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  1. When I go to the manufacturers page in my store, instead of being broken up into many pages for the 200 different manufacturers, they all appear as one long page. http://audiooz.com.au/prestashop/index.php?controller=manufacturer Attached is my manufacturer-list.tpl for the theme. Can someone please tell me how to edit it to split the list into multiple pages? manufacturer-list.txt Thanks!
  2. I am trying to import this csv file into prestashop v1.5, but I am getting a 500 error on import. Setting this line in config/defines.inc.php: define('PS_MODE_DEV', false); to true reveals the error: [PrestaShopException] Parent category does not exist at line 381 in file classes/Category.php I am making sure to select the comma as a column delimiter, forcing ID's, and deleting old categories on import. Can someone please take a look at my csv file and tell me what is wrong as I cannot for the life of me work it out! categoriesimport.txt PS. You may notice peculiar "DELETE" labels in there. That is to try to overcome the issue of importing categories with the same name (which are actually in different subcategories in my store).
  3. Was this issue resolved? I am attempting to do the same thing though with the possibility of receiving the order with no payment and contacting the customer over the phone to confirm shipping.
  4. Thanks, shacker. I have since discovered that the problem is due to the lofcmssticker module included in the theme and have contacted Land Of Coder for a v1.5 compatible version. Regards, jtaa
  5. I am having a problem in 1.5.1 where each product category page is being populated with items called “Home” which, when clicked, link back to the product page. This also obscures the actual products from ever being displayed in the category. Attached is an image demonstrating the issue. There should be one product (as is stated at the top) called Test which is not there. Could someone please help me fix this? Updated info: I have traced the issue to these lines of code in the “product-list.tpl” file. <a href="{$product.link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" class="product_img_link" title="{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"><img src="{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'home')}" alt="{$product.legend|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" /></a> </div> <h3><a href="{$product.link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$product.name|truncate:35:'...'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a></h3> I have also tracked down where the word “Home” is coming from. It appears that $product.name is returning the value from the presta database from table ps_cms_category_lang , id_cms_category: 1, name which is: Home If I change the “name” value for the first record in that table, it changes the word displayed on all the phantom items. Unfortunately I do not know enough about smarty and the way it is accessing the database to work out why it is displaying this way or fix the code.
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