers IP's
  6. Hi, After a barrage of brute force attacks I have decided to use the geolocation option under Preferences to block certain countries however when I go to Preferences > Geolocation and want to review the countries I wish to accept/decline each country appears multiple times. Algeria - 3 times Angola - 4 times United Kingdom - twice etc Something has obviously gone wrong somewhere - what is best solution to fix? Reset the table in db? Which table? Drop the table and import a fresh table from a test shop? Delete the .dat file? Using version Many thanks in advance
  7. HI, Could someone please clarify the following for me. I had a site www.mckreddy-windsor.co.uk running oscommerce and it had a robots.txt file at www.mckreddy-windsor.co.uk/robots.txt. I have now installed prestashop at www.mckreddy-windsor.co.uk/catalog and I have generated the robots.txt file and can visit it here at www.mckreddy-windsor.co.uk/catalog/robots.txt. (also checked it on google webmaster tools and they can see it here too) I have since deleted the old osc robots.txt file Question 1 - the robots.txt file is now in the root of my catalog but not the root of my site - is this ok? Question 2 - if it needs to be in the root of my site can I just copy and paste it to the correct location? Question 3 - if it needs to be in root can prestashop be configured to generate it in the correct directory? if not can you suggest a small batch programme that will automatically copy it to right directory when it is regenerated. Many thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hi I have just tried to upgrade from to using 1-click autoupgrade module - it 'completed' with warnings. However when trying to log into admin all I now get is a directory tree showing www.mysite.com/myadmin/autoupgrade and nothing else. Restored backup, checked available disk space (40gb free) and reran upgrade - same message 'completed' with warnings except this time back office is available and "seems" to be working ok.....checked through upgrade log and found these [ERROR] error on extract using pclzip : PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module blockreinsurance. [ERROR] error on extract using pclzip : PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module themeinstallator. [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module trackingfront. [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module vatnumber. [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module watermark. [WARNING] error when trying to upgrade module yotpo. Shall I restore 1.6.05 again? Or can I just reset/reinstall these modules? A brief search on PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT implies might be a space issue but have checked and there is over 40gb free at moment Thanks in advance. .
  9. Hi sorry for any confusion re database and prestashop. 3 - I'm a curious bugger and like to learn so when database became rather large I experimented - in phpmyadmin I used export function to export a few or the larger tables and have a look. I used gedit (word type programme on linux) to open them and have a look around. As of 10 minutes ago I exported ps_product_lang and have selected n example from their (attached file) From INSERT INTO `ps_product_lang` (`id_product`, `id_shop`, `id_lang`, `description`, `description_short`, `link_rewrite`, `meta_description`, `meta_keywords`, `meta_title`, `name`, `available_now`, `available_later`) I would expect description, description_short, link_rewrite, meta_description, meta_keywords, meta_title, name, available_now and available_later to change with every addition/alteration to the product. Correct? I wouldn't expect id_product and id_shop to change (and they don't) Correct? Personally with my little experience of mysql I wouldn't have expected id_lang to change but it does. Is this correct? As you will see from the attached file there have been 5 minor changes in this product (liquid volume, font size, description etc) times 9000 products etc this soon becomes a very large table. Ideally I only want/need the latest revision. 2 - I am not aware of any module installed that would have altered/adjusted/started this functionality or even if this functionality is 'wrong' Again thanks for your assistance/help with this matter. Example.txt
  10. Hi, no that is not the case....prestashop as far as I know doesnt store the history but the database does - my most popular product has had some 100+ updates over the last 18 months and each update to the product writes to the database - using a text editor/spreadsheet I can see all of the product changes most of which are redundant now.....I just want to clear them out and keep the most recent version (or even say just the last months changes) Unfortunately the SQL commands are beyond my comprehension.
  11. Hi, thanks for info re the link. I already have the module installed and use it regularly but it was more the products history I wanted to cleanse. Some of my products have had 20-30 updates and I was hoping to get rid of some/all of the older entries and just keep the current/latest info.
  12. While researching solutions I can across this script and was wondering if someone can advise if is safe to run on prestashop database - or suggest alterations to get it working. https://github.com/silverstripe-labs/silverstripe-recipes/blob/master/model/tools/SanitiseTasks.php Thanks in advance for any assistance
  13. Do you have a link to an example? Do you have any images you can upload showing problem? What version of prestashop are you using? A lot more info would be helpful in assisting you.
  14. I have the same problem Prestashop 1.6 will not let you play a video on the product page. The video I am using plays on all of the browsers through a html page. My htpp.conf file is correct as is my mime file. If using the video link on the Large description page you can get the file manager to upload and give a green tick but it does not upload the file giving a blank page. If you enter the code for your video whether it is wmv, avi ,ogg etc direct into the source box Prestatshop fails to find the file giving you a question mark in the video box for the product page. We have spent days on this without success. If you source you video direct from youtube it works but we want to source our video from our own server. Does anybody have a way of resolving this problem. Regards
  15. Hi, My database has become rather large and unwieldy of late (a couple of hundred Mbs) with all the updates/new products I am doing and I was wondering if there is either a php script, SQL command to run through phpmyadmin or a module that allows me to 'clean/sanitise' the history of my products so that only the latest most upto date product information is retained but the 'history' of it's updates etc is wiped. Thanks in advance for any help/advice/assistance. Stuart
  16. Hi, no just the contents. Thanks will do as you advise.
  17. Hi, I accidentally truncated ps_pagenotfound table (I thought I was in my test site). is this going to cause any issues or is it advisable to restore db from yesterdays backup. Regards
  18. Hi, sorry I don't know about regenerating customer passwords (admin I can do though) - my advice would be to search on forums here for help......or a cheats way would be a newsletter to customers along lines of - we moving to new host, updating shop, look at our new shop/products etc please log in to reset your passwords.....
  19. Hi not sure if this is a bug or just a glitch. I am using prestashop v1.6.0.5 When viewing the front office all appears fine - when I click on a category it loads fine, except for the very bottom right hand 'product' which is blank even though there are enough products to 'fill' this space. Displaying 80 products produces 2x50 product pages but the first one only displays 49 products - if I change this to show 1x100 products it shows all with no blank space. I have attached an image to show what I mean - you can see that there are 2 pages of products but quite clearly an empty or blank product space on page 1 - is this normal? Any advise/assistance greatfully accepted Thanks in advance. Stuart
  20. There is an option in prestashop > Advanced Parameters > SQL Manager but sadly I am not an expert in db commands either (hence why I bought module ) I would still recommend you have a go at importing the database and upgrading it that way even if it is only to learn some basic sql commands. I still do not understand why your host cannot/will not change php.ini to allow people to upload larger files - this would solve a lot of your problems - you could always move host....... Good luck either way PM me if you need any other advise
  21. You can export order and product info currently - however when I bought the module I emailed them and asked for extra functions for exporting and some they did within 24-48 hours and a couple of others they took a little longer on - so no harm in asking. No if used properly it causes no problems with deleting/creating existing products. It generates a txt file so you can easily split it into more manageable amounts. Only problem I can foresee on a complete restart is images. Read up about importing using CSV files. Did you manage to import your database?
  22. IF you decide to start again I would recommend buying the Advanced Export module from prestashop (about 30-35 euros I think) as this will export most of your info from your current shop for very easy import into new shop saving you many hours work. Uses csv import through prestashop but again if you are uploading larger csv files you may have trouble with your host again. Good luck
  23. The grant all permissions is correct - but will only work AFTER you have imported the database. To IMPORT the database directly through the terminal window will avoid the TOO LARGE message but will take a while - just leave it running -or- To IMPORT the database via phpmyadmin - if your host will not increase php.ini limits your only option is to SPLIT the .sql file into smaller pieces I have in the past used http://www.sqldumpsplitter.com/ very simple program that splits your sql file into manageable chunks.
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